Their Dirtied Flyswatters

Another busy day arrived, and glad to find the sun shining again, with the exception of a few fluffy clouds randomly floating across our skies. My first order of the day, was to take a quick trip to the landfill, and not surprised to find a line had already formed fifteen minutes before they opened. It’s a good thing I got there when I did, because by the time they opened, there were all the many more trucks behind me. By the time I left that dumping ground, I was growing nauseas from the disgusting smell that’s always a whiff away. Those men and women working out there, are certainly getting a good salary for putting up with that stench for eight hours every working day of their week.

When I returned to my office, I changed back into my Realtor clothes, and when looking at the clock, I realized I had enough time to run up to Manly and get some signatures on a document. I called my client, and was given the green light to run up.

When I got there, the owner’s dog was standing there ready to greet me. It’s one of those dog breeds that you just can’t keep from forming a grin when seeing one. Of course I had to take time to give her a good petting and some soulfully kind words. I then proceeded on to getting my document signed, then visited a bit, and off I headed back to the City so I could get it scanned and emailed to the agent who was waiting for it.

After I got that email sent off, I drove out to my open house, and as chance would have it, the owner was just pulling away, so I stopped and visited a little before pulling into the driveway. Not a minute or two after I got all the lights on and doors unlocked, the hour of ten arrived.

The first half hour was dead, but the remaining time was active with lookers stopping by. I think there’s one particular buyer who’ll likely be calling me back for a second viewing. The other ones that came and went, didn’t seem as interested, and several of them were just being curious because it’s out of their price range. By the time the last ones left, it was already 30 minutes past my time of closing. Oh well, I didn’t have anything pressing, so I just took my time with them.

After I got back to my office, I put the signs away, and then returned several phone calls that had come in while I was gone. Nearly every conversation I had today, had the subject of those riots in Minneapolis brought up. I was shocked to hear that the situation in the Twin Cities is so bad, that the Governor has now called upon Minnesota’s National Guard to help with the maintaining of order. For the first time in the history of Minnesota, that was a first. I fully understand peaceful demonstrations, but when the destruction of property and looting takes place, there has to be something done, because outright lawlessness is contagious. I was in near dis-belief when hearing that the police in Downtown Des Moines was having to fire teargas into a crowd that was beginning to get violent last night. Such are the happenings in these troubling times, yet wouldn’t you think everyone would be concerned about their health and welfare during this pandemic instead of getting pulled into the thick of mob mentality.

I reminded someone today how nighttime fires resurrect primitive thoughts which are otherwise nearly always dormant. I used the example of how Hitler would mesmerize his nighttime rallies with the use of raging fires and his dramatic raspy voice. His book burning sessions in the dark, must’ve been something bordering on prehistoric. I often wonder what must go thru the minds of those who’ve been a part of such nighttime devilment, when after they’ve awakened later the next morning and walked out into the light of day. You would think they’d be filled with remorse, but who knows what sort of next-day justifications they would make.

I’ve been fully aware of the poison some can create in the darkened shadows of their homes and apartments, and don’t think it’s just the younger generation, because it spans all ages and socio-economic classes. I know of several “grannies” who’ve created a great deal of pain and hardship for others, along with enjoying every moment of it. Believe me, you’ll not see them too long out in the light of day, because they’re too busy looking at the world thru the screens of their dirtied flyswatters.

Since I had about two hours free, I went over to my hidden garden and tended to my San Marzano tomatoes, and then planted twelve of those specialty pepper seeds I’d been sent. I prepared the soil as best I could, added some time-releasing fertilizer, and then carefully planted them their required distance apart. The package said they’d germinate between 7 – 14 days, but hopefully sooner because I soaked them in water for 24 hours before planting them. I’m very much a believer in soaking seeds before planting, but for some reason, those tomato plants didn’t all come up at the same time. Those last spouts were almost two weeks behind the first ones that’d poked their heads out of the soil.

After doing my gardening gig, I went back over to my project and worked for about another hour and half. Slowly but surely I’m getting there, and as long as I see progress, I’m just fine with it all. A dear friend of mine asked if it bothered me when working alone for so many hours. I couldn’t help saying how I have no problem with it, to where I actually enjoy working alone on projects. Yes, there’ve been many times when I would’ve wished for an extra pair of hands, but for the most part, I’m just fine with it.

I know they’re opening our area churches for Services this weekend, but I rather doubt I’ll be attending one anytime soon. As far as I’m concerned, it’s still to early for communal gatherings, and don’t even think our “Higher Power” cares if we don’t go.

Tonight’s one-liner is: There are a terrible lot of lies going about the world, and the worst of it, is that half of them are true.

Joe Chodur

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