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After the clouds cleared off, it ended up being a delightful day, and all the while I was busy with my morning chores and appointments, while remaining hopeful the sun would dry the grass enough to where it could be mowed, because if I’d not be able to get it done today, there would be all the taller grass growing until I could find time this week.

After taking a good look at myself in the mirror this morning, I was all the more frustrated over not being able to get my hair cut since January. Before the hour of eight arrived, I text my cousin over in Garner whom I’ve normally had cut my hair, but since his barber shop has become so popular, I’d not been able to get it cut when I wanted. In my text, were only words about how annoyed I’ve been with my long hair, along with asking how his family has been during this pandemic. Not two minutes later, he called and said he just had a cancellation, and if I could be there at 10:30 this morning, he’d be able to cut it. Without question, I agreed to be there come heck or high water.

It was a pleasant drive over, and since I’d not been in that area since before January, I had a good look at the countryside while enjoying the quiet ride over. I got there about five minutes early, and managed to catch his wife and daughter on their way out. Before walking in I insisted, “If you can’t stay corona-free, make sure you grab a corona-lite.” Yes, we all must continue to find something to smile about during these turbulent times.

We had a good chat while he was cutting my hair, and as near-always with everyone, we ended up on the subject of the China-virus. It’s interesting how the younger crowd view this pandemic in comparison to the older, because it seems all the more of them are of the opinion that if they catch it and happen to die, then it’ll just be a bad hand of life that’s been dealt them.

Now I’m fully up to speed with keeping our fears at bay because as I mentioned many times, the fact that fear is the greatest of evils, but on the flip-side, I’m not too keen on fatalistic mindsets. Whenever someone says, “What will be will be.”, I so much want to say, “Yes, what will be will be, as long as we make every effort to keep ourselves out of harms way.”

As my cousin is growing older, I’m noticing that he’s now realizing that much of what is being said and done by evil governments and greedy corporations, is to increase their control over our lives, and thru fear, their control is more easily attained. Remember the old saying, “Better the devil you know than the one you don’t.”? I realized how such mindsets fall into such thinking, because I’ve seen homeowners doing business once again with people they knew fully-well to be shysters, yet still go back. I’m just glad I’ve never subscribed to such thinking, because it becomes a reflection on one’s own character.

I had to laugh to myself when my cousin mentioned several recent “no shows”, and his determination that he’ll never cut their hair again. I fully agreed with him, and mentioned that I’ve walked away from customers and clients who’ve stood me up more than once. Just about six months ago, I was stood up twice by a seller, and when he called again, I didn’t even return his call, because no businessperson should have to endure such disrespect. He did end up listing that “palace” with one of my competitors, and that’s all I could think was, “Good for you!”.

When I arrived home, I went back to the booklet I spoke about yesterday which contained the little clipping I passed on, and since I had more time to look at the rest of those little gems, I found that they ranged in the area of 130 – 140 years old, and the reason I know that, is that on the backs of some of them, were printed the dates of other newsy events. It’s no wonder the print type and paper appears so old. Tonight’s little clipping out of an 1890 newspaper is as follows:

A Week of Work
On Monday we will wash our clothes
And hang them out to dry.
On Tuesday we will iron them
And mend each hole we spy.

On Wednesday we will make our bread,
And sometimes, too, a cake.
On Thursday we’ll receive our friends
And time for reading take.

On Friday we will sweep and dust
As nicely as we can.
On Saturday, for Sunday’s rest,
We’ll cook and work and plan.

On Sunday we will learn at church
How to be good:–and then
On Monday cheerfully begin
One week of work again.

While reading those clippings, I was carried back to another time, where life was far more physically taxing, but definitely simpler. It makes us wonder how we allowed ourselves to become so overly-dependent on all the many non-essentials in our lives.

Tonight’s one-liner is: Interest, not sentiment, directs nearly all politicians.

Joe Chodur

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