Naive Minds

There wasn’t much at all remarkable about most of this rainy day that came and went, other than it seeming every time I had to go out, it would start raining heavily again. As much as I wanted to get some personal things done before my 10:00 am public open house started, about all I managed to accomplish, was to do a little shopping out at Aldi’s before the crowd arrived. Fortunately they had what I was looking for, so my trip out there wasn’t wasted.

On my way back to the Downtown, I stopped at the cemetery to visit a few graves, and while driving thru their open gates, I noticed a sign saying the flowers had to be removed before June 10th, which seemed much earlier than in past years. They must’ve shortened the allowable time without me knowing it. Oh well, it’s still nice we can stop out there during their regular hours year-round for quiet visits with our “dear ones”.

By the time I got back to my office, it was going on fifteen minutes before I had to be at my open house, so I grabbed my flyers and headed out. There were only four people in attendance, but at least there was one person who seemed interested, which kept me from feeling I’d wasted two hours. In between arrivals, I read a few news articles in a magazine I brought with me, but after reading about four of them, I decided to put it away because of all the strife that’s been taking place around the world, which unsettles me greatly if I read too much of it in on sitting.

It seems there’s really nowhere a person can go to live without there being polarizing forces trying to control and/or destroy those opposing. Like I said to one of today’s visitors, “It seems there’s no middle of the road with people anymore to where there’s either the far left or the far right, but no “middle of the road” believers who were the balancing majority of our Nation for many generations.

If there’s one underlying cause of this polarization, it’s our information highway where people of like-mind, can find those who subscribe to similar radical beliefs. Back in the old days before Facebook, chat rooms, and the like, if there’d someone promoting radical ideas, they were usually dismissed as being a bit odd, and excluded from normal debates or dialogs which subsequently kept them in much weaker states. But now, when they can find all those many other people who’re like-minded, they become emboldened to where they feel their numbers give them license to carry on the way they do in these times. The far left promoters are just as bad as the far right, which leaves me out of both because I have no leanings either way, but unfortunately in the end, I personally consider myself one of our Country’s minorities of “middle-road” democracy.

My past fears are now being confirmed when seeing such groups using this pandemic as their spring-boards to create all the more followers. Instead of people coming together in these times, we’re finding them polarizing all the more to the point where if you’re not part of their “tribe”, then you’re a member of the enemy’s. If you look back in history far enough, you’ll find similar causes of social upheavals, and their subsequent long-term and far-reaching effects.

Consider the rapid rise of Hitler’s power, and the underlying cause of it being how punitive the Allied Powers were on Germany after WWI, to where the average German citizen was living in near poverty because of how the German Mark had been devalued due Germany’s financial burdens were due the war reparations that were placed on them. The rest of the story being, Hitler managed to convince the German youth that there was a better way to bring about order and prosperity, and that’s exactly how they got themselves sucked in.

The fall of the Russian monarchy, was again the capturing of youthful minds who were struggling to survive, but unfortunately those poor un-educated serfs were duped into believing that the yoke of Communism would be much lighter than that of the Romanov Dynasty. Well, some of us know where that all ended up, because Stalin continues to be at the top of modern time’s list, for being a leader who willing killed millions of his own people. Yes, he was the Devil incarnate.

Whenever there’s no real democracy in place within a given nation, you will aways find a select few in control of all power and resources, and any sort of disagreements being levied at their so-called “status quo”, gets un-mercilessly dealt with, and ever-so quickly and quietly. Have you noticed there’s no public executions in China or Russia, and the reason being, it’s better they’re shipped off to far-away prisons on trump-up charges, or being found in happenstance situations where they end up “mysteriously” dead.

Yes, the world is in a state of upheaval, so let’s hope and pray that somehow, there’ll be an intervening circumstance or two where people will get back to common-ground thinking, and stop this radicalizing of naive minds. Just remember, if the internet says it’s so, don’t get sucked into believing it so quickly, but rather remain diligent in your own researches and cross-referencings.

The rest of my day was spent showing a particular home twice to the same people who’re looking at buying a fixer-upper, making the necessary repairs and improvements, and then placing it back on the market in several months. Since I know the quality of their work, I’d say it’ll be a money-maker for them considering how hot our market is right now. We’ll see what Monday brings.

Tonight’s one-liner is: Those who aim at perfection and persevere, will come much nearer to it than those whose laziness and despondency make them give it up as unattainable.

Joe Chodur

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