Hyperbolic Overloads

As much as I was expecting the sun to be shining today, it didn’t start showing its face until around mid-afternoon, and when reading we weren’t supposed to get rain, that forecast was also wrong, because it was misting rain on and off all morning.

Since I had some free time early this morning, I changed my clothes and did some more yard clean-up, and then busied myself with another much needed chore which I’d planned on putting off until the end of the week, but with free time being available, I went ahead and got that done since I was already dressed in my work togs.

After picking up and handling a piece of gear casing that someone had discarded, I didn’t realize until it was too late, that it still had gear grease on it. Oh how I despise getting that stuff on me because it’s a devil to get off. Unfortunately, my new pair of leather work gloves had to get thrown in the garbage, because I not only managed to get that grease on the outside of them, but also within. I guess it was my queue to throw them, because every time I’d wear them for any extended period, my hands would get stained from its leather dye. So much for buying something that looked durable and long-lasting. I’ll have to run out to Tractor Supply and see if they have something more practical because summer is almost here, and there’s much work to be done outdoors.

One of my clients called and asked if I’d go out for another look at the home they’re working on getting readied for the market. After seeing how well it had been cleaned out, we talked about what would be a better direction, and that being to either sell it after all lipsticking improvements were made so it would sell quickly and for much more money, or to put it on the market the way it is, at a greatly reduced price, and let someone else make their own improvements. Before I left, the decision was made that it would be put on the market without making any cosmetic updates, which was fine by me. I’d say by this time next week, it’ll have a “for sale” sign in its front yard.

About an hour of my day was spent getting an inspection report downloaded, reviewed, and then forwarded on to the sellers. Oh, if I don’t hate the nit-picking some of those inspectors do when crawling thru homes. I just happened to look at that inspector’s bill, and shocked to find it being $400.00. Fortunately the selling agent is a realistic person, who will likely counsel those buyers as to what necessary fixes they’ll want the sellers to take care of, and those they can do themselves. I sometimes think buyers feel they have to get the money they’d spent on inspections paid back to them by getting the sellers to make repairs and/or improvements. There’ve been times when I’ve considered such mentalities as being nothing less than “double-dipping” on negotiated prices.

One of my clients who just happened to be out of town, asked that I open up her home for an HVAC person who was to install a new central air unit in her home. I met them there early this morning, and told them to turn the knob lock on the back door when they were finished for the day. Thank goodness I had a “feeling” they didn’t, so I drove over to the house, and wouldn’t you know it, the door was unlocked. I walked in, checked the other doors, looked at their satisfactory work, and locked the door behind me.

When seeing how our summer temps are gradually rising year-over-year, it won’t surprise me if every home and apartment has central air, and if that’s the case, we’ll be like the Southern States where an air conditioner is just as important in the summer as our furnaces are in the winter. There’s no question those poor people living in areas of our world where there’s no getting away from the heat, are having even greater struggles.

I was shocked when reading an online news article on BBC regarding the new cases of an evolved coronavirus that’s surfacing in northeast China, and the frightening thing about this new “evolution” of it, is that the days it’s in a person’s system as being asymptomatic, are far longer than the 4 – 5 days they initially said. Now if that’s the case, there’ll be all the more people spreading it within close circles of families and friends. The way in which that China-virus is evolving and spreading around the world, and our virologists not being able to plot its course, reminds me of someone out with a squirt gun in hand, desperately trying to put out a raging forest fire. I’m leaning more towards the belief that this pandemic has changed our thoughts of these times from being “dream worlds”, to living nightmares. It’s no wonder more people are talking about the vivid dreams they’ve been recently having.

Just this past week, I’ve been keenly paying attention to the written and spoken words of others, and have come to the conclusion that society in general is being bombarded with hyperbolic overloads. I’m a little angry with myself now for focusing on it, to where I’m noticing it all the more. And you can be sure many of my colleagues in real estate are doing it when describing the features of homes they have for sale.

Just this past week, I’ve heard people say or write, “That was the absolute best bowl of soup I’ve ever had!” Really? It automatically made me think he’d never eaten soup before. Another comment was, “She was the nicest person you’d ever want to meet!” Hmm. Do you think she lived in solitary confinement her entire life? And then there was, “He was the absolute worst person I’ve ever had to deal with!” So do you think he’s never had to do business with a difficult vendor? Ok. This is my last one of the many I could share, “It was the most horrible situation I’ve ever been in when he started to raise his voice!” Ouch. I guess her sensitivities are so acute, to where anything above a whisper, would be like standing next to cannons being fired. If you question such overloads taking place, pay closer attention, and then you will be a believer.

Tonight’s one-liner is: Be wiser than other people if you can, but do not tell them so.

Joe Chodur

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