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It certainly turned out to be a glorious Spring day with our warming sun, but unfortunately, the wind gusts were a bit annoying in our Downtown which contains those nasty wind tunnels between buildings. I got a good taste of it when trying to wash the windshield of my car while the wind was barreling down from the north. I guess we all have to remind ourselves that we live in “The Flatlands” where there’s not much of anything to slow those winds. We should all start planting more wind-breaking trees.

Today was the day I set aside some time to get all the rest of my bills paid and accounts balanced for the month. Being at least a week late in having it done, I was certain there’d be mistakes that I’d have to go digging for which usually doubles my time spent working on it, but to my delight, each one of the accounts balanced to the penny. Yeah! In spite of today’s luck, you can be sure this next month, I’ll be pressing myself all the more to get it all finished up, long before the 15th arrives. There’s no question part of my problem in not getting it completed earlier, was due to the number of appointments I had, along with issues taking place with clients and customers. As those with offices to run know fully well, their businesses come first and foremost.

One of my colleagues called today to have a good long chat about recent events in our real estate market. We both agreed again how much there seems to be a “feeding frenzy” with buyers these past several months, and for whatever reason, it doesn’t seem to be slowing. I’m certainly not complaining about the surge, because I have a great deal of catching up to do from the overly-slow first quarter I’ve had, along with thanking Heaven each and every day for the loyal and faithful customers I have.

More than once, I had to look and make sure it was Friday, because for some reason, this week went by with a “whoosh”. After I closed my accounting books, I headed out to run some errands which had me on both sides of the City, and my first stop being Hardware Hank to get a copy of a key made for a client’s home. When I walked in, I noticed they also had plexiglass panels in front of their check-out station. Since there were people ahead of me, I mindlessly waited my turn. The gal who waited on me, was attempting to multi-task while on the phone with a customer, while trying to take care of me, along with calling an employee in the back and asking if there was a certain item in stock.
Without a doubt, it was getting a little annoying, and when I walked out with that key, I was certain it wouldn’t work as well as the one she’d copied from, and wouldn’t you know, it worked, but not like the old one. I think it was because of her not paying full attention to that key machine which was copying my key.

As I was driving, I was reminded of an article I read years ago about the long-term effects of multi-tasking, and there’s no doubt in my mind, they’re real. In that scholarly article, the author mentioned several case studies which were conducted, which proved that long-term multi-tasking can cause forgetfulness, the early on-set of dementia, and attention deficit. Since I’ve never liked and/or wanted to multi-task, and then noticing how many of those I’ve come in contact with in recent years, having poor memories, and problems keeping focused, but the scariest part about it, is that there are no age boundaries. I know many corporations look to hire people who can easily multi-task, but unfortunately those they hire, will sooner or later suffer burn-out, then let go, and another batch quickly hired of similar qualities. You can bet those corporations know what’s going to happen to them in the long run, but care not a hoot about it. Just use them, abuse them, and then suddenly and mysteriously eliminate their positions. It’s rather clever how companies can eliminate positions, but then shortly after, have those same positions open, but under different job titles. Clever naughty monkeys!

Please don’t forget about my public open house at 12 S. Willowgreen Court tomorrow morning from 10:00 to Noon. The seller wants that unit sold soon, so please put the word out because that’s one heck of a buy, and with our long-term weather forecast saying it’s going to be hotter than normal, what better place to be, than at its pool-side, with feet dangling in the cool water?

Another little errand I had to run, was to pick up some steel wool at Fleet Farm, and only because they’re not as busy as our evil Menard’s. I have absolutely no hatred for them, but for some reason, every time I’m in that store, I become quickly agitated, and even at times, angry. Perhaps it was built on an Indian burial ground, and the spirits are angry.

While in Fleet Farm, I was compelled to visit their garden section, and glad I did, because I found the very potted vegetables I was looking for, and even on sale, so I purchased the eight remaining four-packs.

Unfortunately, I had to wait in a very long line, and while standing there, I could not believe seeing each and every person, young and old, paying with their cards. Out of a total of nine people ahead of me, I ended up being the only one paying with cash. A very small percentage of our general public knows how much information “the cloud” is gathering on individuals who’s using credit or debit cards, yet people wonder why so many attempts are being made by other companies to cross-sell them by sending “junk mail” to their post boxes, email addresses, and non-stop “bot” phone calls.

If our society only knew how much of our personal information is being disseminated out to every form of insurance companies, banks, drug companies, and everything in between, each and every time their cards are scanned, there’s no question in my mind, they’d be cutting them up, and going back to paying cash or writing checks. Too scary!

Tonight’s one-liner is: There’s no question, we’re all being assimilated into “the cloud”.

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