Good Faith Gesture

Some have recently said that we are now entering an age where most will come to the realization that it’s really not all about them, and start coming to terms with the idea that if we don’t band together as communities which work toward the betterment of all, then we will all be doomed. I was reminded of that again today when visiting with a kind elderly gentleman who’s likely seen and done more things than a handful of people they’ve personally experienced in their lifetimes. He sternly said, “Out of our raging selfishness, we’ve created this mess, and the only way we’ll get past it, is to get back to the basics of truly caring about the world around us.” How many times have you heard someone say, “What’s in it for me?”, or “What am I going to get out of it?”, which is the core of many these days because whatever they happen to do for others, there’s that “hook” of expecting something in return either now, or in the future.

I was thinking today about something I freely and willing did for another a number of years ago, which was only done because I cared for that person’s health and welfare, and wouldn’t you know it, many years later it was passed around that I created an illusion regarding my good faith gesture back those many years ago, by recently hearing I had somehow manipulated the person I had gifted, just so I could benefit myself years later. When visiting with someone about it, they agreed that the reason they thought there was an under-handedness on my part, is because such mindsets of exceptionally selfish people, would’ve never done something like that without there being a dandling “hook”. Remember what I said about today’s rampant mentality being, “What’s in it for me?”, and unfortunately, those people will go to their graves thinking I’d done something wrongfully under-handed. Oh how the minds of troubled souls work!

One of my appointments this morning was quite a distance out of town, and while driving there, I got a good look at an area of North Iowa which I’d not traveled in some years. I was reminded once again how few older homesites there are left in our area, and if those historic farmsteads weren’t completely bulldozed and returned to farmland, there’d be a monster ranch home plopped in a field with tiny trees attempting to grow in the midst of all that emptiness.

On my return, I took another route back to the City, and was nearly hypnotized by the gently rolling nothingness before me. I can’t believe how much has changed with our hinterlands in only one and possibly two generations. I sure wouldn’t want to be living on one of those dead miles and have something happen in the winter either on the road, or on the building site, because having no close neighbors, there are always those possibilities of life-threatening events, and no one near to help.

I wouldn’t doubt many of those newer homes out in the middle of nowhere, have back-up gas generators, auxiliary wood burning systems, and possibly even solar panels, because if the electricity goes out in the middle of a blizzard or arctic vortex, a home, and the people in it, would freeze in a very short period of time. I happened to be in a newer monster ranch some days ago where they had a natural gas-fired generator which would automatically kick in if the power was to go out. I thought that was a good precautionary measure, and possibly being a lifesaver some day.

I can’t imagine what it must be like for those farmers living up in North Dakota where there’s nearly no towns, and miles from their nearest neighbors. I’m sure the’ve grown used to it, but I wouldn’t want to be stuck up there in the middle of nowhere during any season of the year. I’ll have to investigate if they see mirages out in those miles of un-interrupted green, because one would think it would be like living in a verdant desert, and don’t think it doesn’t get just about as hot as Arabia up in the “Dakotas” at certain times during the summer. No thank you very much.

Tomorrow morning, I’m supposed to be getting a listing on a home I sold a number of years ago, and hopefully it’ll be in showcase condition and sell right out of the gates. As I mentioned, I’m afraid we’re going to be coming to an abrupt slow-down in our market once July arrives. I know the metro areas have already slowed, but North Iowa seems to be chugging along like the Every-ready Battery Bunny.

I read an article on MSN today which was titled, “10 businesses Americans will avoid even after the Re-open.” If that be true, our City is going to be in a world of hurt because the forecasts they’re coming up with, are as follows:
1. The Movies 55% will stay away
2. Pubs, Bars, and Clubs 55% will stay away
3. Concerts 53% will stay away
4. Sports Events 53% will stay away
5. Gyms and Sports Centers 49% will stay away
6. Restaurants and Cafes 46% will stay away
7. Large Retail stores and Malls 45% will stay away
8. Museums and Galleries 37% will stay away
9. Hairdressers and Salons 30% will stay away
10. Supermarkets 17% will stay away.

Now, if their estimates are correct, I’m afraid the commercial/merchantile landscape of our City will be undergoing drastic changes, and what bothers me the very most, is the new area which our City Fathers thought be a win-win build-out, and not to mention the planned re-vamping of the Music Man Square, because if such things come to pass, our taxpaying residents are going to be on a financial “hook” for a very many years to come.

Tonight’s one-liner is: If there’s something to pardon in everything, there’s also something to condemn.

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