Suitcases Full of Cash

It was certainly a hectic Thursday, but not complaining a bit because with the China-virus still raging within the borders of our State, we here in North Iowa must remain thankful for not having become mini-epicenters of infection. My hat goes off to everyone who’s been taking extra precautions and remaining virus-free by following the standard protocols. It seems everyone I’ve talked to of late, are in agreement that our Governor should be sternly warning people to remain in their own Counties, because that’s all it would take, is one innocent visit to our area by an asymptomatic individual from one of those infected areas, and shortly afterwards, turn North Iowa into a hotspot.

What has been coming to mind of late, are all those people who have summer homes on Clear Lake, and most of them are seasonal residents who’ll be coming here from the Waterloo and Des Moines areas, and even beyond. I’m sure many of them are preparing to make their trek back, and be settled in by Memorial Day, so let’s all hold our breaths that none of them are carriers. You can bet I’m going to be steering clear of Clear Lake as much as possible during these coming months. If you don’t believe me, take a drive around Clear Lake this weekend, and check out the license plates on the cars and boats that’ve already arrived. I hope it doesn’t end up like the beaches of Florida with all the young ones thinking they’re invincible.

Before this China-virus arrived, I would from time to time take in a church Service in Clear Lake, but you can be sure it won’t be happening again once our churches are given the green light on opening their doors to their communities of faith. During the summer months, I’ve seen in that church’s parking lot, many out-of-County license plates, and not to mention all the “snow birds” that had returned from epicenters in the Sunbelt. No thank you very much.

I did manage to get my new listing at 15 Farmstead Square signed up and posted online everywhere, and I’m telling you, that home is in turn-key condition, along with being very much priced to sell. Anyone looking for a 4 bedroom 2 3/4 bath home in our market, should be ready to jump on it, because you don’t find homes of its caliber in its price range tier in our City. What’s also good about it, is that it’s a one-owner, and was built to the specifications of its current owner. I’m sure there are some who’ve already bought, and likely by chance seeing it online, and then grumbling, “Darn! We should’ve waited.” I’ve scheduled a public open house on it for this Saturday morning from 10:00 – Noon, so if you or anyone you know, have even the slightest interest, please stop by.

Part of my afternoon was spent writing up an offer on a home I showed a buyer several days ago. We talked about options, and after decisions were made, I wrote an offer on it which was about as fair and equitable as one would expect. After the buyers left, I scanned the docs and emailed them to the listing agent, and then called to say they were delivered. We’ll see what tomorrow brings.

Two of my most wanting to be sold listings were being shown today, and again tomorrow, so hopefully there’ll be an offer on at least one of them. The agent told me the buyers were adamant about location, and being in that neighborhood, is about as good as you can get in his customers’ price range. I’ve come to the conclusion that buyers coming in from out of town, are more appreciative of the lower prices we have on many of our older and well-maintained homes. I’d take a 20 year old home in a New York second before I’d buy into a new construction. There’ve been too many people buying new in metro areas, because they were duped into purchasing new because of those so-called “generous” builder incentives and tax credits they’re almost always offering. Unfortunately, most of them don’t realize that when they go to sell their “cookie-cutter” new homes in say five or ten years, they’ll find themselves having problems selling because of those very incentives and tax credits they bought into which are still being offered. Like the old saying goes, “Why buy used when you can have new?”

I had to laugh to myself today after walking away from a short conversation I had with another customer at the counter of a store. For some reason, he thought I was one of our City’s attorneys, so I corrected him by sharing my belief that many think I bear a more than slight resemblance to one of our City’s prominent attorneys by teasingly saying, “Just because he and I share the same shoe size, skin tone, and gray hair, doesn’t mean we look alike, because he’s much more intelligent, and far better looking than I am.” Yes, I did set him on the right path.

That young man proceeded to tell me, he and his wife have been looking for a lot onto which they’ll build a half million dollar home. You can bet my eyebrows went up, and my knee-jerk response being, “You don’t look like a person holding suitcases full of cash.” He shook his head and said, “You’re right. My wife is the one who inherited a pile, and now wants a new house.” We talked a little more about the building process, but then cut shot by it being my time to pay for what I was buying. As I was walking out, I hollered back, “If you end up with a Corona in your palm, make sure it’s a “Lite”.

I checked my cold frame this evening, and as chance would have it, one of those seed packet plantings were beginning to sprout, and all the other ones are still showing no signs of growth. I’ve decided those “saved-over seed” sprouts are doing very well, when after noticing the tomatoes are already starting to grow normal leaves. I’d say in a couple of weeks, they’ll be at their four-inch height and ready to transplant into my garden. Hopefully these cold nights will be completely over, so they’ll start growing quickly. Tomatoes and peppers don’t like cold days or nights, and usually don’t take off until it warms up for good.

Tonight’s one-liner is: A single rose can be my garden…and a single friend, my world.

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