Murder Hornets

Unfortunately our weather has turned back to being chilly with overcast skies, and when looking at our weather report, it appears it’s going to be like this for the next two weeks.  What I didn’t like seeing, were the possible over-night frosts that are expected this week.  With that said, you’d better bring your hanging and potted plants into your garage or house, because if left out, you may be cursing yourselves for buying them so early, and after being told what a couple paid for about six hanging pots of flowers, I’d be taking all the more care in keeping them safe from the cold.

You can be sure I’ll have my cold frame fully closed these coming nights because I don’t want to have those plants getting nipped. I’m still in a bit of shock over not seeing but one seed sprouting from those I purchased about three years ago, yet the ones I saved over from about four years ago, are doing just fine. It really makes a person wonder what they do with their vegetable seeds before shipping them out.

The closing of my recent sale went very well today, and glad we had another soft landing, and especially because I’ve done real estate work for that family in the past, and couldn’t have been more happy when they called and asked to see a home which was listed by another agent. Like I’ve said many times, “If I didn’t have my long-term loyal and faithful customers support over these years, I would’ve been out of business long ago.” To this day, I remain exceptionally thankful.

There was already a stack of bills on my worktable, so I took time to get the most immediate ones paid, and likely tomorrow I’ll take care of those still waiting. It seems at times that no sooner do I get all my bills paid, and a few days later, another group arrives, but that’s what happens when the days soon turn into weeks.

As my lunch hour was approaching, and being down on the south side, I decided to stop at Wendy’s and order a large chili. I absolutely could not believe it when the young man said, “Sorry. We don’t have chili on our menu for the time being.” Irregardless of what time of year it was, I was always able to buy chili at Wendy’s. All I could think of was the disruption in our food chain due to the China-virus. There was nothing else on their menu I was interested in, so I headed up to Fareway and purchased some salad veggies.  While walking past their meat counter, I could see they’re likely also going to be running low as well. It’ll be interesting to see what they’ll have on sale in this weeks ad, and I’ll not be surprised to find little or no meat products on sale.

After I had a quick salad, I decided to check out BBC’s news for today, and the first article which caught my eye, was one about the discovery of Murder Hornets out on our West Coast. First we get the China-virus, and now our Country is on the brink of being infested with those wicked things from the Orient. What saddened as well as angered me, was reading that they can destroy honeybee colonies in a short time, which is something our honeybees do not need because of how rapidly their populations are decreasing. It seems if there isn’t one thing, there’s another. If you’re interested in reading BBC’s article, click on the following link: ‘Murder hornets’  I’m hoping there’s an insect or animal which is the predator of such monster hornets, and if they’re on the top of their “food chain”, then we do have a problem.

As chance would have it, I was out of my office more than in it today, and the reason being the number of extended appointments I had. The one up in Worth County took the longest, but I’m not complaining because I wanted the buyers to get themselves fully familiarized with the home they plan on purchasing. When in real estate sales, we must first and foremost, be patient with those who need all the more time to comfortably make their life decisions.

For the strangest of reasons, my interest in the writing style of old books has resurrected itself, and as chance would have it, I happened upon a small compendium of writings which was published in the 1880’s. Now keep in mind, that was nearly 140 years ago, and if you think the style of writing hasn’t markedly changed since then, you’ve got much to read from such long-forgotten publishings.

I am now going to copy exactly as written, only one thoughtful reminder about laughter out of that book. Now keep in mind, back then they weren’t gender sensitive, so when is speaks of a woman, consider it regarding a man as well. The extract of it is as follows:


“The laughter of girls is, and ever was, among the most delightful sounds on earth.” Truly there is nothing sweeter or pleasanter to the ears than the merry laugh of a happy, joyous girl, and nothing dissipates gloom and sadness quicker, and drives dull care away like a good, hearty laugh. We do not laugh enough; nature should teach us this lesson, it is true: but if it did not catch and hold the sunshine too, where would be the brightness and beauty it lavishes upon us? Laugh heartily, laugh often, girls; not boisterously, but let the gladness of your hearts bubble up once in a while, and over flow in a glad, mirthful laugh.

What I personally found a bit creepy-cool, is that about a month ago, I made a pact with myself to find something to have a good laugh about each and every day during this pandemic, because I knew if I didn’t, I’d start having dark thoughts. With that said, please find something to laugh about each and every day.

Tonight’s one-liner is: If a man does not control his temper, it is a sad admission that he’s not in control of his thoughts.

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