Vultures Perched Above

When I looked at our local newswire early this morning, I did discover what had caused that smell of burning wood when I arrived at my yesterday. I’m sure someone must’ve thought it funny to set a pile of the City’s brush on fire, and it was a good thing it wasn’t that windy out, or that fire could’ve easily spread. It’s funny when reading it was reported at 9:00 a.m., but I was smelling it long before that hour. As we all know, that’s all it takes is a match to create an out of control fire.

I decided to take the morning off and help one of my dear clients who was in need of several more hands to get some old appliances out of storage, loaded on his truck, and hauled to the landfill. Since I decided to ride along, I was happy to see they’d lowered their prices on appliances to $8.00. Hopefully that’ll give all the more of our residents the incentive to get rid of those old beasts they’ve been hanging onto for no reason.

Every time I go out to the landfill, I’m amazed at all that dysfunctional yard art which is so prominently displayed by the neighbor living next door to the north. I prefer to never know why someone would dig up a very large tree and then have it perched atop two large steel support beams. As we all know, there’re always different strokes for different folks, but one would think such creations would be within a realm of reason.

As for living anywhere near that smelly place, I’d have to be miles away, just so I wouldn’t have to be seeing those flocks of crows and seagulls feeding on that nasty stuff.
I hope the workers out there get paid well for what they have to put up with on a daily basis, because I don’t think I could ever get used to that smell, and that’s saying something because I’ve worked around all the many manure piles in my youthful years. I’d take the smell of animal manure any day over rotting garbage. We humans seem to be quite capable of creating the nastiest of smelling waste.

After doing my good deed for the day, I returned to my office, changed my clothes, and went back to my real estate job, and as chance would have it, another agent had just emailed me an offer on one of my listings. I printed it out, reviewed it, and then called my seller. We went over the terms and conditions, and then talked about options. It was finally decided that there’d be a deep-discount counter back to the buyers, which was just fine by me. After making all the changes, and then getting all initials and signatures, I scanned and emailed those docs back to the selling agent. We’ll see if we get that home sold before the weekend is over.

The remainder of my afternoon was spent tidying up my workplace which for some reason, seems to mysteriously get loaded up with un-necessary piles of paper. I certainly wouldn’t want anyone to get the impression I’m a hoarder, and most of what went to the shredder today, was information I’d printed out from either emails, or that which I’d downloaded from the internet. Those piles usually start whenever someone wants information on properties, and once they’d received it, it was no longer necessary to keep, and all the more useless when knowing they’d already ended up buying another property.

While waiting for my after hours appointment to arrive, I went back to reading more news about our global pandemic. Several of the disturbing articles I read, talked about how the Chinese government will not allow independent investigations to take place in Wahun, which is the purported place where their China-virus originated. That article also spoke about the Chinese government’s recent spreading of rumors on the internet, regarding their “theory” that it was released by the US military. Really????

An even more disturbing article was about how the Chinese government is likely going to be embarking on a buying spree with their fat checkbooks in hand which are spilling over with the Yen we “westerners” so obligingly enabled them by purchasing their inferior crap for so very many years. They’re now ready to pounce on buying opportunities when now seeing many of our world’s economies are struggling financially. Oh how it angers me whenever finding such “vultures” perched above, and quietly waiting for their opportunities to feed on the dead and dying.

As I just recently mentioned to one of my colleagues, “This pandemic had better awaken everyone in the free world to the fact that we must become diligent in creating self-reliances within our borders, because in times like these, it’s all the more evident how we’re too much dependent on un-democratic nations like China who have absolutely no concerns regarding our financial and/or physical welfare, because what they say, and what they do, are two entirely different things.”

I was just reminded of a story someone told to me several years ago when he was touring China. He evidently hired a private guide to show him around, and one day he asked his guide, “Now tell me. What do the Chinese people in an un-kindly way, use as a name when referring to people arriving in your country from the West who’re either tourists, or coming to live and/or work in China?” He got quite a jaw-drop when his guide so freely said, “We refer to them as the big noses.” Oh my goodness! I did get a good laugh out of that because yours truly definitely has a good-sized schnozzola, but not to the extent of Jimmy Durante’s. But, when it comes to noses, it’s always best to have the biggest one you can find to sniff out anything that’s stinking.

Tonight’s One-liner is: Man is the only animal that can be skinned more than once.

Joe Chodur

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