Never Held Grudges

For being a mid-week day, I’d say it was pretty slow in the real estate arena, and likely because of our sudden spike in our temperatures. I thought it was only supposed to be in the low 70’s at best, but Downtown, it was nearing the 80 degree mark. What a big change from last week.

As a by-product of today’s high temps, there were a very many people out walking which was comforting to see. At least many of those who’ve been trapped indoors for almost 50 days, finally got a reprieve from being confined within their four walls. I think another reason there’s been an increase in home sales, is because many of those who’ve had other things to do before this pandemic, and soon finding their diversions having been shut down for so many days, they turned to ideas of buying new homes for themselves.

I’m glad many are buying, but I do hope they’re not getting over their heads with mortgages they can’t service, because if these shut-downs continue, there will be a negative economic fall-out in our Country that’ll take many months, and possibly years to fully recover.

There’s no question in my mind, there’ll be people living in metro areas who’re going to be looking for safer places to live should a repeat of this pandemic occur in the near future. Another area of our market we’ll be seeing a spike in, are acreages, and likely due to many of our younger working crowd, starting in earnest to look for country homes where there’ll be more distanced from the general public, and likely also trying their hand at raising a few head of livestock and honing their gardening skills.

If some of those urban professionals from metro areas decide to opt out of their office jobs and work remotely from home, they’ll be arriving in North Iowa with armloads of cash and ready to pay big bucks for available acreages and small farms in our area. If that happens, we’ll be seeing much higher sale prices of those rural settings, and even more so than we’ve already seen these past several years. There was one rickety old building site that recently sold for well over $100K which by the time they have just that old house livable, they’ll have another $100K or more buried into it. I was so much in dis-belief over the price they paid, I actually called to confirm it actually sold for that much. Oh well, they must’ve decided they’re going to live on that acreage until there’ll both be at ripe old ages, and carried out in body bags.

I had a nice visit this morning with the mother of a middle-schooler, and got myself brought up to speed with the struggle her daughter is having with being at home so much, and not being able to be in school with all her friends, along with not being part of those normal after school sporting activities. I truly empathized with her situation, but I also remembered from years ago how things weren’t quite that way, because we didn’t have as many extra curricular activities as they have now, and even though there were some in those days, chores were always waiting for us at home after the school bell rang. Yes, the biggest struggle for that young lady, is not having known a different way of life.

Early this morning I had to drop my vehicle off at an auto glass shop where they were supposed to replace my front windshield. About a week ago, while driving at a far enough distance behind one of our City garbage trucks, a rock came a flying from one of its tires and struck my windshield. Ugh! It started out as a spider-web crack the size of a half dollar, but in less that 24 hours, a nice crack started moving out of it, and by the time I got it there this morning, it was about 12 inches long.

Unfortunately, a guy from that shop called about an hour later saying the replacement windshield came in, but there was a crack in it, so he immediately ordered a new one which is supposed to be here tomorrow. I know such things happen, but I sometimes wonder why those darn trucks don’t have better rock guards on their vehicles. I thought about turning it into my insurance company or calling the City, but I knew I would’ve spent more precious times fighting with them, so I just sucked it up as another one of life’s happenstances. As much as we all try to keep our distances from trucks, the rocks they’re carrying in their tires, sooner or later find windows or windshields to crack.

Another reason I’m glad to be away from our old office which was at the corner of N. Delaware and 2nd St. NE, besides the noise from those semi-trailer trucks and motorcycles flying by, was believe it or not, was the fact that within those six years we were at that location, there were two of our big front windows broken by rocks having been lodged from the tires of passing trucks. The first time it happened, I initially thought someone had shot a gun, but it didn’t take long to realize it was a stone from one of those trucks.

From the time I awakened this morning, my thoughts have been diverted to the death of a very near and dear person who passed away on this day some years ago. In spite of there having been enough years passed, I can still see her in my mind, and hear her voice. She was my very best friend, and what took me so long to get over her death, was finally coming to the realization that I’ll never again in my life, have such a friendship with another where there’d be absolutely no strings attached. We accepted each other for who we were, and never held grudges because we never in those long years, harbored hidden agendas. The trust we had between us was something most will never experience, and even now when thinking about our relationship, I always knew we’d both be willing to ride thru Hell on horseback for each other, and never get scorched. Oh well, life must go on, especially when knowing her spirit is enjoying the new digs she fully deserved.

Tonight’s One-liner is: Holding grudges and harboring resentments, is like carrying around a heavy load of moldy suitcases.

Joe Chodur

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