A number of hours were spent today working at gathering all the information I could find regarding the rules and regulations of a homeowner’s association, on a listing I have, and then getting all the docs scanned and emailed over to a Realtor who’d asked for them. In the past, I’ve sold homes and condos in that particular association, but this time, I made copies for my records, just in case I should have another listing in that district in the future, and a buyer asking for them.

Over the years, I’ve kept copies of homeowner’s rules, regulations, and restrictive covenants, but after going thru a thick stack, and as chance would have it, I didn’t have a copy theirs. One thing I absolutely hate, is having to call an abstract office, or a title attorney and waste their time in providing me copies. I’d much rather do the digging on my time rather than theirs, because I know too well how it feels to be interrupted by someone asking me to provide information that they could’ve researched themselves, but as we all know, remaining professional is the name of the game.

I had a real jaw-drop today when seeing a home had sold for around $100K more than it did only a few years ago, and even though it was “lipsticked” really good, I couldn’t believe it brought that much money considering the neighborhood it’s in. I’m growing all the more convinced that the banks are back at it again with their rubber-stamping of loans for some of these poor un-educated people who’re out there buying homes just for the sake of saying, “I’m now a homeowner.”, but not realizing that they’d be upside-down on their mortgages versus real values, from the moment they closed on them. I can’t help sharing that old saying, “A fool and his money are soon parted.”

Just to let you all know, we’ve been getting more showings on 1 Briarstone Court, so if you know of anyone looking to upgrade to an exceptionally well-built ranch in one of our prestigious neighborhoods, please pass the word on, because that home would cost well over a hundred thousand dollars more to build today, and likely not have the best of components contained within. Just this past week, a prospective buyer mentioned how she quickly backs away from new construction because of all the more man-made materials they’re now using. I fully agreed with her because I’d take a home built out of old-growth lumber, long before I’d want to live in one that feels like it was built out of matchsticks.

Unfortunately I had to listen to a braggadocio for about 20 minutes today when getting button-holed by him as I was walking Downtown today, and thank goodness I had to pull myself away with the excuse that I had to get out of today’s biting cold wind. I don’t know what it is about me whenever someone starts talking about all of their accomplishments and wealth they’ve amassed, because I’m almost instantly turned off.

It’s too bad we don’t live in Sweden where it’s highly frowned upon to speak about assets, income, and merits. I think I mentioned reading an article about it a number of months ago, and was quite taken by their hard and fast rules regarding such topics of conversation in public, and oft times even in private. The author did say the reason they don’t like it, is because the Swedes prefer themselves to be on the same level as everyone else whenever in the public eye. I had to laugh when they mentioned how freely they speak about sexual wants and desires, where here it’s considered shameful and vulgar. I find it quite interesting how cultures in different countries have evolved.

I forgot to mention my little visit yesterday with a dear one who was out tending her garden. I somehow found myself on her street, and when I looked, there she was. Even though I had an appointment waiting, having a short visit with her was more important. She made sure to show me the recent improvement she’d done on her home’s exterior, and without a doubt, it really dressed it up to where if it were on the market today, it would sell. I was quite smitten by an unusual tree she has growing in her front yard, and made sure to make a mental note of its over-all appearance. That tree would be a great specimen planting to where it would create a striking statement to all passersby.

When reading about how our Governor wanting to keep the packinghouses open in spite of their being major outbreaks of the China-virus within them, I couldn’t help thinking how much she’s playing with fire with those workers who could very easily create epicenters thru-out their communities. Yes, I know she wants to keep our State’s food chain intact, but she must also be prudent about making sure innocent people aren’t seriously infected. If there’s another positive outcome of this pandemic, would be the beginning of smaller hog raising facilities, and our returning to local family-owned slaughterhouses where they also process meat for sale to area consumers.

I didn’t know there was a butcher shop in Ventura, and by the sounds of it, their business is now booming. Good for them, and I hope it’ll give all the more naturalists an incentive to create their own market shares. There’ve been too many monster companies squeezing out little guys over the years, and what we’re left with, is too much co-dependency on their products. For sure I’d rather pay more for something locally raised and processed than I would which had likely come from corporate entities. I don’t even want to think how much beef we’re unknowingly eating from South America. The deforestation of the Amazon is going to create a lasting negative impact on our world. When are people going to realize that we MUST protect our planet’s environment?

The above photo is of one of my not-so favorite woodchucks. I don’t mind them if they stay out on the fence lines, but when they start compromising foundations with their burrowing, that’s when I don’t very much like them anymore.

Tonight’s One-liner is: Civilizations exist by environmental consent, and subject to change without notice.

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