Do Not Eat Bugs

It was a typical Monday morning, with the exception of my feeling a bit guilty for not getting my spiritual “fixing” done yesterday. It bothered me enough to where I found a dimly-lit corner in my office where I spent about 20 minutes doing some spiritual reflecting. Since I’ve been recently having some dark thoughts about several people who’ve done some pretty despicable things to me in the past, I focused my thoughts on my tried-and-true form of forgiveness which includes indifference.

Now we must remember indifference is not a sin, because forgiving a person for what they’ve done, and subsequently become indifferent towards them, helps to keep them from thinking they’ll one day be back in our lives. When you stop and think about it, the people who’ve likely sinned the most, are the ones who step right back into situations they’ve already known to be toxic. We sin unto ourselves when allowing evil back into our lives, which is why it’s best for everyone involved, to remain at safe distances.

There are many who use the excuse that such people are to be pitied because they’re under the influence of either drugs, alcohol, or both, but remember, there’s absolutely nothing we can do for them because it’s their sole responsibility to fix themselves. If you don’t believe me, just look at the statistics of those who’ve managed to free themselves from substance abuse for the rest of their lives. No matter what you may think, the numbers of long-lasting recoveries are much lower than the general public is aware, and likely because nobody wants to admit failure. It’s not the fault of the therapists, but rather of those who deep-down, just won’t let go of their addictions.

Just last year I saw a classic example of someone who walked the walk, and talked the talk of being fully “clean” and ready to live a good life, but unfortunately it was all a ruse, and not two months later, he was back at it in full force. When speaking about him to a so-called “professional”, he questioned my belief of him being a trickster, and all I could say was, “I can see it in his eyes.” As much as I wanted to be wrong about that guy, my suspicions were later confirmed.

Having a mid-morning appointment in Plymouth, I headed out a little early, just go to get a good look at our countryside on such a fine day. Yes, the farmers were out with their monster machineries, and it looks like they’re now getting prepared to fertilize. Today was the first time I noticed a big-hog tractor pulling two side-by-side tanks of anhydrous ammonia. I checked to see if there were any meth cookers following behind, because that’s one of the main ingredients of their recipes.

Speaking of meth and the tell-tale signs of its use, I’ve been seeing far more people of late with really bad teeth, which makes me wonder, is if they don’t have the money to see a dentist, or if their teeth were destroyed by an extended use of meth. I noticed a gal today who had some pretty scary looking teeth to where I did everything I could to not look at her. What a terrible shame.

Being in a bit of a wicked mode today, I couldn’t help sharing my visuals with a colleague of a person we both know, and how that poor soul can’t seem to find the time to brush her teeth often enough to were they don’t appear fused together, and unbeknownst to her, when she speaks, there’s a nasty ropy spit that goes up and down like a rubber band whenever she opens her mouth to speak. And then on the flip-side, I see some who’ll open their mouths and I’m almost blinded by their overly-white bleached teeth, to where I’m looking for my sunglasses. Ok, that’s enough. I’ll be nice.

When I got back to my office, I discovered phone messages in need of addressing, and one of them being a gentleman asking about our market conditions, and if it best to list his home now. I truthfully told him that our market is still moving, and even to the point where there’ve been some record prices being paid for certain styles and prices of homes. I also shared my belief that we’re still doing quite well up here in the northland because of how few cases we have of the China-virus. It looks like I may be getting a new listing next month as long as we don’t have a spike in outbreaks in our area.

While at the grocery store today, I actually noticed several items for sale which had signs posted which named their country of origin. Good for them, and I hope all vendors follow their example. I’m sure most of you don’t remember back when Walmart first opened, and their big draw was there being all the prominent signage on shelves of many items reading, “Proudly Made in America”. Isn’t it funny how they managed to dupe all of us into believing their business model was all about keeping America great, but years later, it became an entirely different story with them. I’ll wager 90% of the items on their shelves are made offshore. Who can we get to re-educate their shoppers?

Now that the ducks are out and about, I managed to snap the above photo of a drake. He seemed to be enjoying my presence because of how close he allowed me to get to him. Having helped raise ducks and geese, I’d say the domesticated ones are the most comical of feathered creatures. Now just to set everyone straight, geese do not eat bugs or any other creepy crawly creatures, because they focus solely on greenery. Now ducks on the other hand, will eat any living insect creature they can forage from land or water. I’ll never forget one summer when everyone was complaining about how bad the crickets were, yet our place was near bug and cricket-free. Even today, many farmers in the Orient use flocks of geese as their natural pesticide. Some years ago I couldn’t help smiling when watching a video of a farmer herding a flock of ducks into a field. Wouldn’t that be a great way to promote our naturally grown vegetables?

Tonight’s one-liner is: Being born in a duck yard does not matter, if only you are hatched from a swan’s egg.

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