A Higher Plain

It looked a little bit more like Spring today, and glad for it because we’ve had quite the nasty chain of evens happening since the first of the year, and most of it surrounding the spread of the China-virus. And by the way, some may think me ignorant by not referring to it by it’s “official” name, but rather my wanting it remembered as having originated in China, and unless they re-name their country, that’s how I’ll always remember it.

I think we Americans get too concerned about hurting someone’s feelings over the names we place on things. There are so many “protected” classes out there, to where I’m now wondering if there’s any un-protected classes left. Oh I almost forgot, I’m still waiting for someone to come up with a valid reason why white Anglo-Saxon males can be considered part of a protected class. If that should happen, I think we’ll all be on a level playing field.

There really wasn’t much going on today as far as real estate, other than my waiting for someone to call me so I could go and pick up a key, but unfortunately, I didn’t get the call, so that’ll be the first item on my agenda come tomorrow morning.

With the weather as nice as it was, I busied myself with more yard clean-up, and once noontime arrived, I headed back over to my little/big project and worked there for about three hours. The time seemed to fly by with the warming sun shining brightly thru those windows. I’m not sure about anyone else, but I personally can get more accomplished when it’s warmer outside, and our skies being cloudless.

As my project is coming all the closer to being finished, I have in my mind a list of dear ones I’ll be calling, just so they can finally see what I’ve had my head poked into for so many long months. I suspect there’ll be some jaw-dropping when they see it, but I’ll be reminding them that it was part of my “soul-cleansing” project after my mother’s death.
I miss her as much now as I did the day after she died, but having spent so very many hours alone while working at it, it’s all in perspective now. I can still hear her voice and see her smiling face, but it’s now all coming from a higher plain. Don’t you think we should all start focusing more on “work-ups”, instead of “workouts”?

It’s hard to believe we’re already on the downward slide of April, and perhaps the reason I’m considering it still earlier in the month, is because of how cold it’s been these past weeks. I happened to notice today, a Magnolia tree beginning to open, but unfortunately, the ends of its outer petals were brown from the recent frost, but at least it wasn’t fully blooming when those freezing nights arrived.

I’m still planning on having a garden this year, and I hoping my cold frame is staying warm enough to where the seeds I planted will start sprouting. I’m just concerned it got too cold out there the nights it got down to 20 degrees. I’m still waiting for the onion plants and young trees I ordered to arrive. It seems our delivery services are slower than normal, and likely due to this pandemic.

I just happened to read the news today where China arrested the top leaders of those Hong Kong protests, which caused me to remember something someone told me weeks ago, which sounded pretty far-fetched, and that was their belief that this coronavirus was purposely released, just to create a distraction so they could go after those ringleaders.

People living in democracies have absolutely no idea how lucky they are, because when living in totalitarian single-party systems, you either follow their rules to the letter, and not make any political waves, or you’ll either find yourself dead, or spending many years in a gulag for obscure reasons and trumped-up charges. For the strangest of reasons, I’ll never understand why people like Xi, Putin, and all those other little “wanna-be-like” mindsets of theirs, think they’re governing in the best interests of their people. As far as I’m concerned, they either have serious mental problems, or lacking in good conscience.

One of my clients stopped by while I was working, and seemed to be a bit distraught by our continued shut-downs. I tried to make him understand that it’s in our best interest as a State to keep our out-breaks at a minimum. I also warned him that if our small City should be infected, it would be all the more disastrous because of how limited our health care system is when dealing with such great numbers. And remember, we are not geographically close to any other health care campuses, and in some ways it’s a good thing we’re up and away from the hardest hit areas, but not good if we’re living in the midst of our own little epicenter.

When I had a little free time today, I went online to watch a video of a church Service, and please don’t think me becoming overly critical, but I just couldn’t get myself to watch more than ten minutes of it. The music was inappropriate, the singer was flat, and the pastor looked like his mind was centered on something other, because of his excessive blinking. I finally shut it off, and when walking away from my computer, I promised myself to spend some quiet spiritual time somewhere in a darkened corner.

My sights for this coming week, are set on getting the home I have listed at 114 – 11th St. NE sold. Now that it’s been reduced to $77,000, there’s got to be a young couple out there who’re looking to buy their first home. With the 30 year mortgages now under 3%, there’s no better time than now. I personally don’t remember the 30 fixed interest rate mortgages being that low. Wow!

Tonight’s one-liner is: Civilization begins with order, grows with liberty, and dies with chaos.

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