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Thank goodness the wind stopped blowing like it was yesterday, along with having at least a few sun-breaks throughout the day which helped to keep my outlook on the positive side of things, but I still can’t help darkly bracing myself for the rain and likely snow that’s headed our way.

It seems every day I hear a sad story from someone about a friend or relative who contracted the coronavirus, and each time I hear them, I get the chills, because most don’t realize how easily it can happen to them. On the positive side, at least when it happens to someone near and dear, it makes them step back and realize how important it is to take proactive steps against contracting it.

After reading a story about what happened to a small town in the far reaches of Oklahoma, I’d say that article should be re-printed and distributed to all the news feeds in our Country for everyone to read. It all started when a visiting pastor from a large city arrived at a small town’s church to give a sermon. Well, about two days after he returned home, he was tested positive with the China-virus, but the the worst of it happened later, which was, because of his attendance at that Service, he unknowingly infected enough people to where a very large percentage of that town became infected.

In rural areas like North Iowa, each and every one of us must remain exceptionally diligent in keeping ourselves distanced from outsiders, and especially those who’ve arrived here from larger cities and metro areas that already have growing numbers of confirmed cases. Because our local communities don’t have the resources to handle any large out-breaks, along with our higher populations of the elderly, it only makes sense for all of us to be doubly and triply careful.

I’m sure all those who’ve relocated here from metro areas these recent years, are happy they decided to move to the “hinterland”, because if we continue to be all the more careful about infection, we’ll be considered a model community in the months and years to come.

While at the grocery store today, I was bristling again when seeing how little regard some of its customers were showing towards others. In spite of the numerous signs being posted about which read, “Please keep a 6ft distance”, there were still too many who were mindlessly going about the store as though they’d not a care in the world.

When I see all the many picking up grocery items, looking at them, and then putting them back, I just want to scream because that’s just one more way to easily pass on that virus to some innocent soul. During these times, I think they need to go back to the ways of old when all grocery items were behind counters, and when you wanted something, the clerk would go and fetch it down from one of their sky-high shelves.

I doubt there was much “putting back” that was done in those times.

Just think about how much more sanitary our shopping would be if there were clerks stocking the grocery shelves with gloves on, and others who would also be wearing sanitary gloves and delivering requested items to buyers patiently waiting at a distance. Let’s face it, the less handling of food by others, the less likely there’ll be contamination, and with all the automation that goes on in the processing of food, I dare say when a box of canned goods is opened, the only human hands that’ve touch them, would be the stockers. Even though it would be more cumbersome and costly for the grocers, I believe it would put our general public at less risk of being infected by the China-virus.

The highlight of my day, was getting one of the homes I showed today, sold to some buyers I’ve been working with. They’ve been looking on and off for quite some time, and as chance would have it, today’s showing was at a home that fit all their needs. I believe they got a good home for the money, and all the happier for them because they are the nicest of people. In spite of all that’s been happening with this pandemic, I’d say I had an even better Good Friday.

One of my afternoon callers was from a client I’d not heard from in some time, and glad she called because I’ve been recently thinking if all has been well on her side of the fence. Of course we ended up on the virus subject, and was a greatly alarmed when she shared some of what she’s been reading about of late. According to her, there’ve been those in high places who’ve predicted that “evil empire” governments are turning away from building up their nuclear arsenals, and focusing more on creating deadly pathogens which they would use as weapons against other countries. What concerned me most, was when she said that the use of those biologicals would not only be used for self-defense, but also in aggressive manners, just so to more easily conquer other nations. If what she said has even a thread of truth to it, I’d say we’re facing some troubling years ahead.

Unfortunately, we’re seeing all the more countries falling under the spell of dictators, and if our world’s democratic governments continue to cave due to cloaked riots instigated by either left or right wing mentalities, it will not surprise me if our world’ll be turned upside down by such war-mongering leaders of totalitarian governments.

On the bright side, I’m still of the belief that we Americans are going to get back to being more community minded, and start shedding our selfish ways which have been in vogue for too many years. Don’t you think it best not to be of the mindset of “us against them”, and realize that it’s not all about “me”, but rather even more about “we”?

Tonight’s one-liner is: A person who never made a mistake, never tried anything new.

Joe Chodur

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