Ethereal Curiosity

I couldn’t believe it when seeing the intermittent snow flurries this afternoon, and to think it’s the 9th of April. Yes, we’ve seen snowstorms on or around the 1st of April before, but to have weather like this, is reminiscent of that recent year we actually had snow in May. I’ll not ever forget my mother talking about a snowstorm that arrived on their farm on the 21st of May back in the 1940’s where it actually froze off the corn that was sprouting. Yes, even back then, there were some wild weather patterns, and certainly much written about the great drought that took place back in the 1930’s which caused many farmers to go bankrupt, and then migrate to cities where they had to start their lives all over again.

In between appointments, I went back to work on my office bill paying and accounting, but didn’t get much accomplished due to the number of phone calls I was getting. I would say there are some pretty desperate people out there who’re looking for housing, and I would say just this past week, the number of callers looking for rentals has doubled. When thinking about it, I find it a bit strange because one would think most of North Iowans are sticking close to home and not doing any more than they need be during this pandemic.

The owner of 115 S. Connecticut stopped by today for a chat, and all the happier when I told him about all the recent calls we’ve been getting on that home. I’ve come to the conclusion his home has a “spiritual” mind of its own to where it’s waiting for the buyer to arrive it wants to have living within. It may sound like I’m crazy when saying it, but there’ve been enough times when I’ve had vintage homes listed which for some reason, there’d be numerous showings on them, but no action, until one day there’d be those who suddenly became head-over-heels in love with them.

I’ll never forget the vintage home I had listed a number of years ago which had previously been owned by the same family for over 60 years, and from the time I first walked into it, I swear I could “feel” a presence within. I never mentioned it to a soul, but one day when I was showing it to a couple moving here from out of State, the wife announced so matter-of-factly, “I can feel this home is speaking to me.” They ended up purchasing it, and just after we did our final walk-thru before closing, I quietly shared with them the similar “feelings” I had about their new home. Again, please don’t think me crazy, because it really did happen. Years afterwards, I ran into them in the grocery store, and after asking how they liked their home, the wife relayed how she loved her home all the more, but what really got me, is when she said, “We’ve lived in over a dozen homes, but have never had the connection with those, as I continue to have for the one you sold us.” Now that was a real testimonial regarding how a vintage home can sometimes have a mind of its own.

After all these long years, this is the first Maundy Thursday that doesn’t seem as such, because this is the time when everyone would be talking about what they would be doing for Easter. This time around, I’ve not heard a peep about this year’s Easter weekend. Christmas and Easter Sunday is usually the time when churches get their houses of worship filled, along with the replenishing of their operating accounts thru the extra giving that takes place. Yes, there are going to be some real financial hurting going on with our area churches, and the longer this China-virus has us gripped with fear, the more their budgets will be falling into the red. Let’s hope they’ve all got emergency reserve funds tucked away.

One of my appointments today was to meet with a new tenant to sign his lease on one of my client’s homes. I personally did my final walk-thru on the home today, and I’d say he should be happy over how clean the previous tenant left it. He asked how it looked after they moved out, and all I could say was, “It’s clean, but if I were the one moving out, it would’ve been all the cleaner, but I think you’ll find it acceptable.” His previous landlord must’ve been a little quirky because he was asking me some questions about what he could and couldn’t do, and most of them were all in the realm of of being normal tenant’s rights.

With it being Good Friday tomorrow, I was surprised to find that I’ll be working with two different groups of buyers, so I guess it won’t be one of those Good Fridays where I’ll looking for something to fill the hours. For sure there won’t be the normal Good Friday carrying of the Cross in our Downtown like they’ve done for many years, which again, is another big change.

Let’s all hope we get thru this week with no more reported cases of the coronavirus in Cerro Gordo County. Someone did mention today that they’d heard something about Iowa’s new cases are starting to level off.

Tonight’s one-liner is: Never lose your ethereal curiosity whenever entering vintage spaces or treading upon sacred places.

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