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I’m sure everyone was glad to find there were no additional cases of the coronavirus reported in Cerro Gordo County today, and once again, not yet even one reported in both Worth or Floyd Counties. Yeah! I’m certain the closures and social distancing is having a good effect on keeping our infection rates down, so please take every precaution you think is necessary to keep yourselves China-virus free.

Most of my morning was spent working on a sale file which is in need of more attention than usual, which has prompted me to keep ahead of any potential problems that may occur. Whenever there are multiple personalities involved in a transaction, I’ve always found it best to dig my heels in on a middle ground and stick to the real issues, instead of allowing any diverting away and veering off on tangents that have little or nothing to do with the issues at hand.

I was back at my office accounting today, and hopefully, I’ll have everything finished up should there be enough free time between tomorrow’s scheduled appointments. I mentioned something yesterday to a colleague that I almost forgot to make a payment that was due this month, and pretty sure it was due to the added stress I’ve been under with this pandemic.

Stress can wreck havoc on people’s lives in many different ways, and if you find yourselves all the more tired during the day, and then sleeping longer than normally at night, I’d say it’s stress-related. As we all know, depression caused by stress, will oft times trigger a need for more sleep. Just today, two different people mentioned how much more they’ve been sleeping, which prompted me to say a few words about stress and depression.

For me personally, stress causes me to overlook things I normally don’t, which is why I’m all the more careful with stress-filled transactions, because I’ve caught myself over-looking or omitting something. Thank goodness I double, and sometimes triple check closing files before I head out to close them.

It wouldn’t surprise me if all the more people are coming down with the hives, because oft times they’re stress induced. I do know that if one has chronic pain, or lingering health issues, hives will magically appear. I had them once in my life, and hopefully never again because they are annoyingly painful and seem to never go away.

We did get loan approval on one of my transactions today, so now I’ll be on a burn to get all the title work completed in a timely manner. That particular file has been a struggle due to the extra hoops the buyer had to jump thru for his lender, but in the end, I’m sure he’ll be all the more happy he went the extra mile to get the home he wanted. There’s no question the level-headedness of his parents helped to keep him on track.

When in conversation today with an older resident of our City, she asked how the market has recently been, because she’s been causally thinking about selling her home. Since we’ve known each other long enough, I spoke freely regarding what I’ve been seeing these past several years, and that being homes that’ve been “lipsticked” to the max, yet in questionable neighborhoods and oft times having quirky components, bringing far higher prices than I believed they were worth. Then there are those very well built homes in neighborhoods that are insulated against market swings, but in need of a few cosmetics, being on the market far too long, and in the end, selling for much less than they should’ve. My caller asked why, so I bluntly told her that I believe there are all the more buyers out there that don’t even know how to paint rooms.

The age of specialization has created boatloads of buyers who know absolutely nothing about home repairs and maintenance. You’d be shocked if I told you how many people don’t even realize that furnace filters have to be changed three or four times a year. Don’t think it’s just the young ones, because I just recently viewed a furnace inspector on one of my sales, pull out from its furnace, a filter that looked like it had been there for years. It actually looked like a thick blanket of mouse fur. After the buyer and I regained our composure, it wasn’t just disgusting, but laughable to the point one would swear the owners were raising mice.

Speaking of mice, I’ll never in a million years forget the listing I had where the tenant was actually raising mice in his living room. When I first walked in, the first thing that hit me was the smell of mice. I was in near shock to see all those rodents freely running around in a raised area the size of a large pool table. He swore they never jumped out, but I had my suspicions. Now tell me truthfully, would raising a herd of multi-colored mice be your first choice as a “pet” project? I guess I should be thankful when knowing I’ve had only one listing where a tenant was raising mice, and another where the tenant was breeding rats. When remembering rodent odors, the smell of a rat is enough different from that of mice. Of course coming from an old farm, I’ve had whiffs of both.

I’m not sure if I’ve mentioned this before, and if I have, please understand why I’m once again asking each and every one of you who read my journal pages, to please place a Facebook “like” on the ones you enjoy, because it helps with my web ranking as well as giving me a mental boost to continue writing and posting. Thank you very much!

Stay safe and corona-free these coming days and weeks, because if we can keep the new cases down in North Iowa, I believe we’ll be getting back to more normalcy in our lives.

Tonight’s one-liner is: There comes a time when the mind enters a higher plane of knowledge, but can never prove to anyone how it got there.

Joe Chodur

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