The last time I checked, it looks like we made it thru yet another day without having another confirmed case of the virus in our County, and exceptionally happy over it. With the additional mandatory closures in our State by our Governor, I’m beginning to think our Historic Downtown is looking all the more like a ghost town.

Once again, I managed to keep myself busied enough with real estate work, and one particular file I’m working on, just happened to have a last hour problem that had to be corrected, but thank goodness I was able to contact the appropriate people to get it resolved. Oh how I hate such things to crop up in the final days.

When visiting today with an old colleague of mine, we both agreed that we will more sooner than later have a market correction because of what some of our recent sale prices have been, and being eerily reminiscent of what took place before the market crashed in 2008. It’s unfortunate how quickly some have forgotten what happened back then, and yet another creepy indication of it coming, is seeing how the bank stocks have nearly halved in price, just as they did back in 2008.

I’ve been warning people about all these government hand-outs, because no matter how much we would like to think the Fed can continue printing money without there being repercussions, when in fact, if the financial climates are right, such actions will trigger a recession, and if there is one, it’ll be big, and longer lasting. It’s going to be a, “Hang onto your hat Nellie, because we’re going for a ride.” sort of scenario.

I’m sure you’ve all heard that the US now has the most confirmed virus cases in the world, but being the sceptic I am, there’s no question China is still number one, but they’re not telling anyone, and for sure, never to disclose the real number of deaths from it.

As far as I’m concerned, and for the reason of being on the safe side, I’d be happy to see extended closures in Iowa, because when our guards are lifted too early, that would be the time there’d be more infections, because since we live in a very mobile society, widespread transmissions are all the more possible.

I had a soulful chat with one of the “powers that be” in our City today, and the bulk of our conversation centered around the precautions we’ve been taking, along with how our area churches are adapting to this shut-down. One concern I shared, was the possibility that once our area churches’ casual, or “peripheral” members have grown accustomed to staying home, along with all the many of our elderly still not wanting to mingle in public for fear of catching the Chinese virus, it wouldn’t surprise me if their head-counts would be much lower for months, and possibly even years to come.

I was teasing him a bit about my recent promise regarding my suddenly becoming a multi-millionaire and building an interdenominational chapel on a beautiful site somewhere close enough for everyone to visit. He said that if I would build it, he’d want the directions to it, because he so much used to enjoy visiting a darkened church during his workday, just so to get his thoughts arranged, along with getting some honest to goodness praying done, and possibly even able to hear a few quietly comforting words from the Holy Spirit. I couldn’t agree with him more regarding his frustration that nearly all churches keep their door locked during the day. But, this is what happens when people are addicted to certain drugs which drive them to steal from sacred places.

My long drive across town this afternoon, ended up being fruitless because a flooring company I drove to, had a sign posted on its window saying they’d not be open for business until the first week in April. Thank goodness it wasn’t something I was in immediate need of, or I would’ve been in a pickle. I think from now until this is all over, I’ll be placing calls to wherever I plan on going before I assume they’ll be open for business.

I’m sure you’ve also just heard that there’s now eight strains of the Chinese virus that’s infecting our world. Oh how much I hate being right, because way back when this started, I mentioned more than once the likelihood of it mutating. I’ll have to do a little research and find out if they’re evolving into “Corona-lite” or “Corona-dark”. Unfortunately, it’s going to be even harder to create a vaccine which will cover all the different types there’ll be by the time they’ve found one.

I’ve still got mixed thoughts about our Government sending money to the bulk of our taxpayers, because I’m thinking it’s still too early in the game to be thinking all will be well once the money has been received. If it takes many weeks longer to get our Country back to work because of continued cases being confirmed, there’s no question there’ll be all the more looking for additional checks. Like I said, the Federal Reserve cannot continue to print money without there being a negative economic kick-back.

After my late afternoon appointment left, I closed up shop and headed home, and from the looks of it, I’d say we’re going to get some rain tonight. One of my dear customers mentioned a book she’s re-reading during these times, which is titled, “A Confederacy of Dunces”. I’d not heard of it, but when doing a little investigation, I found that in November of last year, BBC News added it to its 100 most influential novels. I’m going to send for it and give it a good read because from what I heard, it’s quite comical, and likely to be a good medicine for me in these frightful times.

Tonight’s one-liner is: The most dangerous untruths, are truths that’ve been slightly distorted.

Joe Chodur

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