Weak Promises

These monotonous gray days we’ve been having, are beginning to get on everyone’s nerves, and mine included. On a positive note, the light rain and high humidity is keeping the airborne coronavirus from staying afloat as long, which is a good thing for those of us who’re fearfully waiting for the other shoe to drop in our County.

I’m still in disbelief there’ve been as many deaths in Italy, Spain, and Iran, and still them having not yet reported a decline in the daily number of new cases within their borders. There’s no question they’re getting all the more squeezed by the grip of fear as each day passes.

When seeing how our lives have dramatically changed in the course of just a little over a week, I’m continuing to pray that there’ll be some positive changes in the way in which people interact with each other, along with new rules and outlooks by which they’ll live after this pandemic is over.

I mentioned just today, how much our general public needs to look at their home lives as being far more than somewhere they go to eat, watch TV, and go to bed, because as far as I’m concerned, homes should be at the foremost, a sanctuary where we can take refuge from the outside world, while renewing ourselves enough to where we’re all the more kind, thoughtful, and caring towards others during our hours away from home.

Another wish of mine for the future, is for people to get themselves more re-connected with their real friends and loving family members. When I say “loving” family members, I mean just that, because I’ve seen enough families with one our two bad apples working very hard at poisoning the lives of others, and all too often, they do it, just so to drag the good ones down to their levels because they refuse to pull themselves up and out of their own pools of self-pity.

Most recently, I had a conversation with a client of mine who was saying how much others in her family continue to dredge up the past regarding how much they did for everyone else in her family. I had to laugh when she said it, because I assured her that such mentalities in family units is far more common than one would expect. I went on to say, “Anytime someone starts telling me all they did for their parents, brothers, or sisters, I immediately dismiss such talk as being fictitious, because the real givers in families refrain from such talk, because they already know in their hearts all the blessings they’ve already received from freely and willingly giving of themselves to others.” After hearing those words, I think she finally “got it”, and will now move on without any sense of guilt over not showing empathy towards those faux givers.

I believe nearly all remarks people make regarding what they’ve done for others, are fabrications borne out of guilt. When remembering all those naughty monkeys in families who claim to have done so much for their parents, along with every other brother or sister, I laugh again, because if there was that much done within a given family unit, then I’d say there must’ve been some doubling, tripling, and quadrupling up of the amount given to others. Wow! That family should’ve been living in a crystal palace and eating four meals a day off of solid gold plates! Do you get my drift?

The new tenant for one of my client’s rentals stopped by today to sign all of his lease documents, and when he went to leave, he discovered his tire was flat. Unfortunately the jack he had in his car, wasn’t working properly, so he ended up calling his brother for help. After about an hour of waiting and then working, they ended up having to call a tow truck to take it for service because the rim was too tightly affixed to the hub. I felt bad for him, yet he seemed to take it all in stride.

Another positive thing that may come out of this pandemic, will be an incentive for all the more seniors living in metro areas, who’ll be deciding to relocate to smaller cities like ours, because there’s no question many of them living in those highly populated areas which have the highest rates of confirmed cases of the Chinese virus, are terrified by the fact they’re living in such close proximities to others. Unfortunately, it’s true how much more freely a virus such as the coronavirus can infect and spread. It’s frighteningly familiar to what happens when a big chicken or hog farm gets hit with a disease, because if one animal gets it, they all do, which is why those who work in those monster confinement facilities, have strict disinfection protocols to follow before entering and leaving those buildings.

The highlight of my day, was taking the time to write a letter to a prospective seller who lives out of town. Since those people don’t know who I am, along with Holtz Realty’s sales record, I had to be careful about not sounding like a snake oil salesman who was filling him with false statements and weak promises. The only sliver of hope I have in getting that listing, was my mentioning having sold a home for someone who likely went to school with him. After re-reading it, I don’t think I could’ve created a better “hello” letter.

Just yesterday, I discovered another agent was going to be getting a home listed which I’m very familiar with. When asking what it’ll be listed at, and then after hearing the number, my only response was, “That’s too high of a price because of all the work that’s needed.” Since that agent knows I generally don’t make such point-blank judgement calls on price, the only encouraging response I got was, “If you have someone interested, don’t be afraid to write an offer on what you think it’s worth.” I’ll be waiting to see what it’s going to get listed at, and then what it sells for.

Tonight’s one-liner is: Man is to be found only in reason, and only God in the passion.

Joe Chodur

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