Asymptomatic Stage

It looks like we made it thru one more day without there being another reported case of the coronavirus in Cerro Gordo County, so let’s hope and pray they’ll end up being the only two cases we’ll have after it’s all over.

After reading a few news clips today about the spread of that virus, along with the interview a reporter had with an expert from the World Health Organization, it sounds like the Chinese virus is going to be something we may possibly be facing year-over-year until they discover a vaccine.

One of the troubling comments he made, was that the millennials absolutely must get themselves re-educated as to the severe dangers it holds for their generation as well, because in Italy, 10 – 20% of the infected who’re now in ICUs, are in the age bracket of 20 – 40 years old. Now that should be strong enough news to wake them up to where there’re more pro-active about guarding against contracting and/or spreading that virus.

I’ll likely never forget seeing a video of those college students on spring break while partying on Florida’s beaches, and throwing all cautions to the wind because they were NOT going to let the coronavirus keep them from enjoying themselves. After seeing it, my only thought was, “Oh, so in your extreme selfishness, you are possibly going to contract it, return home as being asymptomatic, and then infect all the more innocent because of your stupidity.”

Such attitudes remind me of a young man of possibly 21 years, who about 10 years ago, was doing all the partying he could, along with being heavy into alcohol and illegal drugs. One day I confronted him and asked what he might think of himself when looking back at his youthful years when he’s in his 40’s. The answer I expected was, “I’ll look back thinking I had one hell of a good time.” Well, 10+ years forward, he’s found himself in a ditch which he’s dug for himself, and that being the father of two children from separate women, hooked for child support, and because of his court records, he’s bouncing from one dead-end job to another. He’s likely in his early 30’s now, but the last time I saw him on the street, he looked to be between 40 – 45 years old. I’d say the years have not been kind to him.

I did manage to keep busy enough at my office to where I was able to make contact with some people I’d been trying to reach. It’s very frustrating at times when attempting to get the phone number of someone living out of town. Thank goodness there are a few remaining in our midst who keep in touch with those who’ve long ago moved out of our area, but again, the real chore comes when finding just one of those people. Yes, I did find one that had the current phone number of the person I was looking for, so I made the call, and got connected. Thank goodness!

Another chore I had, was to do a final walk-thru on a rental belonging to a client, and make notes of necessary repairs and cleaning. Every time I open the oven door of a stove in an exiting tenant’s unit, it’s almost a given that it’ll filthy, and today’s opening was no exception. Believe me, there’s no prejudice when it comes to the socio-economic level of tenants leaving such messy stoves, because it spans all ages and incomes. When I called the owner to relay what I’d found, he seemed shocked over it since those tenants had exceptionally good jobs and always paid on time . All I could say was, “Really? And what made them the exception to the rule?”

My blood was internally boiling over the weekend when finding one of my so-called “colleagues” in real estate, not having the courtesy to respond to a text I sent him shortly after noontime on Saturday. Saturday ended with no response, Sunday came and went with no return text, and then this afternoon, I received a text from the seller asking about the showing, and yours truly told him I was still waiting for a response. I text the agent again, and finally about three hours later, I got a “weak” message with the flimsiest of excuses. He must’ve thought me being so gullible to believe such tripe. It’s no wonder we Realtors are sometimes given a bad rap from the general public, yet convinced that particular agent has got much to learn about real estate professionalism.

I had to stop at the hardware store to pick up several smoke detectors and a CO2 detector for my client, and while waiting at the cash register, I could hear the clerk talking about how much she feels like she’s on the front lines of catching that virus. When it was my turn to be checked out, I did mention how much I empathize with the feelings many in positions like her’s have regarding the possibilities of being infected by those who’s still in their asymptomatic stages. She actually appreciated my words, and thanked me all the more for understanding why she’s been so stressed out.

I want everyone to remember one fact regarding why the Chinese virus is all the more difficult to contain, and that being, its ability to be infectious to others, even when in its asymptomatic stage, which can span a 3 – 5 day time period. That many not sound like a very long time, until we consider how many people only one person can infect in those days. In spite of the economic losses we’re all going to be sustaining, I’ll continue believing it was in the best interest of our Governor to start limiting public interaction early on. We’ll see how well it has helped after another two weeks have passed.

Tonight’s one-liner is: Manifest plainness, embrace simplicity, reduce selfishness, and have fewer desires.

Joe Chodur

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