Happy 2020 St. Patrick’s Day!

It was quite the news-filled day with all the coronavirus updates, and then later this morning, our Governor calling for the closure of any and all places where 10 or more people would gather. I wasn’t surprised when finding that she even called for the closing of churches because as we all know, Iowa has a large number of church-going elderly who’d be all the more dangerously affected by that virus.

I was also glad to hear that corporate Fareway announced that they would have their first hour of opening being restricted to the elderly, as well as those with physical disabilities. Good for them, and I hope many of our other stores offer similar restricted hours for the aged.

In spite of being of the belief all of Iowa’s taverns will remain closed, I can’t help but wonder how many of them will “pretend” to be closed by keeping their front doors locked and signs turned off, but in reality, they’ve already put out the “hushed” word that they’ll still be serving their paying customers on their regular schedules. I already suspect one in particular, who’ll disregard today’s edict.

This brings me to my thoughts regarding what’ll happen here in North Iowa if there’s a confirmed case, because if there is, we’ll likely be seeing all the more ratcheting down, by the calling for even more restricted movement, and possibly even curfews ordered. It actually may be a good thing, because that’ll give our police force reason to detain all those naughty back-packers on their bicycles making their nighttime deliveries. I mentioned to a friend today how many of them I noticed zig-zagging around the Downtown early yesterday morning which I found very unsettling. I’m beginning to wonder if their main supply chain has a break in it.

Most of my morning was spent running errands and doing some research on a property, as well as meeting with the owner of 12 S. Willowgreen Court, who decided to do a price reduction on her townhouse, to where it’s now at an even more attractive price of $174,500.00. I’ve also scheduled a public open house on it this coming Saturday from 1:00 – 3:00 pm. I’m hoping the “Snowbirds” are already on their way back, and possibly one or two of them will be here to look at it. It’s definitely a perfect retirement townhouse for all those looking for everything being on one floor.

When visiting with one of my colleagues, I was asked if I was going to continue having public open houses during these weeks of the coronavirus scare, because he’s seriously thinking of not holding any in the foreseeable future. My response was, “If any of my sellers want to have a public open house, then I’ll be obliging.” I do understand we must be careful, but as long as we don’t have any confirmed cases as of yet, then I think I’d be jumping the gun by saying “No more open houses.”

Considering our recent scare with this pandemic, I’m been re-thinking the idea of having at least a small garden, and grow only hot peppers and onions. If I do decide, I’ll have to find a new area to create it, because those vile deer likely still remember where the old one was, and still patiently waiting for their free salad bar. I can’t believe how my garden was completely destroyed in two nights. There must’ve been one having found it, and then an all-points-bulletin being sent out to friends and relatives in the surrounding fields and meadows, who were dying to have a veggie party. If I hadn’t seen it, I would’ve never believed that deer will even eat pumpkins.

While visiting with a woman today, I casually discovered that Joan Snell had passed away back in Sept or October of last year. I was in absolute shock when hearing it because I hadn’t heard a thing about it. I know some thought her to be a little rough around the edges when in charge of running Snell’s Ambulance and Snell’s Service Station, but I personally, always liked her. I actually did some real estate work for her, and without a doubt, she couldn’t have been a better client.

From what I heard, she passed away in Arizona where she had her winter home, and for some reason, there wasn’t an obituary published in the Globe Gazette, and if there was, I missed it. I’m exceptionally disappointed the Globe Gazette didn’t run a feature tribute for her because she was quite the businesswoman who gave more than she took.

When the DOT decided to straighten that northbound curve on N. Delaware, that’s when all the buyout’s took place. Believe it or not, there were a number of business affected, and one of them being Snell’s Service Station. That whole block where Fareway is right now, was populated with buildings, and one of them was our old office at 409 N. Federal, which was also part of that forced buy-out.

I find it a little creepy-cool whenever one of the old clients or customers from 409 N. Federal stop at my office for the first time, and think it’s the same office. Yes, it does have many similarities which I never really noticed until I was nearing the end of my “elephant-eating” project. I would say the main reason people think it’s “409”, is that it faces the same direction, the front door is in the same position, as well as the front windows. There’s no question my plants like my current office’s front windows far better than the ones at 409 N. Federal or 32 – 2nd St. NE. I’ve shared with the many that I believe they get just the right amount of afternoon sun to make them happy.

By the way, Happy 2020 St. Patrick’s Day, and let’s hope we’re all going to have the luck of the Irish by not being infected by yet another strain of an Asian flu. Stay safe.

Tonight’s one-liner is: I’m Irish on St. Patrick’s Day, Italian on Columbus Day, and a North Iowan every day.

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