Rocky Road

Nearly every conversation today included some mention of the corona virus or the stock market, and thank goodness I kept myself busied enough so I wouldn’t find myself dwelling on things I have absolutely no control over. It’s unfortunate most don’t put such happenings into more of a perspective, because when in the state of great fear, is when our sensibilities go out the window, and rash judgements soon after become regretful memories.

Pretty much the only productive things I was able to accomplish today, was to get a broker’s opinion composed and sent to an attorney who’s waiting for it, along with renting two housing units for several clients of mine. As of now, my office has no rentals available, which is a good thing because they can at times be overly time consuming. So far this year, the ones I’ve rented all seem to be “good fits” for both the tenants and the owners. Just today I said to a prospective tenant, “If you can’t see yourself living here for at least a year, then I think you’d better look for something else.”
He later did say how much he could see himself and his family living there which was a relief because I do believe they’ll be good tenants.

While on the phone today with a colleague, we both agreed how funny it is with many in our City who continue to revisit the same “poisoned wells”, where they repeatedly use the same people to do work for them that’ve financially shellacked them in the past. I laughed when saying, “Well, it seems the mindset for many in North Iowa is that it’s better the devils you know, than the ones you don’t.”

Fortunately, there are some who will only allow themselves to be taken to the cleaners once, and thereafter, steer themselves as well as everyone they know, away from them. Just today I was told a story about how one particular young couple had some landscaping work done by a North Iowa company, wasn’t the least bit happy, and then used another for two-thirds less the price, and all the happier with the quality. Isn’t it funny how some of these so-called “reputable” companies manage to get their Google rankings up in the most magical of ways? I’ve heard stories about people paying others to get their business rankings raised which I believe to be very wrong. I’m still wondering when the Globe Gazette is going to stop their “reader’s choice” nonsense, because those can also be faked. Oh well, we just gotta keep doing well and avoiding the pull from the evil in others.

I have a closing coming up at the end of the month, and I was just told today that since there’s a “lock-down” of sorts in the nursing home the seller is in, there’ll be some extra preventative measures I’ll be involved in when I go there to get those transfer documents signed. I think I’ll be getting them signed before the week is out, because if there should be a confirmed case of the corona virus in North Iowa, you can be sure there’ll have even stricter protocols put into place for anyone wanting to visit a nursing home resident. Oh well, before it’s all over, we will have learned many lessons about a pandemic, and certainly have many stories to tell for years to come.

Another thought I had today, is for there to be large bowls of soap and water with bleach added, for people to at least wash their hands and dry them before entering a home or building. Most of us have created dirty little “hand habits” that are extremely hard to break. For example, what are those who’re biting their nails going to do to keep themselves from getting sick? And think of how many people who un-knowingly rub their eyes with their fingers. Not to mention all those many who eat food with their fingers.

You’ll certainly think me a fanatic when saying I absolutely hate eating “finger food”. If you want to get a few jollies, go seat yourselves in the corner of a Kentucky Fried Chicken restaurant, and you’ll soon be up to speed on the numbers you’ll find licking their fingers. Really? But while watching them, just remember, they didn’t wash their hands after touching the door handles and all the other areas those many customers before them had touched.

My heart goes out to all the restaurants who’ve had to curtail business or even closed their doors during this crisis. Let’s all hope they’ve all got reserves to help get them thru it, because if they don’t, there’ll be all the more closings of locally owned pubs and restaurants. I can’t imagine what our new “arena” is going to do for revenues if they continue to cancel events. Oh, I just forgot, we the citizens of Mason City are on the hook for that one. Silly me.

My last appointment of the day was to show an unremarkable property which unfortunately didn’t do a thing for my customers. We’ll see in time, what sort of market corrections we’ll be having because there’ve been far too many properties sold here in Mason City for markedly more than I would’ve guessed. I swear there are buyers out there that are purchasing homes only for the sake of saying to family and friends, “We just bought a new home.” I don’t even like looking at what some have sold for because of the core empathy I have for those poor uneducated homebuyers.

Tonight’s one-liner is: When I make a commitment to someone, it is for the smooth road, as well as the rocky road.

Joe Chodur

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