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Unfortunately we didn’t have a repeat of yesterday’s weather, but at least the weekend was beyond our expectations which made today’s all the more tolerable. It looks like we may be having a repeat weekend ahead, which will prompt all the more to get outdoors and enjoy the weather while searching for a their new homes.

It’s certainly been a muddy mess around town now that the sub-soil has thawed, and I personally have some deep ruts to rake level from someone having pulled over the weekend, into the back parking lot of my office. There’s usually a week or two after the “thaw” when I don’t park back there because of how spongy it is. In the old days we used to call them “frost boils”.

One of my first visitors at the office this morning was a gentleman asking if I could tell him what his neighbor’s house sold for, and when I looked it up on our website, it noticed it hadn’t yet closed. He seemed quite disappointed, but I did assure him I would call him once it finally did close. I didn’t have much time to spend with him because I had an appointment I was going to be late for if I dallied any longer.

My appointment was with a professional who asked me last week to do some research for him, so I worked on it these past several days and finished it up with a cover letter early this morning. He was delightfully surprised I’d already finished it, and in presentable form, but since he’s been an exceptionally loyal customer over the years, I felt all the more obliging. I couldn’t have been happier to do something nice for him, because as we all know, a friend in need, is a friend indeed.

I would say the highlight of my day was finally getting around to placing a call to a dear friend of mine whom I’d not spoken with in months. I was glad to find all was well with her since our last visit where she’s just as guileless as always, which for me, is refreshing in these times of guarded remarks and cloaked personal agendas.

We both agreed that in spite of the many years having rolled by, there are always those few in our City who seem to manipulate the minds of our general population to where they get what they want in one way or another. What I’ve never been able to understand, is how all the many continue to do business with people whom they know don’t have the best interest of their customers at heart, and after our chat, I couldn’t help remembering an estimate for some plumbing work that was recently given to one of our residents on what any reputable plumber would consider a small job, but the amount they wanted was staggeringly high. You can bet I made a mental note of that one.

I’m very much for keeping business local, but when some of our local contractors and businesspeople create opportunities to take undue advantage of their customers, is when I begin to internally boil. In some of our circles, there’s definitely no sharing or caring for others except within their dimly-lit tribal circles. I was being a little wicked today when talking about a so-called retired “businessperson” who’s now at a ripe old age. After being asked if he was still alive, my knee-jerk response was, “Of course he’s still alive, because it takes all the longer to be screwed into the ground.” Yes, that was definitely an impure thought that made it past my lips, but I think more people should follow the rule where if once burned, it becomes hard-coded in memory and addressed whenever appropriate.

I happened to read an article today which made perfect sense. The author was talking about how we Americans must work harder at diversifying our locations where all the research and development is taking place, because it’s in that arena that’ll keep us a nose ahead of the other countries, and without a doubt, China is on a fiery path to over-take us with their own technology. I believe our Government has finally gotten it thru their heads that the stealing of proprietary information must be firmly dealt with, because the Chinese have been doing it for years, and don’t think they’re the only ones, because they aren’t.

The thrust of that article was the fact that there are only two major locations of R and D in our Country, and that being Silicon Valley and the Seattle area. She also went on to say how dangerous it is for our Nation to have only two, and in concentrated areas, whereas if they would spread them out more evenly across our Nation, it would inspire all the more of our “fine minds” to remain in the general areas from whence they came, and even more of an opportunity for them to excel.

I know we used to have that logo, “Iowa, a State of Minds”, which in many ways is true, but when so many of those minds who’ve acquired their educations at our exceptional universities, find themselves forced to move to one of those two citadels of research and development. I personally know a handful of them who were forced to relocate to those areas, just so they could place their learning and subsequent ideas into practice.

In spite of our winter weather, I’m convinced our State would be a great place to create satellite offices of those having home offices in Silicon Valley and Seattle, because we have more than enough land, great infrastructures, and welcoming arms of all the many cities. I read an article about 15 years ago where one of the demographic pundits predicted that in time, Iowa would become a “fly-in” State, instead of it now being a “fly-over”. If his prediction comes to pass, there’ll be all the many families brought closer together once again. Yes, Iowa will likely remain the breadbasket of our Nation, but we must never place all our “eggs” in one basket, so let’s work all the harder at making Iowa greater!

Tonight’s one-liner is: The goose that lays the golden eggs, likes to lay where there are eggs already.

Joe Chodur

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