In Tight Quarters

With daylight savings time now in place, we’ll all be able to enjoy much more light in our late afternoon afternoon and early evening hours. I have absolutely no problem going to work in the dark, but having it nearly dark after returning home, allows for little time to get things done while it’s still light outdoors.

I went to an early Service at one of our City’s churches, and managed to find a vacant pew in one of the transepts which make for a cozy place to reflect and pray. I’ve always thought it odd when finding in the larger churches which contain transepts, they rarely being used by the congregants, which I believe being the first places taken. Perhaps people enjoy being in large groups so they can watch and see what others are doing, along with making mental notes regarding who they’re with, and how they’re dressed.

Since it’s Lent, there are always those readings leading up to the time when Christ was crucified. Last Sunday, the gospel reading was about Satan trying to talk Christ into following him by promising the world, if only he’d bow and worship him, and today’s was about the dead prophets who came to visit Christ, and the apostles being sworn to secrecy about that visit from above until after his death.

The sermon was a little weak, but that beautiful singing voice the pastor possesses, made up for it, and then some. There’s no doubt that man could’ve been a singer in one of our National bands, and now makes me wonder if he’s been told how good his voice really is. If I should happen to see him Downtown, I’ll have to soulfully praise his gift of song.

After I got back to my office, I had a few maintenance items to do before I changed my clothes and went back to my little/big project. With it warming up nicely, I decided to get back to some stripping of woodwork which I’d left for warmer weather because I really don’t like stripping paint or varnish in closed up buildings or homes because of the fumes they create. People who strip in tight quarters are just asking for health problems.

While I was working, I remembered a conversation I recently had with a gentleman who’s also had some “beyond explanation” happenings over the years. Since I hadn’t seen him in months, I told him about an experience I had in a home where someone had committed suicide. At the time I was showing it, I actually didn’t know about it, but when I got there early enough to get all the lights on, I was exceptionally startled by something I saw while in its basement after turning on one light.

What I’m telling you, is the absolute truth, and yet to understand what really happened, because when I walked thru the doorway at the bottom of its basement steps, and then fumbling around for a light switch or pull-chain which I finally found, and just after the lightbulb lit, there was a dark shadow that went flying over my head. I was startled to the point where I repeated the process several times, but no dark shadow was swooshing over me.

The buyers had finally arrived, and as I was walking up those basement steps, the first thing one of them said was, “Did somebody die in this house?” I was a bit shaken by his question, but since I didn’t know at the time, all I could say was, “I really don’t know, but I’ll find out for you.” That satisfied them enough to where they gave the home a good look, but when leaving, he once again reminded me to find out if there was a recent death on that property.

First thing the following morning, I placed a call to someone in the know about that property, and he flatly admitted there wasn’t just a natural death within, but an unfortunate suicide. My next call was to the buyer, and after relaying the information he was seeking, he said he was entirely un-interested in it just because of that.

Well, my recent conversation made things a bit more creepy about that showing because he said his wife does a great deal of paranormal research. He shared with me her belief, that if you’re in a basement and see a shadow, it’s likely something attached to the site which makes it all the harder to get them to leave because they’re coming from the ground. He also said that when in a home that’s situated on cursed or evil soil, the people living there are oft-times affected in the worst ways, and sometimes they’re even driven to taking their own lives.

I wasn’t internally happy after getting an information overload from him on cursed sites, but I will say there’ve been times when I’ve been in certain homes, buildings, or just plain parcels of land, where I’d more sooner than later, start feeling as though my energy was getting sucked out of me, and sometimes even to the point of becoming nauseated. Truth be told, I distinctly remember starting to feel sick to my stomach before finishing up with that particular “suicide” showing.

I’m also convinced there are apparitions invisible to the naked eye because there’ve been several times over the years when I’ve walked thru doorways, around corners, and even going from one room to another, and have a split-second “feeling” that I’d just bumped into someone. It hasn’t happened for a few years, and hopefully it’ll stay that way, because it’s always been very unsettling.

I know some of you have enjoyed hearing a few of my “spirit” stories, and with it having been months since I last shared one, I thought it being the time for another. But remember, if for some reason, you have a “feeling” something isn’t just right in your living spaces, there may possibly be and entity hanging around and wanting attention in a bad way.

Tonight’s one-liner is: It’s unnatural to deny effort, adversity, and pain.

Joe Chodur

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