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Our weather sure took a turn for the worse when finding the wind changing directions and increasing in speed out of the north. I just hope these little flurries we’re getting, don’t turn into a white blanket on the ground come tomorrow morning. Unpredictable, is what I’ve always considered the month of March, and today was another reminder.

In spite of the City workers running the street sweeper in our Downtown this morning, and then shoveling up all the sand it couldn’t reach on those sharp turns, as I leaving my office for the day, I could see twirling circles of last year’s leaves, happily dancing in the middle of the street. I’m very much into having trees in our Central Business District, but not so happy about people not getting them picked up before winter arrives, and subsequently end up frozen at the bottom of the curbsides.

While on the phone today with one of my clients, we talked about how all the many want nice homes and furnished to the hilt, but when it comes to keeping them clean both inside and out, that’s another story. Since she’s in my age bracket, we both fully agreed that there’s far less pride in ownership in these times than there was back when we were young. We recalled how some families who didn’t have even a “pot”, were just as diligent about keeping the exterior of their homes presentable, as those who were financially secure.

I’m sure many of you remember back when Saturday was normally the day when the deep housekeeping took place, and while the women were indoors with their chores, the men and boys were outside getting their lawns mowed, hedges trimmed, and flower beds and gardens weeded. Yes, I’m taking pot-shots at the social medias again when saying that nearly everyones’ attentions have been moved to their interactive screens. You can be sure whenever I’m around someone who’s got their nose stuck in their computers during their off hours, I’m finding it all the more difficult to keep from saying something about the willful wasting of precious time which produces nothing other than the filling-in of time slots.

Most of my day was spent dealing with new tenants that will be renting several of my clients’ homes, because it does take some time to prepare leases, along with their accompanying documents. I think I broke a record when having taken care of three separate tenants in one day. All went well, and I’m sure they’ll be happy in their new homes.

Yesterday, one of my clients gave me a gift of several vintage religious articles which I took time today to give them a good cleaning a polishing. I was delighted when seeing how much better they both looked after being “elbow greased”. As chance would have it, I have a smaller one of them at home which was likely made by the same company, which wouldn’t surprise me if both of them are over a hundred years old. I’m not sure where I’m going to hang them, but in time, I’ll think of the perfect place. What did surprise me, was that whomever owned that vacant home they came out of, purposely left them. Oh well, some people have quirky ideas about religious articles that’ve belonged to others.

I happened to read on the news today that they’ve discovered that the corona virus has already mutated at least once, which confirmed what I’ve told many regarding the fact that viruses are prone to mutate into something either more deadly, or less. Perhaps the one that’s infecting the Iranians is the more deadly one because of the number of deaths they’ve reported. I’m still not believing that China has been fully transparent about their real number of cases, and especially the numbers of associated deaths.

I’ve always known that China is the greatest air polluter in our world, but when I read the numbers, I was in shock when discovering that the amount of pollution they’re sending out into our atmosphere, is over twice as much as the second largest, and that being our United States. In spite of there being so many more million people living there, the fact that they still burn coal, is likely the biggest reason.

It’s no wonder that our climate change has spiked all the more these past twenty years, because that’s when many of our corporations decided to “off-shore” their manufacturing. I’m now beginning to believe that another reason they did, was because they didn’t want to fork out the money to modernize their factories so they’d be able to meet our Government’s pollution standards. It looks to me now, that because they refused to pay then, we’re all going to start paying now, and continue on into the unforeseeable future.

I’ve decided to regard this Corona virus outbreak as an event which may possibly set our world onto an un-charted course. Whenever most hear the word “event”, they think of a baseball game, a social outing, or even a concert, but in my book, an event is something being more permanently life-changing.

The death of a close relative is an event that oft times forevermore changes the dynamics within the decedent’s family, and more likely than not, their relationships in time, grow distantly dark.

In war, I can think of two events which changed borders and caused the death of millions. That first event, was the assassination of Archduke Francis Ferdinand which triggered World War One. The second event, was the attack on Pearl Harbor which pulled the United States into the Second World War.

And then there are those natural events that’ve taken place over these past hundreds of years, and the most deadly of them being, major volcanic eruptions. My greatest natural fear, is regarding that giant smoldering volcanic caldera under Yellowstone Park, because without a doubt, if it blows, humanity will be revisiting an Ice Age. Let us all hope and pray it doesn’t happen in our lifetimes.

I believe I’ve given you all, more food for thought whenever hearing someone talking about an event, because as you’ve read, an event is something we can’t foresee, and even if we have our suspicions about it happening, we still don’t know where and when it’ll take place. Make sense?

Tonight’s one-liner is: I believe every single event in life happens as an opportunity for us to choose love over fear.

Joe Chodur

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