30 Years War Ossuary

Slowly but surely, winter’s grip is gradually being loosened by the ever-warming rays of our sun as it’s gradually making its way northward. Yes, it’s been a long ride, because we really didn’t have a Fall to speak of, which I believe is why our homebuyers are getting all the more antsy to find homes before Summer arrives.

I mentioned to the owner of 422 S. Tennessee Place today, how many more inquiries we’re getting on her condo, while thanking her for getting the approval from the other owners to allow a chair-lift to be installed on the stairway leading to her 2nd floor unit.
Now that we have the approval from the other occupants, I can tell prospective buyers that they’d be able to install one if need be. I’m convinced that it’s going to give that condo a big boost in marketability, because most of the buyers who’ve looked at it, were concerned about having to walk up and down those steps should they have future mobility issues. One of the prospective buyers just recently looked into the cost of installing one, and said that the prices range from $2,000 – $5,000. But, when looking at the whole picture, that’s a small amount considering how much more valuable that unit would be if there is one. Put the word out with friends and relatives about the green light we got regarding having one installed.

It was a bit shocking to find I’d already received so many applications on that rental I posted online for a client several days ago. The owner was at my office today and reviewed all of what I had, and decided on one of them, so I called the prospect, and it looks like they’ll be signing their lease tomorrow morning. As I mentioned yesterday, it’s very hard to find good housing at an inexpensive price in our City, and when one comes available, there are all the more waiting to apply.

If there’s one thing North Iowa has got to get under control, is the amount of drug users we have living here, and when I say drugs, I don’t mean marijuana because the real problem is meth and cocaine. For the life of me, I will never understand why people can abuse their bodies in such fashions.

While speaking of the drug problem, I’m also convinced our area, along with the rest of our Country, has ever-growing numbers of opioid addicts, and what’s scary about them, is you can’t really tell they’re addicted until they’ve become heavily dependent. I know our Government is placing all the greater restrictions on doctors and pharmacists, but as always, there’s that online “black market” from which they can order.

Some years ago, I saw with my own eyes, a gentleman who was heavily addicted, and wouldn’t you know it, he was always nervously checking his mail box to see if his “package” had arrived. It would’ve been interesting if I had the opportunity to see exactly where they were being shipped from, and my guess would be, they were coming from one of those online Canadian pharmacies. And to think, many of our citizens ended up getting hooked on them from pain prescriptions given them by either their doctors, dentists, or oral surgeons.

I’ve decided to have another public open house over at 114 – 11th St. NE this coming Saturday, and after asking the executor if I could have one, I also mentioned how imperative it was that we get it sold because that estate has got to get closed. If you know of any young couples looking to take on a labor of love with an exceptionally well-built home, please alert them of it, because in time, that home is going to make someone their very own personal 401K savings account.

While visiting with a client of mine this afternoon, we ended up on the subject of how it is with some multi-generational families, there are no religious affiliations to speak of, and if you’d ask someone on the street in several Middle European Countries, if they believe in God, they’d shake their heads “No” and admit to being atheistic.

Since most of our younger crowd have little or no interest in history, they haven’t a clue there was a war that raged in Middle Europe for over 30 years back in the 1600’s, and by the time it was all over, there were over 8 million people who lost their lives because of it. Most all historians insist that it was the greatest number of losses from one war in recorded history.

Back when I was young and very much interested in travel, I did some “backroads” touring of Middle Europe, and never forgetting the time when my sister and I visited a 30 Years War ossuary located in a relatively small city. In spite of my having read of that war, to see those many hundreds of skulls, and all other larger bones stacked in neat piles, and some even being arranged in religious designs, the sight of it was forever burned into my memory. We didn’t stay there long, because I swear I was beginning to “feel” the pain and suffering emanating from the bones belonging to those poor souls. You can be sure I’ll not want to visit another.

Now getting back to this business of so many self-proclaimed atheists living in those countries, I couldn’t help mentioning to my client that perhaps there was a Morphic Resonance memory of sorts that’s continually being passed down from the survivors of that war, to where they were “cursed” with an in-born hatred of religion because of that terrible war having been fought only on the grounds of religious preferences.

I read somewhere not long ago about a delightful old lady being questioned about her insisting she was an atheist, but still went to a nearby cathedral Service every Sunday. I couldn’t help smiling when reading her answer which was, “Oh, I go there because I enjoy watching the sun lighting up their gorgeous stained-glass windows, and listening to their choir’s beautiful voices being accompanied by its grand organ.” What a surprise.

Tonight’s one-liner is: The cathedral, at its noblest, is the best outward symbol of the spiritual nature of humankind.

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