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It was interesting when walking outdoors this morning and seeing those tiny pebbles of snow littering the lawn. I dare say I haven’t seen the likes of those in quite sometime. It made me wonder what sort of special moisture levels and temperature of clouds it must take to create such things. I also considered if while living in a time when our climate is changing, such noticeable abnormalities may possibly be common occurrences. Keep an eye out and let me know if you’re seeing other strange happenings with our weather.

I was a bit more than “issed” when I received a letter to a client/customer back in my postbox today. Ugh! Because of my cursive writing, which the postal machines are now unable to read, I got that letter back over a week ago which had one of those “address unknown” stickers on it, and instead of typing a new envelope, I got in my car and drove to the receiver’s house and deposited it in her mailbox. I had a creepy feeling when I did, that a nincompoop postal delivery person would find it in her box, take it, and return it again. Well my friends, that’s exactly what happened.

For sure, I’ll be calling my client/customer about what happened, and likely the next time she encounters her mail person, she’ll have a few sharp words like: “Don’t you pay any attention to the person’s name who lives here?” I doubt if she’ll say something because her “MO” is noticeably more on the non-confrontational side. I’m still in disbelief that carrier took my letter back out of her box, unless that person is more than weak at reading cursive writing.

Speaking of cursive. While I was with a new tenant at my office today and writing out receipts along with instructions for him, he made the comment, “They don’t teach your kind of writing in schools anymore.” I looked up and said, “Yes, I just recently found that out.” He then went on to say, “My younger brother can’t even read it.” Oh my goodness! I didn’t even think forward enough to realize that if you don’t know how to write cursive, then likely you can’t read it. Wow!

I just now had a devilish thought. What if the divide in communication is so great between generations, that perhaps not so long in the future, the older ones will be able to create secret communications back and forth with each other via cursive writing. I’m sure the struggling younger ones would be able to pick out and understand the meaning of a few small words, but the thrust of those letters would be lost. Just now speaking of this will likely encourage me to perfect my “old cursive” skills even more, because when I focus on my remembered archaic forms, some of my peers even struggle with what’s being written. What a hoot!

It’ll be interesting to see who’s going to come out ahead after today’s “Super Tuesday” voting has been tallied. I’m still very much surprised that Klobuchar and Buttigieg dropped out so early when seeing how their momentums were picking up. I’m now wondering if there were some “backroom” talks being held between them, and the powers that be in the DNC. Irregardless who’s nominated, and/or gets elected President, there’s one thing for sure, and that’s the need for our Nation to come back together as one, because there’s far too much tribalism taking place in politics. I still think it’s possible to have “middle of the road” beliefs where there’s giving and taking between opposing camps where they can at least work toward the common good of America.

There must be a great number of people out looking for rentals this month, because in one day, I believe I received a record number of inquiries on the rental I posted online yesterday for one of my clients. What’s got me puzzled, is how the new build-out of 130+ rental units in the Downtown is going to get filled when seeing what their monthly rents will be. I’m finding that for most prospective tenants, the range of $650 – $700 per month on a roomy 2 or 3 bedroom is the “comfortable” range they’re wanting to pay.

Most of the tenant inquiries are from young singles who’re in jobs averaging around $25K – $30K per year, and when you start figuring in utilities, food, insurance, and automobile expense, they couldn’t possibly have much left after those bills are paid.

Another millstone for many of them, are child support payments. Just this past year, I’d say nearly half of the new tenants were paying child support, which when working, almost always comes right off the top. It’s no wonder why many of those tenants renting from the slum lords, are continually looking for better rentals in more affordable ranges. I can’t begin to imagine how some of the low-paid workers are making it while living in our Nation’s metro areas. Too sad to even think about.

One of my appointments was re-scheduled today because of a necessary doctor’s appointment, so we set a time for next week. I’d already done the research I needed, so I placed that file on the “back burner” until next week arrives. If that property is priced right, it should sell relatively quickly, which is what the seller is wanting.

While at the bank today, an old colleague button-holed me, and then began asking me questions regarding this year’s market. I was a bit irritated by such an interrogation while standing in front of the bank teller. I could see the teller was getting a bit irritated with that person stationed right next to me, when most people would understand that if you want to visit with someone at a bank, you at least wait until they’ve done their banking business. Oh well, I remained a gentleman all the while it went on. Some people!

Tonight’s one-liner is: Make kindness your daily modus operandi and change your world.

Joe Chodur

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  • Ramona says:

    Joe I just got done reading your column and yes in Mason City IA. People can’t afford more than $600.00 or 700.00 a month rent. There aren’t enough high paying jobs in this town . I have seen rent from $800.00 to $16,000 hundred a month who in Mason City Iowa can pay that? This town really doesn’t have nice rentals I have seen some. And then they wonder why the young adults are leaving heck look around there is nothing for young or older people to do. The kids need a few things to do besides XBox. Retail is leaving. Need to think about what would draw families to Mason City Iowa? As of right now nothing. Thank you.