Somatic Reverence

Since I’d already attended a church Service out of town yesterday afternoon, I was afforded more morning hours to busy myself with my little/big project. I spent a little over two hours at it, and figured that was enough for today because I was beginning to get a little chilled while in an unheated area. In spite of it being a shorter period of time, I did get accomplished what I’d intended. I figure as long as I gauge myself regarding the time and effort needing to be spent doing something, it doesn’t seem as daunting. I remind myself once in a while of that clever saying, “The only way to eat and elephant, is one bite at a time.”

With today being the first day of March, I recalled another old saying about March being, “If it comes in like lamb, it’ll go out like a lion.” Of course it would’ve been reversed if we were having a bad day today. Just think, in 20 days, it’ll be the 1st day of Spring. Yeah! When looking at our extended weather forecast, I’d say we’re going to have an early Spring if it continues on its current path.

When looking at the Des Moines Register, I noticed that southern Iowa was supposed to be in the low 60’s today. It’s amazing how different the weather can be between upper and lower Iowa. I did notice the headlines of the Register regarding the next possible crisis our State may be confronted with, and that being other States south and west of us possibly wanting to start tapping into our water resources. Now that concerns me greatly.

For the past ten years, I’ve come across articles speaking about how our world is moving rapidly towards using water as a means to politically controlling the average citizens. It’s been said that it could likely turn into a mob venture where people would be paying prohibitive prices for potable water. As far as I’m concerned, that would be one of the most wicked things people would do to the poor in our world.

Considering the amount of rain we had in 2018, and all that water ending up in the Gulf of Mexico, I find it somewhat surprising more States up-stream haven’t started building reservoirs which would help contain those floods, and subsequently be used for agricultural purposes during their dry spells. Since we have the Missouri River on one side of our State, and the Mississippi on the other, the amount of water that could be siphoned off during the snow-melt season, along with those times when heavy rains create flooding, would be a huge benefit for others in greater need. It’s definitely something to think about.

My public open house over at Prairie Place on 1st was a great success to where there were people coming and going the entire time, and fortunately, there were two couples that were looking all the more closely, while asking the right questions. We’ll see.

I arrived early enough so to get the lights on and doors unlocked, along with having time to visit with a handful of residents. They’re all such a delight group to visit with, and always there being something new to talk about. I also mentioned to those showing interest regarding all the the condo and townhouses I’ve sold, and Prairie Place on 1st, having by far the best record of everyone getting along so marvelously well. I’m still considering it being a “Divine Intervention” of sorts to where the ones belonging there, end up buying.

After my open house was over, I had to skedaddle over to a rental owned by a client, so to meet a prospective tenant. Fortunately I made it just in time to get the door unlocked and lights on. The young man who’d already submitted his application, seemed quite genuine over his liking of it, and since there was another unit that came up, he agreed to look at it as well. By the time I finished, he mentioned that if he didn’t get the first one he looked at, I was to submit his application on the second.

Knowing where he presently lives, and the size of the home, I was in shock when hearing how much he pays for rent. It’s no wonder so many of our young aren’t purchasing homes, and most likely due to their inability to save enough money for a downpayment. I’m sure there’s a vicious circle taking place with all the many who’re keeping quiet about the exorbitant prices they’re paying for border-line hovels. Most of our slum lords should be ashamed of themselves.

After visiting with one of the residents over at Prairie Place who’s in possession of a fine mind, I was reminded again how much our society has turned away from the mental abilities and fine work ethics of those who’re not part of our work force’s “eye candy”. When seeing a recent photo of a “City worker”, the first thing I thought of was, “Oh, so now it’s all about how evocative you make yourself appear to the general public?” I consider people who have to use their bodies in evocative ways, I always think of a big stick of cotton candy which seems to be enough to sustain an appetite, but after having eaten it, the short brain-buzz of pure sugar, was the limit of its sustainability.

I was chided some months ago for saying something to another about a suggestive photo that was placed online. Ouch! As far as I’m concerned, that kick-back was undeserved because all I was attempting to do was keep that person from falling into the same bucket of all the many who live their lives in a sort of somatic reverence, while dismissing the mental abilities of the many others who’re mentally, light years ahead of them.

I said only a week ago, “All cats are grey in the night.”, as just a reminder that the human externals are skin-deep and above, but what’s in the minds and hearts of those we come into contact with, is what really matters. It’s no wonder all the more 40’s and above, are trying appear being the age of their children and grandchildren. As much as much as I’ve hammered on all the many, “Every age has its beauty.”, my words seem to nearly always fall on deaf ears. Too sad.

Tonight’s one-liner is: When true grace is joined with wrinkles, it’s adorable.

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