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I don’t think it could’ve been a more perfect 22nd day of February with the sun warmly shining, and our temps hovering around 40 degrees. When you think about it, we are now two months forward from the shortest day of the year, but when going backwards from that, we’d be hovering around the 22nd of October. Do you all remember how cold last October was, and then a turn-around during some of the weeks of November and December? Yes, we are definitely now in a teeter-totter zone of temperature swings.

After reading an article about climate change several days ago, I found they were naming cities in the United States that would be safer places to be when things really start to happen with our weather patterns, and one of them being the Twin Cities area. Well, if they’re in a safe zone, I’d say we should be as well. Yes, we have chronic flooding issues, but for the most part, we’re far more insulated against rising water than say those cities downstream from us, and those along the banks of the Mississippi. The only area I’d consider living near the that river, is if it were on the top of one of its bluffs and far enough away from the edge.

As much as I consider bottom land more productive for fruits and vegetables, I wouldn’t want to be near a river’s edge or very far downstream from its beginnings. We all remember how the flood of 2008 pounded our City, and mostly because of all the rain they got north and west of us, which all came rushing down the Winnebago and pouring into the streets, yards, and basements of those living in the low-lying areas. As long as I live, I’ll not forget that Sunday morning.

Then came 2018 where we received more rain than during the flood of 2008, but fortunately we didn’t have a “wall of water” coming at us from the Winnebago River. I was told that there were more people who had water in their basements in and around our City than in 2008, but most didn’t realize, we received more rain. This is why I don’t believe in having basements drywalled or carpeted, because you never know when something like that is going to happen again.

I did get in touch with those two clients this morning, and the issues needing to be addressed, got resolved, so it’s onward and upward with those transactions. Like I said before, texting is too impersonal and oft times wrongly interpreted.

My public open house at 12 S. Willowgreen Court today, was a smashing success considering the number of honest-to-goodness buyers who’d arrived. It won’t surprise me if there are call-backs for second showings from several of them. Anyone with children or grandchildren, would absolutely love living there because you can look straight out its patio door and into their gated pool area. That unit’s nearly brand new high-end custom kitchen is also a jaw-dropper. Not to worry, there’ll be some lucky soul who’ll end up with it, and all the happier for it.

There was a couple who arrived whom I’d not seen in a number of years, and before leaving, the husband asked, “How is it you always look the same as you did the last time I saw you?” I couldn’t help sharing my clever canned response when saying, “I peel off my face every morning and put it in a mangle for a second or two, just to make sure all my wrinkles are ironed out for another day in the public’s eye.” I always get that “look” after my response which is always worth a laugh or two. In truth, I think I inherited my mother’s skin tone, because she always looked many years younger than her age. Just as myself, she was never a sun worshiper which more sooner than later, wrecks havoc with one’s skin after years of exposure to the sun.

When I got back to my office, I decided to do more investigating of my 130 year old book. There’s a “Miscellaneous” section in it which caught my eye, and when reading about the amount of national debt the major nations in the world had back in 1890, I had two shockers. The first one was how low the German debt was at the time, and especially their “per capita” debt was for that sovereign nation. The second surprise was seeing how low the United States debt was back then, along with how low our “per capita” was.

Reeling forward 130 years, I’d say our Government has been on quite the spending spree, and it looks like there’s not going to be much of a reduction of it in the foreseeable future. I thought about looking up our Country’s current “per capita” debt, but decided not to because of how nauseated I would’ve likely become. As far as I’m concerned, there’s far too much Government waste, too many people getting freebies, and no “fair-for-all” system of taxation. There are far the many taxation loopholes that need to be permanently closed, along with every household diligently working towards being debt-free. We can let the billionaires keep the billions they’ve made, but there absolutely must to be a line drawn in the sand, and a fresh start with the negation of un-fair business practices, and then perhaps once again, our brick and mortar businesses will return to our communities. That’s my belief and I’m sticking to it.

For your viewing pleasure, I took the above photo of those statistics out of my 1890 book, just so you can read for yourselves how truly times have changed.

Tonight’s one-liner is: Ideas shape the course of history.

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