Hybridization of Evil

Once the temps moved above freezing, everyone seemed to have wider smiles and lighter steps. Yes, in spite of some opposing opinions, our North Iowa weather does have more negative psychological effects on us than we want to admit. Just today I found how noticeably different several customers were, in contrast to the way they’ve normally been these past bone-chilling weeks.

I felt a bit like a greased pig on ice again when out placing my open house signs at 12 S. Willowgreen Court this morning. Those piles of ice out at those intersections are very dangerous for anyone walking. Let’s hope most of it will be melted off by the time the weekend is over. They haven’t changed tomorrow’s weather forecast, so we should be in for a warm and sunny day.

It looks like one of my recent sales is moving closer to getting fully approved, and you can bet I’m chomping at the bit to get a sold sign placed out there. There’s no question the buyer got a good buy on it, and if anyone was deserving of it, I’d say she was because of how kind and thoughtful she’s been during this whole process.

I’d say this past week was another example of how broad the pendulum swings in my world when encountering, and subsequently befriending the most delightful of persons, and then coming across the most vile of creatures who seem to have only one calling in life, and that’s poisoning everyone else with vile words and wicked actions.

While visiting with a well known today, he mentioned something that I’d never considered, and that being the hybridization of evil that’s infecting our society. He went on to say of much more potty-mouthed all our age groups have become which our general population is more freely finding acceptable. Then there’s the placing into action the attacking of others for something that would’ve been considered minuscule and more likely being of a non-existent nature.

I mentioned to him how much a certain person I know reminds me of some junior high school drama queen who was very weak in her studies, but greatly excelled in stirring up conflict and discord within the walls of her school. He interrupted me by asking, “How old is she?”. When I said, “I think she’s somewhere around 70.”, I thought his jaw was going to drop, but when he finally re-gained composure, he said, “Now you see, that’s one more example of hybridized evil because the only time you’d find someone acting like that a generation ago, would’ve been if you were working a full time job in a mental institution.”

One point I made which I believe is one of the biggest factors, is that our general public has easier access to prescription drugs and alcohol, and not to mention cannabis. I’ve always said that the more we fill our bodies with such things, the more our conscience is subdued. When you look at what some of the meth addicts do to feed their habits on a near daily basis, it confirms how little soul and/or conscience they have remaining, and unfortunately, I’m of the belief they’re never fully restored, and even if they’ve been completely drug free for the remainder of their lives. It’s almost as if a part of them has died, and nevermore to be resurrected.

Once again I made the rounds today to several vacant homes I have listed, and all the happier their furnaces were working just fine. As our days grow warmer, it’ll be a welcome relief when knowing I’ll not have to be worrying over possible freeze-outs. As chance would have it, one of them went under contract this week. Yeah!

There were several calls I made later this afternoon to clients, and unfortunately they didn’t pick up. I waited as long as I could, so it looks like I’ll have additional calls to make first thing tomorrow morning. This business of texting isn’t the most reliable because of the lack real verbal interaction, and sometimes there are things being said in a text that could be taken out of context or even mis-interpreted. No thank you.

While waiting for those return calls, I spent about a half hour paging thru that 130 year old book I found that’s filled with some very interesting information. I think I’ll have my nose stuck in it more than I initially considered, but for sure, I’ll be making copies and taking notes of those curious bits of information contained within. There’s no question that hardbound book was an expensive item in its day, and certainly must’ve been purchased by a family that was financially sufficient. Believe it or not, there is a chapter containing a “teach yourself” German and French. When skimming over it, I considered it an interesting way of teaching a foreign language.

Before heading home, I took a detour and drove out to Aldi’s to pick up a few organic items. Irregardless of what others say, I’m personally convinced the taste and texture of organically grown fruits and vegetables to be much better. For example, I usually have a banana two or three times a week, and once I discovered the taste difference in Aldi’s organic bananas, I found myself not likely the “regulars” anymore, because you can really taste “banana” in them.

Tonight’s one-liner is: To the mind that is still, the whole universe surrenders.

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