Big-boned Bully

Fortunately it was only minus nine degrees this morning instead of the eleven to thirteen below that was earlier predicted. With the sun shining and no wind blowing, made it all the more tolerable thru-out our day. Only nine more days to go and we’re out of it!

If there ever were days where I spent more time on the phone than anything else, I’d say today was one of them, because for some reason, I had a number of advice-seeking calls from near perfect strangers who were looking for guidance with some unfortunate real estate situations they’re now in.

After my last call, I sat back and began wondering how people allow themselves to get entangled in such predicaments which in the end, become financially toxic. There’s no question there are all the many older people who’re pulled into the financial dramas of their children and sometimes even their grandchildren. While speaking to one of the callers, I couldn’t help asking, “Do you think that 25 year old male is going to be anywhere near being prepared for the real world when the time comes when he’ll no longer have the free ride he’s now getting?” There was a bit of a hesitation before she answered, but at least she understood the long term ramifications of wrongly enabling fully grown children. I’ve always considered such situations, being that of wild animals held in a zoo from the time of birth, and then one day set out into the wild to fend for themselves. I’d say such survival rates being in the negligible realm.

After hanging up from that call, I began remembering the number of people who’d freely and willingly taken financial advantage of their old folks. One particular person who’s now dead, used to write out a $1,000 check to his son the first of every month because that deadbeat was able to name just about every reason he couldn’t find a job. Some years before that started, he managed to talk his father into buying him a brand new $70K motorhome so he could travel the country and no longer having to pay for housing. That lasted less than two years, and then later, his “curb-service mattress” ended up getting sold for cheap. It didn’t take me long to realize that his big-boned bully of a son, lived nearly his entire life on the credulity of others, and most definitely due to his enabling father.

In spite of what some may otherwise think, I remain eternally thankful to my parents for instilling within me the sense of self-sustaining responsibility. To this day, I cannot recall a time when I went begging to my parents for money because it was not something worthy of consideration. Isn’t it crazy how times have changed?

I did get my research project completed on a unique property here in the City, and now have a time scheduled next week to go over my finding with the owner. I’m not sure if she’s ready to list it this early, but at least she’ll have an idea as to what her home will bring on our market.

Once again, I made my rounds on some vacant homes today just so to make sure their furnaces were running properly. One of the homes has a large bay window which was sending within, some exceptionally warming rays of light which caused me to pause in front of it for a moment or two, just so to simply absorb. It was one of the few times this winter I actually enjoyed looking outdoors, and likely it must’ve been due to the angle of the sun, along with those un-touched mounds of snow.

I can’t believe it’ll already be Friday tomorrow, but I am excited about the coming weekend when seeing how high the temps are to be. Hopefully I’ll have a good turn-out at my public open house at 12 S. Willowgreen Court this coming Saturday afternoon. When seeing the prices that were paid on recent sales, I’d say that townhouse is definitely priced to sell.

My last appointment for the day, was to meet a client who’s getting her home prepared for the Spring market, and by the looks of it, she may possibly have it readied by mid-April. I must say she’s doing a fine job of it by taking one room at a time to where her last room to work on, will be its back entry. She did thank me for offering my suggestion when starting, which was that she take one room at a time, just so she wouldn’t be in a state of chaos during the entire project. I’ve always insisted that the first room to get a make-over is the bedroom because that’s the first thing one sees when waking, and the last when going asleep. After seeing some of the monster messes people have made in their homes, I’d say my method works best because one is less likely to feel overwhelmed and then subsequently giving up and walking away.

One of my friends asked me the other day to go online and look at some of the Youtube videos regarding coyote hunting in the Upper-Midwest. I did take the time to watch several of them, and then did a little more viewing on how they’ve acclimated to suburbia. I can say without a doubt that I’ve personally seen more coyotes these past two years, than I’ve seen in my entire life. They certainly are cunningly aggressive creatures, and what I hate about them the most, is that they find fox dens and end up killing and eating their pups. I’ve always found foxes to be the most delightful creatures, and yes they do eat other animals, but not being nearly as aggressive as coyotes. If you have time, check out a few online videos of what coyotes are capable of. Very scary.

Tonight’s one-liner is: Abundance is not something we acquire, but rather something we tune into.

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