The Healing Power

It wasn’t the Sunday I was expecting when seeing the snow begin to fall, and what was only supposed to be flurries, ended up being a good inch or more. When seeing it, I had to chalk off one of my plans, and deal with shoveling snow. It was certainly one of those days I wished I had a spare pair of sunglasses, because when the sun came out, the snow was nearing a blinding white. It sort of reminded me of the church in our City I attend on occasion which in recent years, changed out their lighting to where its interior appears almost blinding, and if someone is wearing something white, they take on a bluish white glow.

About an hour and a half later I had the snow all shoveled, so I headed back to my office so to poke my head into something else, but unfortunately, one of my clients stopped by for an extended chat which killed yet another precious hour of my free Sunday.

Thinking it was too late to get back at my little/big project, I decided to do some additional cleaning and clearing-out within my office. That poor shredder of mine certainly had its work-out today, because several times it stopped for a few moments, and likely because it was getting over-heated. When I was finished, that pile of papers were reduced to being able to fit into two tall kitchen garbage bags. After I did a quick clean-up of that area, I walked away feeling all the lighter.

I’m supposed to have a closing tomorrow, and have yet to receive the closing docs from the listing agent, so you can be sure I’ll be on the phone with that office. With tomorrow being Presidents Day, I’m now having the fear that the buyers’ bank is closed and won’t be able to get the check they need. Oh well, not everyone works in the same fashion, but I do hate this eleventh hour business because that’s when there’s more of an opportunity for errors or omissions. For sure, I’m going to have the buyers do their final walk-thru before we close.

I had to stop at the grocery store to pick up a box of garbage bags because I used the last one today. While searching for them, I happened to notice a number of people I’ve crossed paths with over the years, and from the looks of them, I can safely say those years have not been good to them. Some of them were so slovenly dressed that I barely recognized them. Between the additional weight they’d gained, their unkempt appearance, and the below-casual clothes they had on, they appeared to be quite the medley.

One of the men pushing a cart waved at me, but it took a closer look to recognize him, which caused me to feel a bit embarrassed by not having waved back until I knew who he was. I’m sure my delayed reaction was regarded by him as a bit of an insult. I’m wondering now if this winter has been all the harder on our general population, and hopefully when Spring does arrive, everyone will get themselves leaned down, perked up, and start wearing clothes more befitting while out in the public eye.

Late this afternoon, I read a touching online article which made complete sense to me, and because I’m quite the believer in the healing power of gardens, I’m inserting its link for you to read for yourselves.

The thrust of the article, is the idea that most humans have an inborn desire to be out in nature, be it gardening, or simply walking forest paths, seated on the banks of a meandering stream, or just quietly standing in the midst of it all while absorbing its essence.

A famous neurologist, Oliver Sacks once wrote in one of his books, “I have found only two types of non-pharmaceutical “therapy” to be vitally important for patients with chronic neurological diseases: music and gardens.” Without a doubt, I am real believer in those words, because I have seen for myself the physical benefits that were received.

Another one of Sacks’ statements was, “I cannot say exactly how nature exerts its calming and organizing effects on our brains, but I have seen in my patients the restorative and healing powers of nature and gardens, even for those who are deeply disabled neurologically. In many cases, gardens and nature are more powerful than any medication.”

After reading the article, my mental wheels were beginning to turn and thinking that perhaps this explosive opioid abuse we have going on in our country, could be more easily diminished if those in recovery would be forced to re-discover nature on a daily basis. Don’t you think it would be worth a try?

In the link I’ve inserted, you’ll be reading for yourselves some of Mr. Sacks’ observations he made when finding how much better they became when exposed/immersed into the great outdoors. After giving it a good read, I’m confident you’ll be doing something a little different during your “off hours” when Spring arrives.

Here’s the link: The Healing Power of Gardens

Tonight’s one-liner is: How people treat you is their karma; how you react is yours.

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