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Without a doubt, today’s weather was on the top of everyone’s list of things to talk about, and you can be certain, it was something I’ll not want to endure for any great number of days because of how it creates a stifling of mind and body with me. I noticed a handful of cars this morning that must’ve had weak batteries because there were others trying to jump-start them. I can’t imagine anyone wanting to leave their cars out all night in weather like this.

A better part of my morning was spent checking on vacant homes, just to make sure their furnaces were running, and luckily all were functioning properly. Due to those gusts of wind last night, I had to do some shoveling of areas that had drifted. I truly enjoy working in our Historic Downtown, but the downside of it is that during the winter, there as some nasty wind tunnels that create all the more drifts along the storefronts. I guess is was so cold last night, that even the midnight hoodies weren’t out making tracks in the snow on my front sidewalks with their bicycles.

I stayed pretty close to the office most of the day while spending hours with my sorting out of more things that I was either keeping, shredding, or gifting. I’d say this first of the year, I’ve been all the more keen on getting my office area cleared of un-necessary stuff, and all the more glad of it.

I happened upon an old garden catalog that I was sent a number of years ago, and out of curiosity, I went online to see if they were still around. Wouldn’t you know it, they’re still in business and now have an upscale website. Unfortunately they don’t have near the varieties of trees, shrubs, and ornamental grasses they were offering out of that old catalog, but what I continue to find interesting, is that they don’t sell annual or perennial flowers, as well as absolutely no vegetables. I’d say the bulk of their business comes from the selling of trees, shrubs, and grasses that are native to countries around the world. When looking at their online catalog, I was reminded how many oriental trees and shrubs they offer which I’m sure are popular with those looking to plant something more unique in their yards. I’ll have to do some thinking about ordering from them, because they just so happen to have a certain tree I’ve been looking for. Good for them, and very happy they’re still in business.

Another book I’d forgotten I had, is one I found years ago in a dirty box of torn papers and tattered magazines that was thrown out of a sooty old attic. Having never looked to see when its copyright was issued, I discovered today that its one and only copyright was back in 1885. When paging thru it, I was shocked to find the copious amount of information on how to conduct oneself in the world at that time. My how times have changed.

I placed that book in a more conspicuous place, just so I’ll page thru it all the more whenever I’m taking a short break. You can be sure I’ll be sharing with you some the information contained within because of how entirely foreign it would be considered in today’s world. If its cover and binding weren’t in such dis-repair, I’d say it would be quite the collector’s item or placed on a coffee table for light reading.

With all the tracking that had taken place in my office these past weeks, I took the time to scrub its wooden floors once again. It didn’t take as long as I’d expected, and by the time my late appointment arrived, they were dry and ready for more traffic.

My last appointment was with a young couple who decided to make an offer on a home they’ve looked at several times. Since they’re first-time buyers, I took all the more time to explain the process of home buying, along with answering any questions they had. I’m hoping the owner takes it because they’ll be a good fit for that home.

When leaving, they apologized profusely for tracking into my office, and I couldn’t have dismissed such thoughts more quickly while assuring them that those puddles would dry and then easily cleaned. I still continue to thank my lucky stars for deciding at the last minute, to restore those distressed floors instead of having carpet laid over them. That was definitely one good and lasting forward-thought I had at the time.

I’m hoping all of you are sticking close to home and wrapped with something warm because it’s going to get all the colder as the night goes on. Let’s all hope this is the last of the sub-zero temps for the remainder of our winter.

Tonight’s one-liner is: The afternoon of human life must also have a significance of its own and cannot be merely considered a pitiful appendage to life’s morning.

Joe Chodur

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