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Another relatively good day in February came and went, and when reading an article about last year’s weather at this time, the writer was reminding us how much more cold and snow we had 12 months ago. It sounds like the 10 day forecast is calling for no more than possible flurries. Yeah!

After having used one of the rooms near the front of my office as a catch-all for just about anything and everything, I decided it was time to do a full clearing out of things that didn’t need to be there. I worked on it for most of the morning, and when finished, I gave it a good look and said to myself, “Now you keep it looking like that.” There are a few more things I’ll likely be gifting these coming weeks and months which will be just fine by me. As one of our old ones used to say, “Give until it hurts.”, and that’s what I’ll likely be doing.

I’m also thinking about getting an area cleared away enough in the very back of my office so I can get my piano moved back there. For some reason, I’ve always considered clients and customers thinking it odd when looking back and seeing a piano in a real estate office. I think it would be better if it were placed out of the public eye, and when playing it from time to time in the future, the passersby won’t be able to see me.

When wondering why it ended up where it’s at in the first place, I suddenly remembered that some years ago, I used to do quite a bit of accompanying of song at a local church, and there’d be several people coming during my off hours, and having me help with any new music they’d be singing that following Sunday. Since I no longer accompany that congregation’s vocalists, it’s even more of a reason for me to get that piano to the back of my office. It’s amazing how time flies, because when thinking about it, I’d say it’s going on six years since I’ve accompanied a song-leader. Oh well, times change and we all must continue moving onward and upward.

There’ve been some who’ve asked me what I plan on doing when I retire, and my normal knee-jerk response being, “I’ll be teaching tone deaf people how to sing on pitch.” Most think it is actually something I’m going to do, but if anyone associated with music would know, you can’t teach someone who’s tone deaf how to sing on pitch. But with some of the area churches, it’s turned into an “anything goes” with their singers because there are four singers in various churches I’ve attended who definitely fall off pitch, and often at that. When mentioning something about it to one of the ministers, he gave me the silly response, “Out here in the in the wild North, I soon realized that you get what you get, and leave it at that.” I do take a bit offense when hearing people taking side-way jabs at us natives who’ve worked very hard at growing North Iowa.

My showing late this afternoon went very well, and having met the new buyers for the first time, I quickly found them to be delightful, and hope they’ll continue to use my services until they’re in their new home. Before leaving I said, “Do you think you could send for friends and relatives to come live in North Iowa, because I’m working very hard at getting all the more young to plant roots here.” I hope she didn’t think I was kidding. For sure I’ll not forget the wife’s name because it’s the same as one of my siblings, and just happens to be spelled the very same.

While driving home, I couldn’t help thinking about my family and the families of others I’ve known for nearly a lifetime. When looking back at the words and actions of those many, I couldn’t help being reminded that for most of us, the core of our characters have been established long before we reached maturity. Yes, there are those great life-changing events that take place which cause turn-arounds with some, but for the most part, we are who we’ve been nearly our entire lives. Sounds like morphic resonance doesn’t it?

Some have said people are in a constant state of evolution, but the direction of evolution is what I find questionable. As far as I’m concerned, and you may disagree, in a basic sense, people either have a penchant for being good, or being naughty. Every time I hear someone laughing about something bad they’d either seen or done to another, makes me want to vomit because I don’t think such a mentality to be even the slightest bit funny, and oft times believe it nearing sub-human levels.

Doesn’t it always seem that there’s a tug of war going on between good and bad where you encounter the most wicked of naughty monkeys one day, and not long after, befriend the most loving and caring of individuals? The balance and counter-balancing of society’s pendulum can be a joy ride on the up-swing, but a flight of terror on the down.

A number of years ago I read a chapter on metaphysical balance which intrigued me. The thrust of the message was that if we can get our own psychological pendulum to come to a near stand-still, that would be the time when every moment of our lives would be more fully enjoyed, but getting to that point, oft times becomes a near un-surmountable mountain climb. Most have tried and failed, but there are those few who’ve mastered it, and are now enjoying their lives to the fullest. I’ll have to get back to work at getting my own pendulum to slow.

Tonight’s one-liner is: The pendulum of the mind alternates between sense and nonsense, not between right and wrong.

Joe Chodur

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