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I’m sure everyone was in near shock when finding it so warm when out early this morning. It must’ve been above freezing over the entire night because of how much melting had taken place. What a great way to start out our month of February. I understand it’s supposed to turn cold starting tomorrow, but as long as we’re not getting any snow this coming week, it’ll put us that much closer to being out of the extended days of whatever snow we get not melting. As we all know, when March arrives, we still get snow storms, but the snow is short-lived because of our sun moving all the closer to earth and melting it.

When knowing I had a full day ahead of me, I took in an early church Service, and once again was wishing there’d be something done with that church’s leader of song. It seems that particular person is there every Sunday and continues to be noticeably off pitch. Perhaps if they’d have someone else singing along up in their gallery, it would likely help with the maintaining of key.

There happened to be a 50ish gentleman seated behind me that was sniffling and coughing, and would you believe he absolutely would not cover his mouth whenever he started coughing, and all the while, growing all the more angry with him for not being considerate of the person ahead of him. I guess when being worth as many millions, he must believe he can do just about anything he wants because he most likely considers himself part of the “landed gentry”. Oh well, if I happen to catch something from his coughing, I’ll at least be able to blame it on a wanna-be member of North Iowa’s upper crust. Don’t we all put our pants on one leg at a time?

After their Service was over, I headed back to the office to meet a helper who agreed to assist me in getting those gifted items out of storage so that the person coming to get them with his helpers, wouldn’t have so far to carry them. After we finished, I asked if he would have time to go over to my little/big project and load his truck up with some refuse I’d been collecting which was about the size of a pick-up load. He agreed, so over we went and created a full load for a trip to the landfill tomorrow. I’m glad to have those bags out of my way because I’m getting all the closer to where I’ll be calling my little/big, my finished project.

Upon return to my office, I grabbed a for sale sign and my camera and drove out to 326 – 12th St. SE. I took two exterior photos and placed my yard sign, and just as I got it in the ground, the relative who’s been living there came outside. I visited with him a little about the showing protocol and then asked if I could pop in and take some interior photos, which he agreed to. Since it was a spur of the moment photo shoot, the interior shots were not what I would’ve liked, but at least the potential buyers will be able to see the general floor plan. There’s no question in my mind, that home is rock solid, and once the furniture is out, all it will need is a good cleaning and a fresh coat of paint. The poured foundation on that home doesn’t look like there’s even a hairline crack to be found.

By the time I returned to the office, it approached the hour the gentleman was to come and pick up my paying it forward freebies. It was a good thing I got back when I did because he arrived about five minutes later with his two helpers. It sure didn’t take them long, but as we all know, many concerted hands always make for little work. The two young men he had with him were pleasant chaps which I found refreshing, and I couldn’t help engaging in conversation with one of them regarding his appearance. Whenever meeting young people like the two of them, gives me all the more hope for our younger generation coming up thru the ranks within our community, will for all the better.

After they left, I sat down and loaded my new listing onto all the real estate sites so that come tomorrow morning, it’ll be showing everywhere online. With a few hours to kill, I decided it time once again to get my office floors scrubbed, so off I went and mixed up some soap and warm water, and went to it. About an hour and half later, I looked back and was pridefully reminded how beautiful those floors appeared after they’d been thoroughly cleaned. Since there’s no snow in the forecast for some days, they’ll continue to be presentable a little longer than normal.

I closed up shop for the day, and headed to the grocery for a few items, and as chance would have it, I ran into a real estate broker I worked for a number of years ago. We had a good chat, and for the life of me, I don’t understand why she doesn’t get someone to help her with the care of her near invalid husband. It sounds like he’s becoming more persnickety in his old age when now insisting there be no one allowed into their home.

Oh how well, I know the type because I had my fill of a character of such not so many years ago. I almost said to my old broker after her words, “When I get to be in my 80’s and 90’s, I’m going to be the most delightful old man you’d ever want to meet.”, but I thought not when knowing she’d likely tell him what I said when she got home. I guess I must’ve been good for the health of my previous brokers because all three of them are definitely getting up there in age, and especially two of them who’re now in their 90’s and still driving.

I thought I’d share tonight’s photo with all of you, just to remind everyone that they’re out there waiting for Spring to arrive so they can be freely munching on all your crunchy flowers and vegetables. Such adaptable, yet vile creatures.

Tonight’s one-liner is: A moderate addiction to money may not always be hurtful, but when taken in excess, it’s nearly always bad for one’s mental health.

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