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It appeared Mother Nature was not about to let us get away from this last day of January without dropping at least a measurable amount of snow. Oh well, it’s not yet midnight, bit I see it’s starting to fall again. I do hope it’s short-lived because I would really like to have a snow-less open house tomorrow over at 1 Briarstone Court. I’m on a burn to get it sold, so please pass the word.

Around fifteen minutes before the hour of eleven, I went out front my office to do a quick sweeping away of the snow in front of my door, and when I walked back in, I noticed someone leaving a message on my office phone. Well, thank goodness I caught that call because if it had been two minutes later, I would’ve been in my car driving to an appointment that very woman was calling to cancel. Ugh! What weak excuses people give when deciding to cancel for other reasons. The message she left was, “We decided not to look today because the roads are too bad between here and Charles City.” Hmm. Waiting until 10 minutes before she was supposed to be at the house, she calls from Charles City? Not a good excuse. Oh well, we just gotta keep loving them.

In spite of the cancellation, I found enough to keep myself busied the entire day. Now that I have my yearly accounting done, I started branching out and getting other things accomplished that’ve been hanging fire, and one of them was getting myself prepared for more “paying it forward” in the giving of unwanted items to those who’d put them to better use, and this Sunday afternoon, there’ll be some other big items going out. I figure if you’re not going to use something, or having fallen out of “like” with it, why not let someone else have it when knowing it’ll be put to a better “like” or use?

One of my clients has been looking for a particular piece of old wood that would match some woodwork he’s restoring, and while in the storage area today, I happened to notice a large piece that was under a stack of boards. When I pulled it out, I was certain it was the age and type he’s been searching for. I have absolutely no idea where it came from, and likely something I grabbed from a pile ear-marked for a dumpster because it was very dirty. I didn’t want such a dirty big board in my car, so yours truly mixed up some soap and water and gave it a good cleaning. At first glance I thought it was dirt, but when it got wet, it manifested itself as being soot. I’m glad I was using warm water with Dawn, because if it was just water, it wouldn’t have cut that nasty soot.

I called my client about it, and then asked if he had time for me to drop it off at his home, and he said he’d be there, so off I went with my board in the back. When I got there, he was standing in the doorway of his garage smoking his stogie, so I grabbed that piece of wood and walked back. I handed it to him, and into the garage he went. He came back out a few moments later and said, “Where in the heck did you get this?” All I could relay was that it was in a pile of boards and I had no recollection as to how it came into my possession. The short of this story, was it being about as perfect a fit for what he’d been searching for, and him being exceptionally thankful for my gifting it to him. I’m sure he’ll have me over some day to show me how well it fit in with the rest of the woodwork he’s repairing.

Later this afternoon, a customer stopped by for a quick visit to make sure she’s doing everything she’s supposed to regarding the home she’d purchased some weeks ago. Since she’s not purchased in a number of years, she’s a little more anxious about the whole process, and certainly glad I was in my office when she happened to drop by without calling. She continues to thank me for all the extras she believes I’m doing for her, but I keep reminding her that it’s my job.

One of the “City” people stopped by while I was outside my office this afternoon clearing more snow away from the curbside. I’d not spoken to him in a number of months, and since I’ve done some real estate work for his family a number of years ago, I asked how all has been with them. We ended up on the subject of how much more we must take care of each other in our community because times are changing all around our globe. We both agreed that there’s really no place a person can move without finding similar issues no matter where we’d go. Since both the of us are native sons of sorts, we didn’t have to reminisce over the way things used to be back in the “good ole days”.

A tradesperson stopped by my office today to get paid for some work he’d done, and somehow I mentioned my frustration over not yet having my listing at 508 Bridge Street in Plymouth sold. Since he’d lived there some years ago, his insistence was that he’d still be living there if they had a convenience store similar to Casey’s, and with there being no place to buy a gallon of milk, or get gas, it made it all the more difficult for him to justify living there. I couldn’t help agreeing with him regarding how needy that town is of something of the sort.

Most have no idea how much I’ve insisted there be something like a Casey’s in Plymouth because that major blacktop going thru it is used by all the many in the course of a day. Some non-forward thinking corporations believe the traffic count isn’t high enough, but they don’t realize that it would increase if those living in that ten mile area would know that it’s there. You can bet there’d be people from Grafton and Rock Falls, and beyond stopping if there’d be one built.

So now you have my growth model for Plymouth. Get natural gas piped in, and entice one of the convenience store corporations to build there. If it wouldn’t make a good go of it, then there’s something yours truly has missed.

Tonight’s one-liner is: Reason is the servant of instinct.

Joe Chodur

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