A Weaker Great Britain

Just one more day, and we’ll all be able to yell, “Hooray!” when knowing we’ll not be seeing the likes of the month of January for another eleven months. I have to admit it’s not been as bad as most, along with being all the happier we didn’t have a repeat of last January’s weather.

With most of my day free to play finish-up and catch-up on duties, I was proud to find that I was able to get everything I could possibly do on my taxes before the first of February, which will now allow me to more fully focus on my real estate job.

I spoke to a familiar today about having my daunting job of tax preparation finished, and of course she, like all the many, wait until the last week before they’re due and then go into panic mode when getting them done before the deadline. She also mentioned that there’ve been years where she’d get extensions which prompted me to say, “If you know they have to be done sooner or later, why then don’t you just buckle down and do them?” I wasn’t very accepting of her response being, “Because I absolutely hate doing paperwork.” I kept quiet, but all the while I was thinking, “Well then why don’t you just pack everything up in a box and drive it to your accountant?” I figured it best to just leave my thoughts unsaid because people are people, and we all have our quirky ways.

Another little job I had, was to drive over to a home and spray some WD40 into keyhole that was gummed up. As much as I tried to get the new key to work in it, the darned think wouldn’t budge. Since both the front and back doors are keyed the same, I couldn’t understand why the new key would work in the back, but not the front. In the days ahead, I’ll have to compare those two keys all the more closely, and likely find one spot than needs filing down on the new one. That small metal file I have in my possession has worked wonders over the years. I do have to laugh when being told that the new computerized key machine out at Hardware Hank, never seems to make a bad key. Well, as we all know, computers are not perfect. I thought about taking it back out there, but if I can get it filed down to where it works, I’ll leave it at that, but the next time I’m there getting a copy of a key made, you can be sure I’ll mention the dud they sold me.

I spent some time today getting all the more readied for a closing coming up on Monday, and all we have left, is for the buyers to do their final walk-thru. Since it’s an expensive listing, there wasn’t a hiccup in the whole process because as I’ve mentioned before, I don’t sing great praises to agents who puff themselves up and brag about their “big ticket” sales, because it’s usually the case where the more expensive the listing, the less likely there’ll be any issues with either the inspections, or title work. All I normally say when listening to their gloating is, “Good for you.”

Having a little free time this afternoon, I went and searched BBC.com for an interesting article to read. When I happened upon an article named, “How Climate Change Poisons our Food”, I felt compelled to read it. Oh Mercy! After reading it, I’ll likely be backing all the more away from eating fish coming from warm oceans, and certainly more inclined to never order fish when out.

Until today, I’d not heard of Ciguatera poisoning, and the long-term affects it has on one’s system. The rise in the number of confirmed poisoning, is just one more by-product of global warming which in the case with this type of poisoning, it’s going to get all the worse as our ocean waters continue to warm. In a nutshell, do stay away from any of the reef fish such as Red Snapper and any of those larger fish that feed on them because the toxins are absorbed by those predators. If you have time, do look up that article, and then do your own research on Ciguatera.

I personally like fish, and fortunately I prefer that which comes from cold bodies of water. As chance would have it, a dear colleague of mine stopped by the office today and mentioned that a friend of his catches many pounds of Yellow Bass in Clear Lake because they’re considered invasive, but from what I’ve been told, they’re very good eating–especially in the early Spring.

We somehow got on the subject of fishing which I’ve yet to have a desire to do, but also mentioning how much I’ve found our area Crappies and Blue Gills the best tasting fish. He then immediately responded, “You evidently haven’t had Yellow Bass, because it’s just as good eating.” Before he left, he promised to give me one of the many packages he normally gets from his friend every year. I can’t wait to have a taste.

Now that Brexit is on its way to becoming history, I’m afraid in the years to come, those who voted for it, will be sorry for what they believed to be in their country’s best interests. There’s no question in my mind we’re going to see a weaker Great Britain in just about every arena, and if that happens, they’ll have no one else to blame but themselves. I just mentioned to someone today regarding how polarized our world’s so-called democratic societies have become, and in a stern voice saying, “Just remember, houses divided, will not stand.”

Tonight’s one-liner is: People don’t notice whether it’s winter or summer when they’re happy.

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