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Just three more days and counting before we’re out of this agonizingly long month of January. We should all be very grateful we’re not experiencing the January of last year because it was a beast. While working on my office expenses of last year, the exceptionally high gas and electric bill I had that month was one more confirmation.

When speaking of late to others about that evil deep freeze we had, there wasn’t one of them who’d remembered the time frame it happened. Perhaps all the more were so shocked by it, they went into denial it even took place. Yes, I’d like to forget the anxiety I had during those days, but unfortunately I can’t.

It was pretty much a standard Tuesday with the returning of phone calls and emails. I’m getting more inquiries on my listings, as well as people asking about available rentals. I did show one of them today, and will likely show it again tomorrow to someone who just messaged me late this afternoon.

I’ll have to go back over to that home tomorrow morning and give its front door lock a good squirt of WD40 because I could barely get the key to unlock it. It does get a bit embarrassing when people are standing behind and impatiently waiting for me to get a door unlocked. If there was ever a great improvement on WD40, it was when they added that long plastic straw which makes for easier penetration into tight spaces.

With the light dusting we had of snow early this morning, yours truly went out with broom in hand and swept it all away from my front sidewalk. While at another office today, I was teasing the secretary about how much their waiting area had more sand on its rugs than children have in their sandboxes. She rolled her eyes and said, “Yes, and we could vacuum it twice a day and it gets right back to where you see it.” I then mentioned the reason I keep my front sidewalk swept clean, is to help keep my clients and customers from dragging in all the more sand and salt. It truly helps when taking proactive steps.

I know I shouldn’t have said it, but naughty me went on to say how when walking into busy offices with carpeting, I can actually smell the dirt that’s been ground in. She actually agreed with me which was unusual for most who’re working in not so clean offices. Yes, keeping my wooden floors clean during these months is all the more work, but at least I don’t smell dirty carpets when I walk in.

Many years ago when I worked in one of our City’s banks, it was the same situation when coming in from outdoors. I think back and remember how their employees we’re always passing around viruses. I know now that’s why I would have have bouts with sinus infections during the winter months while working there, and oft times it would turn into laryngitis. Thank goodness I didn’t have to do so much talking in that position.

When I worked for over ten years at Joyce Schulting Realty, it was another example of trying to keep from getting sick during the winter because the carpeting in that office was so old, you’d swear it came over on the Mayflower. Of course my yearly bouts with laryngitis happened during my stint there as well, which was very much embarrassing when trying to talk on the phone or visit with clients or customers across the desk from me. I dare not even consider how many times I came down with it, but thank goodness it stopped after I realized I was more sensitive to dust mite feces than others, and took steps to keep the dust and dirt vacuumed on a near daily basis.

In spite of my office building not being completely finished, I’m eternally glad I opted out of having carpet installed, and instead taking the time to restore and refinish its existing wood floors because I’m convinced they’ve kept me all the healthier during our winter months. I would personally recommend anyone who’s trapped in an office area for any length of time, to not have carpet, but rather any form of hard surface flooring that can be scrubbed and/or damp mopped. I’m convinced your body will enjoy working in a more dirt and dust-free environment.

One of my clients asked me to stop over to a home he’s working on, and have a look at the floors he’s in the process of refinishing. When I got there, I was absolutely “wowed” by how beautiful they’re turning out. When he’s finished, those floors are going to be the frosting on the cake for that home. There’s something extra special about aged hardwood floors that’ve been lightly sanded and then varnished. I fully understand the difference in look when people make huge mistakes by replacing damaged strips of flooring with new, because those new pieces look completely out of place. Some try to match the patina with stain, but in the end, it always shows. I couldn’t have given him more encouragement to keep on doing such a great job, along with insisting that he have me over after they’re completely finished.

Tonight’s one-liner is: Before anything else, preparation is the key to success.

Joe Chodur

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