Poor Record Keeping

Our morning wasn’t very remarkable due to the gray skies and below freezing temps, so and after visiting with several well knowns today, I changed my clothes and went back to working at a personal project. I was only at it for about two hours because of how chilly it was in that area. If it were perhaps ten degrees warmer, I would’ve stayed there longer because it was just cold enough to where it was beginning to creep into my fingers and toes.

I returned to the office and went searching for some information one of my clients was requesting which had me digging all longer thru old files that had been archived years ago. Luckily I found what I was looking for, so I made copies, scanned them, and emailed them off.

I quietly laugh to myself when past clients or customers call looking for copies of docs I know fully well were given them, and when saying they’d already been given copies, they continue to insist not remembering having received them. I always swallow hard, agree to get what they need, go digging, and then forward on to them. I think most times people have such poor record keeping skills that they believe it easier to just call and get copies. I’m surprised I’ve only had one client call so far this year for a copy of a closing statement on the sale of their home in 2019, because there’re usually about a half dozen requests for them this time of year. Yes, everyone receives copies of closing docs before they walk away from the closing table of their purchases or sales.

By the time I finished with my search and find, it was nearing the hour I had to be over to Prairie Place on 1st for today’s open house. Having already placed all the signs and prepared flyers, all I needed to do, was to pack everything up and head over. I was so hoping the sun would be shining, but I guess enduring a balmy winter day was better than suffering through below zero temperatures, or even worse, a January snowstorm.

I had a relatively good turnout considering the weather, and those who came did show greater than passing interest. Having now only four units remaining, makes it easier to spend more quality time with arrivals. I’m so much hoping we can at least get another of the one bedroom units sold because it would be a perfect fit for a single person who’s likely spending summers here and winters in the Sunbelt. There are far too many “Snowbirds” owning monster homes in North Iowa who’re continually worrying about them during their “wintering-over” months away, and I still can’t understand why.

This hanging on to monster homes, brings to mind a past client of mine who was widowed about five years ago. As much as I’ve encouraged her to sell that over-sized mid-century two-story with its huge yard, she’s continued to give me weak excuses as to why she has to stay. I’ll wager she’s confined herself to one of its five bedrooms, one of its three baths, the kitchen, the family room, and then leaving the other two-thirds of it “moth-balled.” It’s far too creepy for me to even consider because it always takes me back to one those Dickens novels I read years ago.

After my open house was over, I spent a little time visiting with several of the residents. I did mention to one of them how sad I’ll be when all of the units are sold because I’ve grown quite attached to all of them. They truly are of sorts, my own extended family.

Now that we’re in the last week of January, we’ll all be able to breathe a little easier when knowing our days are getting longer, the sun is growing closer, and temps slowly rising. There’s no question we’ll have more snow and cold, but those days should be fewer and farther between. Isn’t it crazy when thinking, only six months from the end of this month, it’ll be August 1st? When placing days and months into such perspectives, gives us comfort when knowing how short-lived our most dis-liked seasons are.

When speaking about how quickly time passes, I’m going to do everything I can to get my little/big project fully completed before real Spring arrives because I’m already a bit angry with myself for not having it completed before our first snows. Oh well, there always has to be those nasty intervening circumstances with myself along others which had placed weights on its progress. You can be sure there’ve been days when I’ve internally fumed when others said they’d have something done, but didn’t. You can bet that if they ever get the science of cloning fully perfected, I’ll be ordering two of me so I can sit back and watch myself coming and going.

I’m hoping you’ve all had a wonderful weekend, and wishing you a safe and prosperous week ahead, and when this coming Friday is over, we can all celebrate the putting to bed of our much hated month of January.

Tonight’s one-liner is: Writing is the only profession where no one considers you ridiculous if you earn no money.

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