When thinking I wasn’t going to have to shovel today, I was wrong because we had more accumulation in the night than I’d expected. For sure it wasn’t as daunting a task with the temps hovering around the upper 20’s.

Between the shoveling and meeting with new tenants over at their new home for a final walk-thru, then meeting them at my office for the signing of their lease and accompanying docs, my morning was pretty much spent. It took more time than normally because they’re moving here from out of town, which creates more information giving and gathering. They’re a very pleasant young couple, and as they were walking out, I told them to send for friends of similar character.

The community they’re coming from, is a college town, and with that, always comes higher rents. I was in shock when hearing how much they were paying per month on a home that sounded like something you’d be paying for in the $600.00 range here in Mason City. They’re happy with their new digs, and that’s all that counts.

My public open house at 12 S. Willowgreen Court today was a smashing success. Thank goodness I printed out enough fliers because if one more person had arrived, I would’ve been completely out. There were a few neighbors who wanted a peek, but for the most part, the attendants were seriously looking. It would be great if I could get that under contract before the end of this month.

After my open house, I headed back to my office and dropped off the tent signs, and then answered a few emails that had come in while I was away. With the temps above freezing, I spent another 20 minutes getting all the loosened ice shoveled to the curb. When I looked around, I discovered my sidewalk to be the cleanest on the block. Keeping the snow and ice off those retarded pavers is more work than anyone could imagine, and I still curse the day our “City” didn’t make Country Landscapes come back and re-lay them because of how uneven they are. I learned a very valuable lesson about how our City is very weak by not making contractors they hire, accountable for their slipshod work.

With the sun shining, I decided to drive out of town to a church Service. I’d not been to that particular church since before Christmas, so I felt it time for a re-visit. It wasn’t near the capacity I’ve seen in the past, which was a little disturbing.

I’ve discovered these past years how exceptionally different the “texture” is of a given church Service. There’ve been times when I’ve been greatly moved by their music, or the pastor’s sermon, but today’s was pretty flat with the exception of the closing hymn which was a re-skin of “The Sacred Harp”. You can bet I sang my heart out because the melody of that hymn always moves me whenever hearing it.

There were several times I wanted to walk up to the gallery and pinch the organist for adding frills and spills to those standard hymns. When she played the intro to “The Sacred Harp”, it was so greatly distorted that I barely recognized it. Yes, we live in the times where people either want to be seen or heard because we’re in the age of “Look at Me, and hear Me.”

As I was walking out, I ran into a gentleman who recently retired from a teaching job. We had a nice chat about how the teaching profession has changed, and since he graduated from a private school, he knows all the more how upside-down the job of teaching has become. I smiled to myself when he said the biggest problem was getting students to work at their lessons, and above all, taking responsibility for their mistakes. All I could say was, “I could stand here for an hour telling stories of recent happenings that would confirm your belief.”

I’m afraid our society has become all the more apathetic to where I’m beginning to believe we’ve been transported to the island of the Lotus-Eaters, where they have no real concern for anyone else but themselves. Yes, there are those like today’s new tenants who really have their acts together.

While in that home with them, we somehow got on the subject of the person he’s replacing, and of course wicked me had to say how much I disliked him because of his barometric personality. He then smiled and said, “So what’s your take on me?” I stuttered a little and then replied, “I don’t know you well enough to give my opinion.”

Well, back at my office, and before they left, I announced to him while giving a wink to his wife, “Ok. You wanted my take on you, so here it is. Just from the little time I’ve spent with you, and in a broad sense, I would consider you a free spirit.” Oh mercy! Did he ever blush. His wife broke the silence by saying, “You’ve got him pretty much pegged.” Believe it or not, I like free spirits because they too have an important place in our society.

Tonight’s one-liner is: It’s not how old you are, but how you are old.

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