Wielding an Axe

Yes, it was an interesting early morning with the clearing away of snow, but all the more grateful we didn’t get as much as predicted, because I was expecting a whole lot more when looking outdoors as I was preparing to head off to work.

After my shoveling was finished, I drove out and placed open house signs at the two properties I’m having open this weekend, and when looking at the weather forecast, it appears we’re going to have mild winter weather during both of those days.

When talking to one of my clients early this afternoon, I discovered she was also over-charged by a contractor I’d hired earlier this past year. I internally fumed when hearing about it because she’s a very good person and didn’t deserve to be taken by that shyster.

I did mention how convinced I am that karma will get him, along with making sure I let it be known how he grossly overcharges for his not so spectacular work. If he’d only done it to me, I wouldn’t be so upset, but now knowing he’s doing it to others, I’ve now sent him farther down my ladder of respect.

There wasn’t as much free time at the office as I’d expected, and mostly due to the number of drop-ins and extended phone calls. I had about an hour free to work at my accounting, which was at least something to say for my progress.

Another one of my visits was to City Hall where I was expecting to find one of the officials, but as chance would have it, he’d just left before I arrived. I did have a nice chat with several others in that department over some recent happenings, and one of them was having finally realized that there are far more cigarette butts around the front of my office these past months which I’m growing all the more disgusted over.

I finally connected the dots as to why their numbers are growing after walking several doors down to the front of that tavern, and seeing that big coffee can that was turned into a butt bucket, no longer there. Its new owners must’ve decided it was unsightly, but never thinking out of the box enough to realize their smoking patrons would be flinging them every which way, but never where they belonged.

Just remembering the number of public places that have those attractive butt containers, I can’t imagine why someone with a business like that wouldn’t have one conspicuously placed outside its doors. I’d say before the snow arrived, I swept up at least a hundred of them from the sidewalk and curbside, and then properly disposed of them. To think those smokers could give a hoot about littering in what’s supposed to be our Historic Downtown, makes me want to scream.

Please don’t think me in opposition to anyone who smokes, but rather one who’s against what they do with their spent cigarette butts. Many years ago, one of my banking associates smoked, and anytime I’d ride with him and then shortly after, seeing him throwing his spent cigarette butt out the window. I’d throw a bit of a fit to where I finally refused to ride with him any longer. I later came to the conclusion that he felt it his right to do whatever he wanted to, because he was in his car where he made his own rules. Over the years I’ve come to learn that a very many people are territorial when in their vehicles, and I don’t even want to talk about how oft times it evolves into road rage.

Just when I was getting ready to send out a letter this afternoon, an old client of mine appeared at the office. He is a dear one, and when he walked in, I knew he’d be there for a good length of time because we always end up on the subject of spirituality. We both come from similar familial and religious backgrounds, but over the years, have veered off into the direction of other denominations.

Today’s visit was one of the longest debates we’ve ever had, and glad for it because we learned all the more about each other. Because he’s so very well read with Scripture and life experiences, I discovered we similarly share many core beliefs. When he agreed that fear is the greatest of evils in our world, I was convinced how deep his understanding was of the real basics of good,evil, and spirituality.

He mentioned a book he’s read at least a dozen times, which I’d never heard of, and that being, “The Shack”. The more he spoke about it, the more I was determined to order it and give it a read. He was in near shock that I’d not heard of it, but unfortunately I’ve never paid much attention over these long years regarding what happened to be a “rave read” at the time. I’m sure after reading it, he and I will have more debatable concepts.

Just before he left, I was nearly brought to tears when he mentioned how much he truly enjoys visiting with me from time to time, while insisting he’s similarly uplifting whenever we get together. It’s too bad we didn’t know each other in our school years, but unfortunately he’s about 13 years older than yours truly.

The above photo is one I took this morn of a man wielding an axe at a tree out at the edge of a patch of timber. I’m glad I wasn’t anywhere near him because he was going at it with a vengeance which was giving me flash-backs to the movie “Fargo”. While driving away, I couldn’t help wondering if he even had permission to chop it down. Oh well, I must keep remembering I’m living in the Wild, Wild North Iowa.

Tonight’s one-liner is: Technological progress is like an axe in the hands of a pathological criminal.

Joe Chodur

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