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At least the sun finally came out today and started warming things up, and as long as the wind isn’t blowing, having the sun out,even on cold days like today, makes our winters more tolerable.

I had to get back to my rear parking lot again and re-shovel what our dear City workers so “kindly” pushed back onto my lot. Ugh! I have absolutely no idea why they continue to go back over areas they’ve already cleared, and sometimes I’m of the belief they’re making un-necessary circles around our City just to kill time and “hiss off” those who’re paying their wages.

With the exception of the banks and Federal Government offices being closed, it didn’t feel much like a National holiday because I had plenty to keep myself busied with several appointments, desk work, and then having to go and open a house for a tradesperson who was to do some work for one of my clients who just happened to be out of town.

Much of the rest of my free hours were spent working on my year-end tax accounting. Believe it or not, I forced myself to get started at it this morning, and once such happens, I usually take every opportunity to work at it whenever free time allows, because I want the year 2019 over and done with. Hopefully I’ll be able to get to the office a little earlier tomorrow so I can get back at it.

While on my lunch break, I decided to page thru the 2020 Catalog I received in the mail from Seed Savers Exchange which is that delightful non-profit garden center and seed house located just outside Decorah. Some years ago, I had a wild hair to pay them a visit, so over I drove, and was very impressed with what I viewed upon arrival. Since then, they’ve greatly expanded their footprint, so hopefully I’ll have time this Spring to make another trek over to Eastern Iowa. For me, visiting that area is like traveling to another State or Country.

As much as I’d like to order some vegetable seeds from them, I know it would be a waste of time and money if I started another garden without having a deer barrier in place. Hopefully I’ll have the time and money to invest in having a strong and lasting one built. You can be sure I’ll not skimp on the size and strength of it because I’ve seen enough so-called deer fences having been compromised by those varmints. You do know, they’ll get on their hind legs to reach all the farther up fruiting trees and bearing bushes, just so they can strip bare all the more fruits and branches.

While out shoveling that light snow away from the front of my office, one of those near-daily walkers stopped and said, “Why is it the City takes away the snowbanks in the Downtown, but doesn’t do it anywhere else?” I was a bit dumbfounded when hearing his question to where I paused, and then looked at him and said, “I really don’t know why, but best you call the City and find out.” He mumbled some sort of response and then walked off. Now why in the world would someone think I have the answers for such questions?

I’ve been a bit wimpy-whiney these past days with those nasty breaks in the skin near my fingernails which always arrive when it gets below freezing, and the air and the humidity levels are at their lowest. It seems no sooner I get one healed, there’s another one almost miraculously appearing on another finger or on the opposite side of the one that’s just getting healed. The most painful one I have now, is on my right thumb, and whenever touching something just “right”, nearly sends me thru the ceiling.

The lotion I’ve been using does help, but I think I’m going to have to look for another jar of udder balm. Of all the things I’ve used to get them quickly healed over the years, I’d say it works the best. I know now why milk cows would get cranky when they’d have similar breaks around their teats. Of course for me, the biggest culprits, is the working with paper on a daily basis, and washing my hands more oft than most. Oh well, it’s just one more of winter I have to deal with every year.

Now that we’re well past Christmas, I’ll have to make time this week and place some calls to the dear ones who’d remembered me during the holidays. Even though we’re not even a month out, that whole holiday business seems months past.

I couldn’t believe seeing all the Valentine’s Day candy and gifts already out. I think once they sold off all their left-overs of Christmas, they turned around and replaced those shelves with Valentine’s Day items.

Now that the end of the month is approaching, I’ll be busying myself with the preparation of several closing that are coming up. I’m not so sure we’re going to make one of them on time because of how short of a time frame we were given to close it, but I’ll do my best to make the date.

Tonight’s one-liner is: He who postpones the hour of living, is like the rustic who waits for the river to run out before crossing.

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