My Mother’s Spirit

I’m sure many of your workplaces were closed early due to the weather today, and in spite of it, I had two appointments to look at several homes that’ll be coming on the market in the near future. I had to laugh when hearing both of them saying, “I was looking for a call from you, and asking to re-schedule.” Yes, the weather was bad this afternoon, but not that bad. I did bristle a little when finding my bank had closed early when I pulled into their drive-thru, and unable to get some banking done before the weekend.

Each appointment took me well over an hour because of all the note-taking I had to do so I’d be able to get it all processed and then able to come up with an educated guess at what to list them for, along with what they’ll likely sell for. Both homes were a pleasant surprise regarding their condition, floor plans, and updates. There’s no question the both of them will sell relatively quickly in today’s market because they’ll be in price ranges which we’re desperately lacking inventory.

Unfortunately, it’s always the preparation for sale that takes time, and the longer one lives in a home, the more “stuff” they have to get rid of. My second appointment’s homeowner has already been sorting and packing, and I’d say it should be ready for the market some time next month, and the first one likely in a week or so.

Part of my afternoon was spent trudging thru a commercial building with a prospective buyer which wasn’t the most delightful experience because of there being no heat source, so by the time we left, my nose was running and my toes were tingling from the cold. I would say it was likely the worst possible day to be showing it, but the buyer insisted on keeping his appointment.

One of my conversations today was with a gentleman who recently lost his mother, and about all I could do was listen while sharing some uplifting thoughts and experiences. Because I’ve been around enough grieving people in my life, more than once I said to him, “It’ll get better in time, as long as you want it to.” I did share a number of other thoughts which I think helped, and one of them being, “No matter how crazy the dynamics are in your family at this time, I can assure you that the same things have gone on in other grieving families, and sometimes a whole lot worse.” I was a bit shocked by a phone call from him about an hour later saying, “I think my mother’s spirit made sure I talked to you today, because what you said, is something I really needed.”

After hanging up from him, I reflected a bit while thinking how much we all should be offering uplifting words to others who’ve lost those near and dear. I’m hoping he’ll now continue to move onward and upward with his life, because nearly all those who’ve passed one, wouldn’t have wanted their loved ones to remain entrenched in the past, because most recollections within a given family are so different, that you’d swear some were looking back at their formative years as though they were walking thru a carnival’s “Funhouse Mirrors”.

I’m glad I didn’t schedule an open house for this weekend because everyone will be busy with getting themselves dug out of this snow. Yours truly will be hard at it, but with no appointments scheduled, and I’ll be taking my sweet time. I did shovel out front my office once already, just so there won’t be so much to deal with tomorrow.

Now that the owner of 12 S. Willowgreen Court has moved out, I went over there to take new photos today so I could replace the existing ones. I believe they look much better now, and hopefully it’ll soon be sold. The nearly new custom kitchen is quite the eye-catcher, and for sure anyone that’s into cooking, will fall in love with it. Several days ago I received a call from a gentleman who was asking all the right questions about it, so hopefully he’ll be calling to schedule a viewing.

I couldn’t help mentioning to one of my colleagues today how certain I am this coming presidential election is going to be more polarized than I’ve ever witnessed. I’m extra careful with my comments whenever someone gets on the subject of politics because of how intense most have become in their political beliefs. Oft times my knee-jerk comment is, “I’m fiscally conservative, but socially progressive.” It may sound like a cop-out, but when you break the two down, it makes sense. Why can’t someone be conservative in some respects, while being liberal in others? In spite of our State’s caucuses being around the corner, I don’t think there’ll be a clear winner for the nomination until all the more months have passed.

Take good care not to be out in this storm tonight unless you absolutely have to, because a snowstorm is bad enough, but when a strong wind is involved, that’s when it’s all the more dangerous, so my advice for you, is to stick close to home and enjoy the evening.

Tonight’s one-liner is: Luck affects everything, so let your hook always be cast, and in the stream where you least expect, there will be a fish.

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