The Long Nights

It wasn’t the most pleasant sight when looking out and seeing snow this morning. At first I thought it wasn’t much more than an inch, but when I walked outdoors, I found there to be more. It’s a good thing I got to the office about an hour earlier, because I was able to get the front of my office cleared off before the morning foot traffic had it packed down, and when the snow gets packed on those disgusting pavers, it makes it all the more difficult to get shoveled off.

My morning appointment was about an hour late due to the snow, but at least she showed up and got the lease signed on her new home. After I’ve visited with her three separate times, I’d say she’s going to be a good tenant for that rental. After she walked out, I thought how wonderful it would be for others her age to be of such character.

I mentioned to a client today how shocked I was when having casually checked out several people on FB over the weekend. I’m beginning to believe there are cultures, sub-cultures, and even those cultures blow the sub-cultures. I shared with him several discoveries, and mentioned how dirty I felt after seeing such nasty stuff being posted for our entire world to see.

In my estimation, there are four main things that people do on Facebook, and those are, talking about and/or posting photos regarding sex, then, all of those creepy and/or evocative selfies, the gluttonous pictures of food being either being prepared and/or consumed, and lastly, the re-posting of shared photos, videos, and worn-out sayings. The fish-eye face photos and over-lays of animal faces is downright childish nonsense.

There’s no question many of those Facebook users have far too much time on their hands, and if they’d find something constructive to do which would be beneficial to either themselves, or society as a whole, I believe we’d be living in one “yell-of-a” better world right now.

You can be sure, women can be just as bad as men with their dirty sexual photos and comments. I told my client today that I unknowingly must’ve lived a far more sheltered life than I thought, because I still find such vulgar postings to be offensive in every way.

Another very troubling discovery I made, was when finding on FB the number of people who get their jollies out of humans or animals getting hurt. Have we sunk so low that we laugh at the sufferings of others? If that be the case, then history is repeating itself and we’re re-living the last century of the Roman Empire, and when you think about it, today’s society and the Roman in those times, have a disturbingly large number of similarities. The first one I think of, is football players and gladiators in stadiums with thousands of spectators cheering on such brutality.

I had an appointment to show 721 N. Delaware early this afternoon. It was a relatively good showing, an the buyers just happened to be investors looking to add another rental to their portfolio. As far as I’m concerned, it would be a good investment property considering the price range it’s it. I would like to see another owner/occupant purchase it, but I can’t be the gate keeper on who purchases what.

A dear client of mine stopped by to ask about seeing a home next week that’s listed which is now listed, so I scheduled it for him. Every time he’s at the office, he always has several interesting stories to tell about the years he spent living in the wilderness in northern Alaska. I just couldn’t imagine myself out in the wilds for days on end and not a human in sight.

In spite of it being a hard living, to this day, he considers those the best years of his life. I guess I would have to spend some time in an area like that before I could make a judgement call, but for now, I’d say that would be the last place I would want to live.

It’s not the hardship of living simply, but rather the extreme cold, the long nights, and the big wild animals that would kill and eat you if they had a chance. With the icecaps melting, the polar bears are getting more hungry, and all the more bold when coming into contact with humans. No thank you.

Let’s hope we don’t get the snow tonight that’s been predicted, because shoveling two days in a row, is going to be annoying.

Tonight’s one-liner is: Let what is irksome become habitual, no more will it trouble you.

Joe Chodur

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