We’re Sliding Back

Twas a bit nippy out this morning when finding it remaining down in the single digit temperatures until about noon. I’m really hoping we’re not going to have another arctic vortex like we had last winter, because that was very scary. At least the sun was shining the entire day and we didn’t get the snow that was predicted for last evening.

Several hours of my morning were spent preparing for the coming week, along with getting emails and phone calls returned that came in over the night. The remaining hours were filled with showing rentals to a delightful young couple who’re relocating here from out of town.

By the time we were finished, I’d learned much about their hobbies and past endeavors, and for sure, they’re of that younger generation who’re very much about taking care of our natural resources, along with growing and eating organically grown foods. They later emailed me their application, which I then forwarded on to the owner for review.
I think what pulled the trigger for them, was knowing they’ll be able to have a relatively large garden at the home they’ve chosen.

Without realizing how much time I’d spent with them, I was nearly late for my public open house at 1026 – 2nd St. NW. Just after I got all the lights turned on, several prospective buyers arrived at the front door, and then reminded I’d mentioned to one of my colleagues that today’s open house would likely be a flop because of the weather, but I was proven wrong by the number of people in attendance.

One of the arrivals was a woman whom I sold a home to in that area a number of years ago, and was there to look at it for a friend who’s planning on buying something. I’m sure she’d like to see her friend living within walking distance of her home, but as I’ve always said, “It’s good to have friends and relatives living nearby, but only as long as you can’t see each other coming and going.” I know of one particular woman who’s still reeling from the decision of one of her friends who decided purchase a home right across the street from her. I’ve stopped asking her how that situation is going, because it always creates a dis-approving “eye-roll”.

I had to skedaddle when my open house time slot ended, and hastily drive up to Plymouth and be there by 3:30 pm, just so I wouldn’t be late to show a buyer my listing at 508 Bridge Street. Thank goodness I made it there just in time, and of course, the buyers were already there impatiently waiting. It was a good showing, and I won’t be surprised if I get a call for a second look. That really is a very good family home for the money, and with Spring just beyond the horizon, I’d say it’ll be gone before.

On my way back, I stopped at our east-side Hy-Vee grocery store to pick up a few things since I was already on that side of the City. I’m always amazed when seeing how many people that are out grocery shopping on Saturdays and Sundays, instead of stopping before or after work, or even during their lunch hours. You would think their 52 precious weekends, would be when they’d be spending quality time at home with their families, or out playing around in North Iowa. Times have certainly changed over the years. I’m beginning to believe I’m the last surviving creature from the the Dinosaur Age.

My heart continues to go out to the families of those killed in that Ukrainian passenger jet that was “mistakenly” shot down over Tehran by the Iranian military. The taking of innocent lives, deeply disturbs me, and for some reason, it seems to be happening all the more in these radical times. My greatest fear, is that we’re sliding back into a modern-day Dark Ages where everything is tribal-based. When you stop and look at the way people interact with others, they seem to gravitate all the more towards those who’re like-minded, and the biggest pulling towards, is their religious affiliations, or branchs there-of.

Just today I mentioned the deep hatreds the Sunni and Shiite branches of Islam have for each other, and then saying, “How is it that the three religious groups belonging to either the Judaic, Islamic, or Christian faiths, who above all, worship the same God, harbor such deep hatreds for each other? It will always be something my brain will never be able to process or fully understand. Would some, or even one of you, please tell me what I’m not understanding?

Speaking of faith, I’ll have to pick an early church Service to attend tomorrow morning, because I have another relatively full day planned, and my early afternoon appointment happens to be in Clear Lake. I’m hoping the sun will be shining without that wicked wind blowing.

Tonight’s one-liner is: There’s no such thing as pure pleasure, because there always seems to be a bit of anxiety that goes with it.

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