Sayonara 2019

It was a welcoming sight to see the sun shining brightly this morning after the snow and wind yesterday, but I did have some extra shoveling to do in front of my office from the drifting in our night of the crescent moon.

I’d say this was the busiest last day of the year I’ve had in a very long time, and being so tightly stacked with chores and appointments, I had about 15 minutes to make a quick salad and get it eaten before the next.

My earliest appointment was the collection of rent from a client’s tenant, and the reason I did, was that he was not in the best of health after coming down with the flu. When I called, he happened to be at the doctor’s office in hopes there’d be something that could be done to get it under control. He went on to say he believed he contracted it from a visiting relative who flew in for Christmas.

It’s anyone’s guess how many people actually do contract viruses or bacteriological infections while on long flights. The combination of being confined in close quarters, along with the air being re-circulated throughout, it’s no wonder diseases are being spread so quickly across our Nation. There’s no question the airlines had a big part in the re-introduction of bedbugs on our shores. Heaven only knows how many insects and microbes are being innocently carried across the pond from 3rd world countries. In the old days, those nasties were brought here on passenger ships, but then the airlines carriers stepped into first position.

We did our final walk-thru on this morning’s closing a little later than I would’ve liked, but still managed to get there in time. All went well, so I walked away knowing I had my last soft-landing closing for the year. I made a point to thank the seller’s agent for all the extra work performed to get it closed on time.

Around noontime, I had to meet an HVAC person at a home to look at a furnace that had gone out. It appears to becoming a chronic problem with furnaces this winter, and it can stop any time soon, because even thinking about a furnace going out during winter, makes me exceptionally anxious. I left the key with him, so I’m hoping he’ll have good news for the owner come Thursday.

I’m getting renewed interest from buyers on my listings to where there are already four showings scheduled for the end of this week, and to my delight, all of them are for some of the older two-story homes I have listed. Let’s hope there’s a renewed interest in owning an old “gem”, because if I were a first-time buyer, there’s no question I’d be purchasing one of them, when knowing you can get more bang for the buck, as long as their buyers are willing to keep up on their continuous little maintenance issues.

While out driving today, I couldn’t help noticing the quirky things other drivers were doing. The first jaw-drop, was one that pulled up next to me who was a young woman driving a very expensive foreign car, and when I glanced over, there she was at the stoplight with cellphone in one hand, and sucking the end of her hair with the other. Ugh! I haven’t seen anyone doing that for longer than I want to remember.

At another stoplight, there sat a man likely in his 40’s, playing with his “mountain man” beard. When I say playing, I mean he was definitely hard at it. I know there’ve been many real-life comedies created for TV from scenes like that, but when seeing it in person, it creates a more lasting effect on one’s memory.

The last little encounter, was when I was waiting to turn out of Willowbrook Mall, and wouldn’t you know it, a young woman in a mini-van drove right past me out of that mall’s approach without even attempting to stop before pulling out. I did get a good enough look to see her shoving down a sandwich with her left hand while driving. She must’ve been starving because of the way she was forcing it it down. Gobbling while driving just doesn’t seem quite the necessary thing to do in my book.

One of my dear ones called today just so to wish me a Happy New Year, and while bouncing from one subject to another, I shared my thoughts regarding my random investigations several days ago of FB pages belonging to perfect strangers. Oh how I was brought up to speed on the ways of today’s world! I went on to say how frightening it was, in how so many people post and then re-post the most vulgar photos and video clips. I mentioned to my friend that if this is the direction in which our society is moving, then it comes as no surprise all the more are working very hard at becoming self-sufficient to the point where they can pull as many “grid” plugs as possible. I’m beginning to think there’s some pretty radical ideas being passed around between all those millions of Facebook followers, and without a doubt, it’s affecting our societal standards that’ve been tried and true for generations.

We finally made it to New Year’s Eve, so now we can all say, “Sayonara 2019”, while wishing each other a prosperous, happy, and healthy new year ahead which happens to be the beginning of another decade. Let’s hope the entire world starts working at being kinder and gentler towards each other, and most importantly, our environment.

Tonight’s one-liner is: Most safely shall you tread, the middle path.

Joe Chodur

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