Second to the Last

Before retiring for the evening, I looked outdoors and noticed very light frozen particles falling to earth, and then headed to bed wishfully thinking it was just the tail-end of the rain we were getting, but when peeking outside this morning, I wasn’t the happiest when seeing the ground covered with snow, and still coming down.

Because it had snowed, I made sure to get to my office all the sooner before any of those early morning walkers had packed it down. By the time it actually finished snowing, I’d already been out front three times, sweeping and shoveling it away. From here on out, each and every time I have to shovel the snow off of those improperly installed pavers, I’ll be cursing the day our City allowed that crew from Country Landscapes to walk away from that terrible job they did with that block-long stretch. There are so many of those sticking higher than the rest, that it makes the snow all the more difficult to remove because shovels get caught by them.

I’ll never forget the afternoon one particular naughty monkey worker from Country Landscapes walking straight into my office unannounced, and challenged me on their work. Talk about another hothead who wouldn’t listen! Even after taking him out front and showing him the mistakes they’d made, one of his handful of weak excuses was, “Nothing’s perfect in this town. Just look around, and you’ll see mistakes everywhere.” I should’ve replied at the time, “The biggest mistake I’m seeing right now, is you.” I’m sure that would’ve sent him into another hissy-fit with his East-Coaster accent. He’s likely out in the Boston area right now, with his belly up to a bar, shoving down an order of fish and chips, and still laughing about how he got paid so well for such terrible work. Yes, he was quite the sass-bag.

My last closing of the year is taking place tomorrow, and all we have left to do, is a final walk-thru on the home, and then head over to the closing company. It was another one of those transactions which we had to work fast and hard so to get it to close on time because of the very short time frame we had to work with. I’m glad the other agent was working just as fast as I was on gittin-er-done on time. Concerted efforts truly do create noteworthy results. I’m now remembering that old saying, “Many like-minds and hands, make for little work.”

During the noon hour, I had to meet a gentleman at a home to do an inspection, and while downstairs checking out the furnace, he called me over to show me something. When he turned the furnace filter over, I just about lost it when seeing how hairy it was with dust. It actually looked like someone killed the world’s biggest mouse, and then stretched its hide across that furnace filter. I’m sure the owners of that home have no clue how much harder they’re making their furnace work, as well as their elevated costs of heating due to that giant dust blockage. I can’t remind people enough about making sure their furnace filters are changed on a scheduled basis, because that was one of the filthiest I’ve seen in some years.

Since I had time, I went out and did my duty in getting all the remaining shoveling done before the wind came up, because it’s bad enough to be out moving snow in the cold, but when we also have to fight the wind, it makes for twice the effort. According to our weather forecast, these blizzard conditions are supposed to stop after midnight. What did bring a smile to my face, was seeing it’s supposed to be in the 30’s and 40’s on Wednesday and Thursday. Let’s hope this winter is going to be mild compared to last, because I’ll be fit to be tied if we get hit with another arctic vortex the likes of what we had last winter. Those were very scary days.

There’ve been two listings of mine thus far that’ve had furnaces go out, and I’m not looking for another the rest of this season. Thank goodness both owners discovered them early enough to where their pipes hadn’t frozen. Another reminder for all, is to make sure main waterlines are shut off in vacant homes, and just in case the pipes do freeze, there won’t be basements getting filled with water.

I was thinking about a very naughty tenant who left one “hell-of-a-mess” in a rental he’d been renting with his “sweet-tart” for a number of year. He really thought himself ahead of the game with that owner until he discovered the home he purchased had gone thru a hard freeze, and when he had the water turned on, there was a downpour taking place in his basement. I believe Karma was just getting started with them for all the damage they so freely did in that home which was owned by the most loving and forgiving of persons. I’m sure they’ve continued believing themselves victims, yet still in denial of their own failures. When remembering his little girlfriend just now, she just so happens to be a “professional” cleaner, so I guess it’s true when remembering another old saying, “A cobbler’s children go shoeless.”

Now that we’re on the second to the last day of this year, I’m going to remain positive that this coming year is going to be all the better for North Iowa and our Nation as a whole. There’ve been a great amount of dis-chord and deep hatreds created, which helped to promote this nasty socio-economic, and above all, political tribalism that seems to be the rage in our times. Let’s hope people start realizing that such thinking erodes the very foundations on which our great County was built.

Tonight’s one-liner is: An alliance with a powerful person is never safe.

Joe Chodur

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