Mindlessly Staring

You can bet I was delighted to find the temperature much above freezing when I left home early this morning, because I was dreading the thought of it being much colder and the rain having turned our sidewalks and streets to ice. When thinking about it, I’d wager Mother Nature decided to flip November and December around to where this month will likely go down as being one of the warmest on record, and November being not far behind as the coldest.

My first order of the day, was to place another directional sign at another corner for today’s open house over at Prairie Place on 1st, and then do a quick “in-out” at an early morning church Service. I may be sounding a bit impious when saying I didn’t get much, if anything out of it, while simply driving away in disappointment.

Some months ago, I mentioned to one of my friends whom I know has my best interests at heart, how just these past several years, I’ve become more critical of sermons, sloppy reading of Scripture by lectors and Pastors, the “look at me” musicians, and some of the song-leaders who set themselves out as being male or female divas. I went on to remind him how in the past, the clergy and members alike, worked together to make their Services fulfilling events from their coming together as communities of Faith. I even shared my dark thoughts that I was possibly loosing my faith.

After I finished, he sat there quietly for a moment, and then said, “I really have no fears of your falling out of faith, but what I believe, is when knowing you’ve been thru some very trying times these recent years, and now you’ve grown to the point where you understand what’s the most important for any given community of faith, and that being the enriching, as well as deepening of yours, along with everyone else’s faith.” I looked at him and said, “Thank you, because I needed your vote of confidence.”

There are times when we just have to spill our guts to a trusting other, just to help us stay in balance, because getting an opinion from someone on the outside looking in, gives us a more whole picture of continuously gnawing problems.

Since receiving his opinion, I don’t fret as much about any of those religious annoyances I’ve encountered, and risen to the point where I simply either quietly walk away, or dismiss such words and/or actions as being such that I shouldn’t even bother my brain over. Today was a prime example where I went there, watched and listened, and then walked out. There was nothing worthy of comment, and thus, quietly moved on with my day.

When I got back to my office, I made sure everything was readied for my open house, and then changed into my work clothes and drove over to my little/big project. For the strangest of reasons, I worked non-stop for three solid hours, and in that time, managed to get something done that normally would’ve taken me a full day or more to accomplish. For whatever reason, I must’ve internally been on a burn to get that much done in such a short period of time, but already know I’ll be having a few aches and pains come the morn.

After getting myself cleaned up and changed back into my “Realtor” clothes, I headed over to Prairie Place on 1st to get those four units open, along with all their lights turned on. By the time I had everything set up, it was about five minutes before the hour.

Without a doubt, today’s “open” went exceptionally well, and all the happier I scheduled it because there wasn’t a moment where I was alone, and now that there are only four units remaining to be sold, I had all the more time to visit with those who arrived for their “first-look”. I’d say there’s one, or possibly even two people who’ll be calling me for another private showing. One of them asked all the right questions, which is usually an indication of serious interest.

By the time I had all the lights off, doors locked, and signs picked up and delivered back to my office, it was nearing the hour of four. I put my fliers away, checked for messages, and called it quits for the day. Yes, it was a very good day in more ways than one, and grateful for it.

Before heading home, I stopped at the grocery store to pick up a few things. While walking down the aisles, I couldn’t help but notice all the more young people playing with their phones while they were shopping. I’m beginning to wonder if they go to bed with them glued to their palms. Even when I went to get in my car, I noticed a young lady seated in the back seat of the car next to me, mindlessly staring at the screen of her cell phone. Is there no “down-time” with the young ones anymore? This cellphone addiction our young people, is making me all the more concerned about their social skills, and even today when speaking to a young man likely in his early teens, he could barely speak in full sentences. Now that was yet one more troubling sign of what our future has in store for us.

Tonight’s one-liner is: Witticisms are pleasing as long as they’re kept within boundaries, but pushed to excess, they create deep and lasting offenses.

Joe Chodur

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