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It was quite a set-back of weather we had today with the cold rain that was trying its hardest to become sleet. While driving to the office, I was extra careful because of those nasty open spots which were colder and subsequently creating a thin layer of watery ice. I was hoping that as the day wore on, it would warm up enough to where the streets wouldn’t be slick, but that didn’t seem to happen.

For being a Saturday, there sure wasn’t must movement around the City, and likely because of the continued light rain. Since there weren’t that many out and about, I drove down to a paint store and picked up a few items I was needing. While there, one of the clerks mentioned that a certain other worker was suddenly transferred to another store out East. I could tell he was waiting for my reaction, and that’s all I said was, “He was a quite the barometric chap to where one day he’d be delightful, and another, noticeably dark.” He laughed a little and then said, “You sure had him pegged right on.” I went on to say how bad it is for business when you have someone like that working with the public because whenever a customer senses attitude issues with a sales clerk, they’re not so willing to be there any longer than they have to with checkbooks in hand.

That’s one of the reasons I dislike shopping at Menards because of how poorly staffed they are, and whenever asking for help with something, you almost have to grab a number and wait in line for an available clerk. A person may be saving money out there, but their customer service is quite unremarkable.

With some hours to kill, I changed my clothes, and headed over to my little/big project. I’d expected to be there for at least three hours, but I managed to get what I wanted done in two, so instead of starting on something else, I called it quits, but before I left, I did a little cleaning up so I’d be all the more readied for my next round. No matter how daunting the projects, as long as we keep pecking away, they do get finished.

One of the agents from Clear Lake sent me a text asking if the Lady Bug restaurant was still for sale, which I then replied, “Yes it is.” She then asked if I would email her the info on it, which I did. Even though we’re near the height of winter, that property should be under contract when considering how low it is now priced. That near acre of land with “Highway Commercial” zoning on it, would give anyone looking at doing a new build-out, a great high-visibility location for any sort of business venture. We’ve had several ridiculous offers on it, but as we all know, there are always those “bottom-feeders” looking to buy something at a give-away prices.

I did a little tidying up of papers and files while back at my office, and then decided to get some preparations done for my end of the year accounting. It seems every year-end arrives all the earlier than the last, but I guess that’s what happens when forced to do something you don’t like. Oh well, it has to be done, so there’s no use in putting it off any longer than necessary.

While I was driving past that new apartment complex they’re building south of the mall, I couldn’t help noticing how much sub-soil they’ve been moving around at that location. I can only imagine how much settling there’ll be in years to come from all that disturbed earth. I know too well from past experiences how there can be on-going issues with buildings that were hurriedly thrown together. As that project continues to get built-out, I’ll remain of the same mindset that anyone wanting to rent an apartment in that location, will be desperate to have the honors of being the first resident in a newly constructed apartment complex, because I couldn’t see myself putting up with all the noise along with the low vibrations coming from Hwy. 65 which is right next to that building.

You can make buildings soundproof, but what about the vibrations from those big trucks pounding down that stretch? I know fully well what vibration is like because we had that in our old office which was across the street from the entrance of the Post Office. It wasn’t uncommon to have our windows rattling on a daily basis from the eighteen-wheeler and motorcycle traffic, and you can be sure I’d nevermore want to work or live that close to a major highway.

I’m praying we don’t have rain or sleet tomorrow, because I’m hosting a public open house from 1 – 3 pm over at Prairie Place on 1st. If we do, I doubt there’ll be many if any visitors. Now that we have only four units left to be sold, it’s going to make it a whole lot easier to spend quality time with the buyers, and especially since those remaining are at one end of the building.

What I have posted as my one-liner tonight speaks volumes when considering how our Country has become divided to the point where there are few if any middle-of-the-road thinkers, along with reminding everyone that no matter where we are, or what we’re doing, the idea of “united we stand, and divided we fall”, has been the mantra of our great Nation, and if the repercussions are fully thought-thru, everyone would come to the realization that these are exceptionally troubling times in which we live. So please, let us not be divided.

Tonight’s one-liner is: The humble are always the most in danger when those in power become polarized.

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