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I’m sure all of you were feeling similarly confused when finding it already Friday when just yesterday, it seemed like a Monday. So it happens, whenever we have a major Holiday in the middle of the week. Thank goodness I did remember to take care of my normal Friday office chores, because if I hadn’t, I would’ve been chiding myself over the weekend for having forgotten.

I worked on one particular sale file that’s coming up next week, and all the thankful the closing agent finally got her numbers over to me so I could call the buyers. I’m not sure if she’s all that busy, or if just one more person who waits until the last day to get time-sensitive work completed. I’ve had to bite my tongue at times whenever she gets overly demanding of my immediate attention when in need of information from me, but waiting for her, is whole different story.

Over these past several days, I’ve been making some belated Christmas calls, and one of them was to my dear aunt whom I’d been trying to reach by phone, as well as stopping by her home. When we did finally connect early this afternoon, I was relieved when hearing all was well with her because I was growing fearful something had happened to her. As chance would have it, she’s been having problems recently with her phone which confirmed my suspicions because of my un-answered calls not being forwarded over to her voicemail.

We always have a good chat about back in the ” good old days” when everyone was young and semi-good looking. More than once I’ve teased her about how striking she presented herself whenever at our family reunions. On one occasion, I can still see in my mind, the time she went walking out talking to “the menfolk” who were huddled around a car while they were whispering and snickering over their “guy thoughts”. You can imagine the reception she had while walking out into their midst with a tight-fitting Marilyn Monroe type dress, high-heeled shoes, and playing with her lit cigarette which was sticking out of one of those long holders some women would fashionably use in those days when smoking. To this day, she insists with a “wink” that I was suffering from a mistaken identity when thinking it was her out there. Not long ago I said, “You should be proud when knowing that there was a time in your life when you were quite the “looker”. I think she finally realized that there’s no shame in being attractive, even in those days.

We had to cut our conversation a little short because she had to get to the bank, as well as her cordless phone’s battery starting to run low. I did promise to stop out and see her this next week or two so to take a look as some old photos she has of my grandparents. She’s such a dear one who likes to have a laugh or two, and you can bet she enjoys hearing my side of a few of those old family stories.

There’s a closing coming up the first week in January which I spent some time working on, as well as making a call to the buyer just as a reminder regarding the placing of insurance and getting the utilities changed. Yes, I can be a bit mother hen-ish, but there’ve been enough times when it was a good thing, because if I hadn’t, they would’ve been over-looked. It’s always better to avoid any unwanted embarrassments when suddenly realizing the power was about to be dis-connected.

While out of the office, one of my stops was at Staples to purchase another appointment book which is the same type I’ve used year-over-year. I was in shock when finding that modest book was nearly $35.00, while swearing the same one I purchased last year was a little over $25. It has become quite noticeable how the prices of paper products have gone up these recent months when seeing how much more expensive toilet tissue, facial tissue, and paper towels have become. I’m sure it all has to do with the global trade wars, and once again, it’s all corporate’s fault for out-sourcing to other countries the manufacture of products which they should’ve continued making here in the States.

Whenever purchasing something, I’ve grown accustomed to look at the tag to see where it was made. Well, all I could find was a stamp saying, “Made in P.R.C.” Hmm. I began wondering if it was a new way for those Chinese companies to make us think their products were made elsewhere, because that P.R.C. tells me it came from Peoples Republic of China, and simply by not knowing of any other country which would have those initials. Oh well, it was what I’d been looking for, so I begrudgingly purchased it. When I returned to my office, I curiously looked up P.R.C., and wouldn’t you know, I was right. Naughty monkeys.

Late today, a gentleman told me a story about his making a short trip from one small community to another this past weekend, and while driving in the country around noontime, there was a herd of deer numbering close to 50, but the craziest of things, was that over half of them started running across the road in front of him to where he had to come to a complete stand-still. After he finished, all I could say was, “Now just remember, all those females were likely carrying one, if not two babies in their bellies which’ll be adding all the more to their numbers.” I’m sure he got the point because he looked started looking a bit pale after my comment. And to think there as still those “powers that be” in our State who believe we don’t have a deer problem. I’m of the belief they either have to change their thinking, or get pink-slipped because this invasion has got to be stopped.

Tonight’s one-liner is: Whomever is detected in a shameful fraud, is ever after not believed even if they speak the truth.

Joe Chodur

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