Writing the Date

It looks like our weather is turning back towards normal temps, but at least they’re still above average for this time of year. Wouldn’t it be wonderful if we had a week or two reprieve from the biting cold during these weeks every winter?

My day was a bit on the slow side which came as no surprise with it being the day after Christmas where most are likely recuperating from all the extra traveling, cooking, cleaning, along with getting their homes back to normal if they were the ones doing the hosting.

I did take some time to get out and check on a few vacant listings, as well as placing my open house signs over at Prairie Place on 1st, just so they’d be visible long before Sunday. I’m betting on there being a good turn-out because the children of aging parents who’re visiting from far away, will likely be here until after the weekend. It’s nearly always a given that their children get involved in the decision-making process when purchasing one of those condominium units. I looked at the weather forecast, and I’m going to remain positive in thinking we’ll not have any precipitation that day.

It would be great if I can get another one of those units sold before the end of the year because we would then, be down to three units remaining when entering the year 2020. Someone mentioned that those two 1 bedroom 1 bath units will be the last to sell, and likely so because even the single occupants prefer that extra bedroom and bath because they want them for visiting relatives. There’s one particular gentleman who’s looked at one of those single units twice, but being a child of the Depression, he’s having a struggle with opening his checkbook and letting go of just a small portion of his enormous pile of cash.

It’s quite interesting when seeing how the idea of saving for a rainy day has fallen out of fashion with our younger generation to the point they’re unable to save much at all because of their burning desire to have everything now, instead of gradually working at getting in time, the comforts they’ve wanted. Making matters worse, they refuse to buy things second-hand because new is better, yet little do they know that there’s a built-in life-expectancy on just about everything we purchase. Computers, cell phones, vehicles, appliances, and even clothing breaks down or wears out much faster than what was offered 20 years ago. You can be sure I’ve been down that road of purchasing something new and a few years later, finding it having turned into irreparable “junk” shortly after the warranty expired. Yes, just about anything can be fixed, but the high dollars for parts and labor make it easier to just replace such crap with a new piece of crap. It’s a vicious circle our corporate world has created for us which is all based on greed.

I had a delightful conversation with a young gentleman today who has his degree in agricultural sciences. Little did he know how much I’ve had a passion for just about anything that sprouts from the ground. I did mention how much botany has changed since I was in school, to where there was no such thing as today’s sophisticated genetic engineering. If you would’ve asked me back in those days what a GMO was, I would’ve laughed and blurted out something like, “I’d say it’s an acronym for growing more oranges.” Yes, the botanical sciences have become yet one more vein of income for our corporations to exploit, and as always, it’s first and foremost for the profits to be reaped.

Now that we’re less than a week away from biding our final farewells to 2019, I’m already getting my office journals prepped for the month of January. Of course my much dreaded tax accounting will be hanging over my head until I get it finished. We’ll see how long it takes for us to finally get used to writing the date 2020. It’ll be the beginning of a new decade, so we’ll have to watch for any signs of any great changes. As always, I wish the best for everyone in the coming year.

Tonight’s one-liner is: Things are not always as they seem; the first appearance deceives many.

Joe Chodur

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